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4 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 22 Link”

  1. I watched in Korean and not wait to read the recap of episodes 21 and 22.
    Broke my heart the suffering of the protagonist couple, hate every episode of the WB’s family and his ex-girlfriend. The presence of an admirer for JM desnecessaria.Quero the couple was completely Woo Joo Mi Jin and happy and in love and not jealousy fights. I can not wait for a baby to gladden the heart of the president. My sense is that the secret of ahjumma’ll soon be revealed. And the mother of the WB will use to avenge the death of his brother.
    Anxious for the recap and be sure to enjoy my new channel on youtube.

  2. This show is just going to tear me up, emotionally! I can see this now!! At every turn, every moment, I am crying!! But its SO GOOD!!

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