A Thousand Kisses Episode 20 Recap

The episode resumes with Woo Bin driving with Joo Young. He receives a phone call from Woo Jin and tells his cousin that something urgent came up, so he couldn’t drop by the studio to meet Joo Mi. While Woo Jin and Woo Bin finish their conversation, Joo Mi texts Joo Young and thanks her for coming to the studio. She tells her that getting married is no laughing matter. They have so much to do and are headed to the department store. She messages that she’ll see Joo Young when she gets home. Hanging up with Woo Jin, Woo Bin tells Joo Young that he was on the phone with Woo Jin, and Joo Young tells him that she just received a text from Joo Mi. Worried, Joo Young asks what they should do, and Woo Bin replies, “Nothing. Let’s just drive for now.”

At a clothing store, Joo Mi holds a bright yellow top up to Woo Jin, who objects to wearing something like that. Joo Mi explains that it’s not something one wears on a daily basis, but she’s buying it for their honeymoon. Woo Jin refuses and tells her that he doesn’t wear things like that while Joo Mi insists on buying it, even adding that many families wear the same top to advertise the “family look.” As they bicker about how different their tastes are, Joo Mi takes the loud yellow sweatshirts for her and Woo Jin to the cash register. There, she asks for two more in the man’s size and in woman’s size but one size larger than hers. Concerned, Woo Jin asks why she’s getting another set. “Do you plan on wearing it when you gain weight?” (LOL. This man is hilarious!) Joo Mi explains that she is buying a set for the father and the mother so that they can have the “family look.”

Seated back at the Jang residence, the chairman and the mother look puzzled at the sweatshirts and ask what this is. Joo Mi and Woo Jin explain that it’s a set for the father and mother to wear as a couple for the “couple look” and as a family with them for the “family look.” As both the father and mother thank them for the gift, Woo Jin looks pleasantly surprised by how accepting his stodgy father is of the suggestion. (ah, I sense a change of wind in the Jang household with the addition of Joo Mi. Hurray!)

At Woo Bin’s house, Woo Bin’s mother recalls her conversation with Yoo Kyung, who had urged her to meet Woo Bin’s girlfriend, and her various interactions with Woo Bin. Unable to wait for Woo Bin to explain things in his own time, she barges into his empty bedroom and starts looking through his stuff, coming across the picture of Chan Ho, Woo Bin, and the soccer player as well as the myriad of digital shots of shoes that Woo Bin took with his camera. (Talk about an invasion of privacy!)

In a frenzy because she can’t find anything definitive, the mother barges into Hye Bin’s room and demands to know whatever it is that Hye Bin knows. She tells her that Yoo Kyung came by the house and suggested she meet Woo Bin’s girlfriend. Hye Bin, surprised by Yoo Kyung’s boldness, replies that the mother can then ask Yoo Kyung since Yoo Kyung seems to know. (Hye Bin’s really surprised that Yoo Kyung came to meet the mother.) As the mother dials Woo Bin in her frustration (dang, that woman needs a lesson in patience), Hye Bin tells her to not waste her time but to just give Woo Bin time since it seems like he plans to tell the mother everything soon. (Nice sister trying to aid her brother.) The mother vents, “How can I wait when I’m so frustrated?”

Parked by a river, Woo Bin says that he could have figured out that Joo Mi was Woo Jin’s bride much earlier. However, since he hadn’t, he was really surprised to see Joo Mi at the studio today. Joo Young, tears welling in her eyes, asks if this is yet another reason why they shouldn’t be together. Woo Bin stops her line of thinking by suggesting they eat a hearty dinner and gather their strength.

Seated numbly across from each other before a cooling pot of stew, Woo Bin and Joo Young are both lost in thought. One of the ladies at the restaurant asks if they want her to reheat the stew for them. Not seeing a resolution to their glum mood or problem, Woo Bin gets up from the table and leads Joo Young outside for a late night stroll along the beach. With his arms around her shoulders, Woo Bin steers her close to the shoreline. When Joo Young halts, Woo Bin light-heartedly walks into the ocean and releases his frustrations. He comes out and coaxes Joo Young into joining him for a brief time of frolicking in the ocean without any care. After some time playing in the water, they hug each other in support, still in the ocean.

Joo Mi returns to the house and reports the day’s events to her grandmothers. She then marvels over the beautiful blanket/quilt that her grandmother so painstakingly made. The grandmother tells Joo Mi that as she sewed each piece, she prayed for Joo Mi and Woo Jin’s happiness as they start their lives together as a couple. Joo Mi thanks her grandmother, and Chan Ho pipes up that he hopes the grandmother will make his wedding quilt, too. The aunt grandmother teases the grandmother that she will have to live a really long time then.

