A Thousand Kisses Episode 22 Recap

Episode 22 picks up with Woo Bin’s mother gasping in shock as she sees the photos of Woo Bin with his girlfriend, who is none other than Joo Mi’s older sister. As she reels back in disbelief, Woo Bin enters the house with Joo Young and they both bow to the mother. Without another word, the mother swiftly walks to them and strikes Woo Bin hard across the face and then reaches over to strike Joo Young across the face as well. However, before she can actually physically hurt Joo Young, Woo Bin blocks his mother’s hand. Thwarted in her attempt to hurt Joo Young, the mother throws the photos in Joo Young’s face instead.  She demands to know how Joo Young can even dare to show her face much less enter the house.  

WB: This is the woman that I love. She came her to pay her respects to you.   You agreed to meet her.

Mother: That was before I knew she was a divorcee! That was before I knew she was Woo Jin’s wife’s sister! (Turning her attention to Joo Young) Let’s just say that Woo Bin is out of his mind. However, you, who are much older and have more life experience, should know better! Does this situation make sense to you?!

WB: Those things aren’t of concern to us.

Mother: Shut up! (still addressing Joo Young) I don’t know how you managed to snare my son with your background. In addition, Woo Bin is Woo Jin’s cousin. Your sister Joo Mi is Woo Bin’s sister-in-law.

WB: (with constrained emotions) Mother…putting those things aside, can’t you just look at Joo Young for herself?

Mother: A person’s associations/background is that person! (turning her attention back to Joo Young) Do you think that I raised my son only to give him to someone like you? End things with him now! The earlier the better!

WB: Mother! (He grabs Joo Young’s hand as she turns to leave) Mother, even if you don’t give us your permission, we will marry.

Mother: How far do you want to take this and show your craziness?! (Joo Young bows to the mother and silently takes her leave.)

WB: We will marry. (He turns to follow after Joo Young.)

Mother: Stop where you are! If you take one step out of this house, you and I are done! I will never see you! Just try and walk out! (Woo Bin walks out) Stop right there!

The mother staggers back at the shock of Woo Bin leaving and from the emotional toil. Woo Bin chases after Joo Young and catches up with her. Holding her close in his arms, he tells her to stop crying. “You can’t cry now. We have a long ways still to go. Shush. Stop crying.” Joo Young tries to stop crying.

They drive down to a secluded part of the Han River, and Woo Bin tells Joo Young that he is actually relieved. With everything out in the open now, they have nothing to hide. Joo Young confesses that she still doesn’t know how to break the news to Joo Mi and her grandmother. She doesn’t think she can tell them. Woo Bin tells her that he will tell them for her. Joo Young admits to Woo Bin that she understands his mother’s point of view. If Chan Ho comes to her, asking permission to marry a woman like her, she suspects that she will react in much the same manner. She doesn’t hold a grudge against his mother or hold her at fault. She cried back there simply because she found her situation so pathetic. Woo Bin tells Joo Young that if his son comes to him with a similar situation, he plans on giving him his blessings, especially since his son is able to look beyond backgrounds and look at the person. Joo Young tells him that he doesn’t know what it’s like to have a child, so he’s able to think like this now.  Woo Bin confesses that he may not know the emotions of a father, but his mother went too far today. He tells Joo Young to promise him that no matter what happens, she will not change her mind about them. At her silence, he tells her to promise him. Before Joo Young even has a chance to answer or not answer, she receives a call from Joo Mi, who has called to tell her that she and Woo Jin are leaving. Joo Young apologizes for her lateness and that she’s headed there now. Joo Mi tells her that she understands but that she and Woo Jin need to head back home since their parents are waiting for them. Joo Mi tells Joo Young that she’ll see her next time and hangs up. As Joo Young hangs up as well, she comments to Woo Bin that she’s so sorry to Joo Mi. Woo Bin tries to reassure her by telling her that Joo Mi would understand if she only knew what hardships she and Woo Bin had to deal with today. Joo Young just looks at him in silence.

Back at the Jang residence, Joo Mi and Woo Jin bow before their parents. The father tells them that love is the word he used least in his life, but he hopes this won’t be the case with them. He hopes that they will say “I love you” often. He then tells Joo Mi that she doesn’t have to wear her hanbok (traditional Korean dress) each morning to greet them. She can do so wearing casual clothes. However, Joo Mi tells him that she wants to, especially since it is only for a certain period of time at the beginning of her marriage. Smiling, the father says she can wear the hanbok then since it is her choice. (Such a cute exchange between the new daughter-in-law and her new father-in-law.) The mother tells Soo Ah that she should bow to the newlyweds, too, but Soo Ah feels awkward about such traditions and simply waves her greetings, which Joo Mi accepts with a smile. The mother looks on in pleasure at her two daughters, together under one roof.

Joo Mi and Woo Jin enter their bedroom, and Joo Mi exclaims over the beautiful flowers and the accompanying card. Opening it, they read the mother’s message to them: To Woo Jin and Joo Mi, who I want to say “I love you” a thousand times over. Woo Jin, who became my son through a long route, and Joo Mi, whose smile (ugh…my Internet connection is super slow right now and I can’t get the episode to play anymore right now…I will have to finish this at a later time. Sorry! I was so hoping to have 22 recapped for you guys to read Saturday morning. *sigh* C’est la vie. Until later then….)









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  1. Thanks again for your recap of 22. I just finished watching ep 23 and boy it really breaks my heart. Wishing you ll be able to recap this ep as soon as possible. I know you re busy but just hoping you can do it. The preview of ep 24 is something else again.I really pity JY and WB. Now there will be another problem concerning Chan Noh. Its a long strings of heartache and physical abuse for JY. Thanks again!!

  2. Because of your recaps, I just watch the entire drama and then wait for your post. I don’t need to wait for the subtitles. Thank you for the hard work! I look forward to it every week.

  3. wow~~ so much pain for JY, hwaiting! love conquers all!
    arghhh then there’s going to be more suffering when they find out WJ’s stepmom is their mom! gahhhhh this is so sad!

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