A Thousand Kisses Episode 39 Teaser

Just got back from a sleepless, weekend flurry of events, one after another. However, before I retire for the night, I wanted to leave you with a little something to read on this Christmas night, so without further ado, I give you the translated dialogue of next week’s sneak peek at Episode 39. Enjoy! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Episode 39 Teaser:

(Episode 38 ends with Yoo Kyung mindlessly walking out into the streets and Woo Bin rushing after her to “save” her from an oncoming truck)

Chairman: This may be a huge scar to you, but this will pass/heal.

Joo Mi: (to Woo Jin) Father’s been moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He’s having difficulty breathing.

Woo Jin: (to mother) At this moment, Father needs you.

Woo Jin’s Mother: It’s better that he doesn’t see me. (scene of her crying in anguish)

Aunt Grandmother: Every day was a hurricane, and every day was a tornado.

Grandmother: I don’t know if she’s going to get sick herself.

Chairman: (groggily) Where has she gone when I’m in the hospital?

Aunt Grandmother: The chairman’s lost his memory. Of course, she should come!

Chairman: Where’s your mother? I’m asking you where your mother’s gone?

Soo Ah: Dad…?

Woo Jin: Father?

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3 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 39 Teaser”

  1. I hope all is well, and that you are having a nice HOLIDAY!. Thank you so much for the translation of the preview for next week. It is hard trying to listen out for anything that I can make head or tail out of on the un-subbed portion of the drama. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to devote to translation.

    1. You are welcome! I’m glad the previews help out. My Christmas was good but hectic, and the days leading up to New Years doesn’t look like it’s going to let up…so we’ll have to see when I actually get a chance to do some hard core recapping.
      Anyhow, I wish you a happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my site and for your encouraging message!

  2. Thank you! curlyjewels is right, trying to figure out what is going on with this drama is so frustrating. But of course we’re in the middle of all the heartache & angst so everyone is frustrated anyway. LOL!
    I keep hoping things start to wind down and the happy comes back soon but with 12 episodes left, I don’t think the writer is done torturing us yet. Hoping for more super cute scenes with WB and Chan Noh!

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