Back at Woo Bin’s house, his mother paces and worries that he hasn’t returned home yet. She tells the father that Yoo Kyung came by earlier in the day and urged her to find out about the girl that Woo Bin’s dating. Surprised, the father asks why Yoo Kyung would say something like that. (Seriously! Why is the mother the only one who doesn’t find that weird?) The mother keeps insisting that Woo Bin’s behavior is strange. Otherwise, he would have already introduced his girlfriend to them rather than ask them to wait. The father asks why she’s so determined to know. It’s not like Woo Bin’s asking them to wait a year. The mother defends herself and says that if the girl is unsuitable, then they should know about it earlier so as to cause them to separate before they get serious.

At a bar over drinks, Hye Bin compliments Yoo Kyung on her cleverness. As Yoo Kyung feigns ignorance on scheming and that she merely advised the mother to look into the girl, Hye Bin slyly comments that Yoo Kyung correctly assessed their mother’s personality. Giving her a hint like that ensures that the mother will not stop until she discovers who the girl actually is. Yoo Kyung asks whose side Hye Bin is on. Does she want her brother to marry Joo Young? After receiving reassurance from Hye Bin that she doesn’t want Joo Young as her only brother’s wife, Yoo Kyung says that she hopes the mother will settle the matter for her. (Ugh. That woman really does the evil constipated look really well, huh?)

After their frolick in the ocean, Woo Bin and Joo Young sit in the sand, both lost in thought. Woo Bin tells Joo Young to get up so that they can go somewhere warmer to dry themselves off from the ocean. He takes her to one of the homestays available along the ocean side and leaves to get something for her to eat. While he asks the owner for some food, Joo Young falls asleep. Woo Bin returns and sees her asleep against the wall, he gently settles her down for a good night’s rest with covers and only then goes to sleep himself, facing Joo Young’s sleeping form. When he awakes a few hours later, he finds himself alone and sees Joo Young’s sheets/covers neatly folded by the wall. Startled, he runs outside and calls out Joo Young’s name but to no avail. When he tries to reach her on her cell phone, he receives her voicemail.

Boarding a bus headed to Seoul, Joo Young turns on her cell phone and calls Joo Mi, who is surprised to hear that Joo Young didn’t come home that night. Joo Young asks her to tell the grandmother that she wasn’t able to come home due to work and that she’ll explain when she gets home. Joo Mi agrees and hangs up to tell the grandmother.

Meanwhile, Woo Bin runs into the bus station, frantically looking for Joo Young and even boards one of the buses to check for her. When he realizes that she’s nowhere to be found and probably got on an earlier bus, he stands despondently as he realizes the meaning behind Joo Young’s disappearance. (Poor WooB…after he finally gets her to admit her feelings for him!)

He drives back to Seoul, catching up with the bus that Joo Young is riding. As he honks, waves, and yells in order to attract her attention, Joo Young remains unaware. Frustrated and growing ever more desperate when even the bus driver doesn’t acknowledge his honks, Woo Bin risks his own safety and those of the bus passengers and cuts directly in front of the bus. Amidst the complaints of the passengers and bus driver, Woo Bin apologizes and pulls Joo Young off the bus. The bus leaves and Woo Bin demands to know what Joo Young is doing:

WB: Does this make any sense?! How can you do this?! Why are you leaving by yourself?! Why?! Tell me why you’re acting like this?!

JY: Because this is the only thing I can do! Because this is what I should do.!

WB: Are you telling me that you’re going to leave me behind and go?! Did you even ever love me?! (pounds on chest) The words that I spoke last night, do they mean nothing to you?

JY: Then…what about my Joo Mi? What are we supposed to do? What about Joo Mi?

Knowing the dilemma in front of them, Woo Bin pulls her into his arms for a tight embrace as Joo Young cries silently.

Back at Woo Bin’s home, his mother huffs and puffs, seated at the edge of Woo Bin’s bed. Hye Bin walks in and asks why the mother is in his room. The mother imagines all sort of horrible things and wonders why he didn’t contact the family. As she vents to Hye Bin, Woo Bin walks in and asks why they are in his bedroom. He explains that he stayed in the country due to a soccer match that ran late. He opted to stay overnight instead of drive back late because he was exhausted. As the mother leaves with a warning that he’s acting oddly, Hye Bin warns Woo Bin that their mother is now on the “war path.” She can find out the identity of his girlfriend if she really sets her mind to it.

