A Thousand Kisses Episode 21 Links

Hi everyone! I’m posting two links in case the first one doesn’t work for some of you.




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4 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 21 Links”

  1. Hello i Will be posting the scenes of the couple Woojin and Joomi in channel i Hope to continue accompanying,and not see the time le a recapitulation of the episode 21 couple had its so dreamed night of nupcias.Agora sadness takes account of the couple protagonist.Babylon 9

  2. I have been so avoiding episodes 21 and above because I knew they were going to be emotionally draining for me. Bad Love was emotionally draining for me. I was depressed for a couple days after that one so I did not expect this one to be any better but I was glad they lightened it with Woo Bin and Joo Mi’s relationship. This still is a great show!!!!

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