A Thousand Kisses Episode 37 Teaser

Episode 36 ends with Chairman Jang explaining to Woo Jin and Joo Mi that they may think he’s old-fashioned and not understand his philosophy, and so they may ask what’s wrong with their staying married. It’s true that they are not blood-related, but Woo Jin is Soo Ah’s brother, and Joo Mi is Soo Ah’shalf-sister. Because they had already married and Joo Mi was pregnant, he hadn’t said anything, but now that Joo Mi has unfortunately had a miscarriage, he would like them to separate. (O-M-G!) At this startling announcement, Woo Jin can merely stutter, “F..father?” The Chairman reiterates his wish for them to divorce.

Spoiler for Episode 37:

Woo Jin: (walking into his father’s room) We can’t separate from each other.

Chairman: Soo Ah and Joo Mi are sisters!

Woo Jin: That’s not a big enough issue to terminate a marriage!

Grandmother: (to Joo Young in sadness/pity) Your mother didn’t have to cut ties with you two as well.

Woo Bin’s mother: The Chairmen must have been so surprised to discover that his wife was your biological mother.

Hye Bin: I just saw Woo Bin coming out of Yoo Kyung’s apartment. (I couldn’t quite catch the earlier part of what she said. Sorry.)

Woo Bin’s mother: What?!

Grandmother: (upturning a mat of cards) Do you have any sense or not?! (Literal translation is “Are you a thing that has any sense or not?”)

Chairman: (to Joo Mi) Leave. Leave since that’s the only way things can be righted.

Joo Mi: I will become a person that this household cannot do without.

Woo Bin’s mother: Do you think that girl will be comfortable seeing me? She caused her sister’s broken engagement.

Joo Mi: (to the Chairman) It’s the police. They’re asking to speak to Jang Soo Ah’s guardian.

Chairman: (on the phone) Soo Ah did that?

Joo Mi: (to the Chairman as he leaves to deal with Soo Ah) Father….

Chairman: Stay out of our family business!

Woo Jin’s mother: (huddled up in a small room) What do you mean by a bigger problem?

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8 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 37 Teaser”

  1. Wow I am hoping hyebin. Catches on to Yookyung. And Woobin mother makes me so sick. I guess I can skip this saturday since It’s not Woojoo based. Praying for my wish to happen or they have offically ruined this drama with the useless plotlines. Also Soo Ah is cruel is she not even going to apologize.It’s obvious Jooyoung and Joomi needed their mother so much more seeing how they handle their relationships and problems in everyday life.

      1. I wish K-dramas wouldn’t use alcohol as such a storyline crutch so much. It’s such torture to watch people drowning themselves in inebriated misery, oftentimes exacerbating their current situation(s). 🙁

        1. In this case, they have to use alcohol to get WB in bed at YK’s place, that’s the only way that would ever happen. (LOL) So the writer can then do another stupid, cliche move and have YK say she’s pregnant so they HAVE to get married. *sigh* This writer is really ticking me off with the lame cliches.
          Ah well, I’ll be watching anyway! 🙂

          1. I know, but the cliches are so…cliched. LOL. I seriously hope the show doesn’t go in that direction. Talk about major angst if that happens. 😛

  2. What a heartless, heartless father!! Glad to see tears from WB though!! Let’s me know there is still a human left and not a robot! I was worried.

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