A Thousand Kisses Episode 34 Teaser

Taking a break from writing final exams 🙂 Below is a translation of the dialogues…you can read it as you watch the preview to Ep. 34. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to watch the episode, but I thought that those of you who could at least see the RAW episode would appreciate the preview in translation. 🙂 That’s going to have to be the extent of my recapping until final grades get posted.  Enjoy!

Woo Jin’s Father: (to Joo Mi) What did you say your sister’s name is?

Joo Mi: It’s Joo Young, Father.

Woo Bin’s Father: (couldn’t distinguish what he was saying exactly…something about a troubling situation)

Grandmother: Has your father-in-law found out, too?

Aunt Grandmother: Oh no, what do we do?

Woo Jin’s Father: (to Woo Jin’s Mother?) How could you have done such a heinous thing?!

Woo Bin’s Mother: I’m telling you, there’s so such thing as a secret in this world.

Woo Jin’s Father: (handing his wife a piece of paper) What is this? Is Joo Mi really your daughter?!

Joo Mi: (to Joo Young) How could you not have said anything to me, unni?

Woo Jin’s Mother: (kneeling on the floor in supplication) No, husband! It’s not like that. I was short-sighted in my thinking.

Woo Jin’s Father: Are you telling me that you’ve been playacting/deceiving me all this time?!

Soo-Ah: Why are you making our household so noisy? (Why are you bringing so much trouble to our family?)

Woo Jin’s Father: I can no longer stand to see you! Get out of my house! Get out immediately!

Woo Jin’s Mother: (to Joo Mi) I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Joo Mi: I wanted to see my mom so much.

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5 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 34 Teaser”

  1. GASP!You translated the preview!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh, I was dying to know what was said in the preview for tomorrow. It looks like the big secret is out and JM knows too. YES! I’m so happy. (LOL)You’ll know once you watch the episodes what I’m talking about.
    Best wishes on the grades! Thank you again for this translation, it’s very much appreciated.

  2. This was the episode that made me cry! When JY was drunk and talking to JM outside the house!! Can I now officially HATE Sua!?? I will never forgive her at this point!

    1. Really? I’m going to have to watch some of these past episodes in order to find out exactly what’s been going on.

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