A Thousand Kisses Episode 35 Teaser

Jotting down the teaser before sitting down for another round of grading…enjoy!

Episode 34 ends with Woo Jin’s father telling Woo Jin and Soo Ah that their mother has been kicked out of the house and that they shouldn’t wait for her to return.

Grandmother: I wonder if Woo Jin’s father will see Joo Mi in a negative light.

Joo Mi: (to Woo Jin) The way Father sees me now is different.

Woo Jin: He naturally doesn’t want to accept the fact that you are Mother’s daughter.

Aunt Grandmother: What crime has our Joo Mi committed?!

Joo Mi gasps over a piece of paper.

Woo Bin’s mother is shocked as she says, “She’s left the house!” (Duh! As if you didn’t know this would happen, lady!)

Woo Jin: (to Soo Ah) What kind of attitude is this?!

Soo Ah: I’ve lost my appetite. All of this has happened because of that woman (referring to Joo Mi).

Joo Young gets a bloody nose as she stretches to possibly get over her breakup with Woo Bin.

Joo Mi tries to stop Soo Ah from leaving the house and falls down the stairs. The grandmother’s voice is heard: “Hhhow…How did this happen?”

Soo Ah: (begging her father) Forgive Mom. Please tell her to return home, Dad!

Woo Jin: (to the grandmother) We’re just coming back from the hospital.

Grandmother: Hospital?

Woo Jin’s Father: I can’t accept the fact that you and Soo Ah are sisters.  (Joo Mi and Woo Jin are seated in the living room with the father) I’d like for you two to separate.

*Whoa~the drama just got INTENSE! First, Joo Young and Woo Bin separate and now Joo Mi and Woo Jin? Ack! When will the misery suffered by the younger generation because of the older generation stop? I can barely–just barely–wait until finals are over so that I can sit down and properly see all these missed episodes. In the meanwhile, these spoilers will have to hold me…I hope you all enjoy the translation! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 35 Teaser”

  1. OMG, ive been dying to know what was being said in the previews!!! my poor joomi, i hope she didnt lose the baby 🙁 thank you so much for translating!!!

  2. Again thank you so much for translating the previews, everyone at the Soompi thread goes insane wondering about the previews so you’re helping us more than you can imagine. (LOL)
    Yes, it’s getting very intense! I hope you can catch up when you’re all done with finals. Best of luck!

    1. My pleasure. I’m glad the people at Soompi are enjoying the previews. We’ll see how quickly I can catch up with the recaps. LOL

  3. The preview for episode 35 is up.Can you please translate it? I want to know what Jooyoung says to Joomi. And 16 more episodes of torture .

    1. The translation of the preview to Episode 35 is up. As for the actual episode, I’ll get to it as soon as I can once finals are over for me this week. Stay tuned till then….

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