Joo Young washes up at her house and then declines the breakfast her grandmother prepared, telling her that she simply wants to sleep a bit before going to work later that afternoon.

At Luni, one of the employees comments to the friend that it looks like Joo Young isn’t coming to work. At just that moment, Joo Young calls her friend to explain that she’ll be coming to work in the afternoon because she’s not feeling well. The friend tells her that if she’s not feeling well, she should just take the entire day off and get some much needed rest. Yoo Kyung walks into the office and demands to know where Joo Young is. The friend explains the situation, and when Yoo Kyung spitefully wonders if she’s really sick and not just celebrating from the success of her shoes. When she then tells the friend that she wants to see Joo Young first thing tomorrow morning, the friend stops Yoo Kyung’s powerplay and tells Yoo Kyung that whatever she has to say to Joo Young, Yoo Kyung can say to her directly instead. Stymied so effectively by the friend, Yoo Kyung stomps out of the office.

As Woo Bin walks downstairs to leave for work, his mother again stops him and demands to know where he was last night. She accuses him of lying to her about the soccer match and suggests that he was instead with his girlfriend. She demands to know everything about her. Woo Bin repeatedly insists that he was at a soccer match and tells her to give him some time. She emphatically states that she cannot wait. (Dang this mother is so unbearable! Poor Joo Young.)

Unable to wait any longer to satisfy her curiosity, the mother calls out Yoo Kyung to a coffee shop and asks her to tell her everything she knows about Woo Bin’s girlfriend. She explains that Woo Bin didn’t come home that night and suspects that he spent the night with his girlfriend even though Woo Bin claims that he had a soccer match in the country. After Yoo Kyung gains the mother’s assurance that Woo Bin will never know Yoo Kyung told her, Yoo Kyung then tells her that the Woo Bin’s dating a divorced woman with a child. The mother is stunned and left sputtering.

In the middle of a meeting with his manager, Woo Bin receives a phone call from his mother demanding that he come home immediately or she’ll march into his office and create a scene. (O-M-G. Doesn’t she realize that he’s at work and this type of drama can wait?) He calmly tells her that he’s in the middle of a meeting and will speak to her when he goes home. He then hangs up and discusses the physical state of the injured athlete who had to have surgery.

Visiting the athlete at the hospital, Woo Bin again fields a phone call from the mother, who demands to know why he hasn’t come home yet. He explains to her that he’s at the hospital visiting an injured athlete and that he’ll speak to her when he goes home. He hangs up, and the mother is left still fuming over not being able to rant and vent as immediately as she would like.

Joo Young walks into the Luni design office, much to the surprise of her co-workers. The friend asks why she came in when the friend gave her the day off. Joo Young comments that she’s feeling a bit better and that she has unfinished work to do today. One of the co-workers, who had harbored doubts about Joo Young’s illness, comments that she does in fact look a bit pale. The friend then tells Joo Young that Yoo Kyung had looked for her.

Inside her office, Yoo Kyung clenches her fists and repeats “He didn’t return home last night?” As she fumes, Joo Young enters her office. Yoo Kyung asks her if she spent the night with Woo Bin since he didn’t return home last night and Joo Young didn’t show up for work this morning. Joo Young tells her that she doesn’t need to respond to personal questions. Yoo Kyung then asks her for a report on her latest assignment. Joo Young replies that she hasn’t completed it and will give her report tomorrow morning. Yoo Kyung acknowledges this, and Joo Young leaves the office.

Joo Young then runs around town researching and selecting various shoe components. Eventually, the day’s events wear her down further and her energy flags, causing her to get sicker/more exhausted.

At a local tea shop, the grandmother meets Woo Jin’s mother to discuss plans for the wedding. The grandmother thanks Woo Jin’s mother for the herbal medicine and then also hands her a silk envelope of money as Joo Mi’s dowry. Even though Woo Jin’s family had said that Joo Mi doesn’t need to bring a dowry, the grandmother still wants to send Joo Mi off with at least some dowry. As the mother tries to resist, the grandmother tells her to accept it since the dowry is her due as Woo Jin’s mother. The grandmother tells her that as a grandmother, she’s relieved that Joo Mi will be happy and not suffer under a mother-in-law since she’ll be living with her real mother. She muses to herself that this is the heart of a grandmother. She then tells Woo Jin’s mother that from here on, she will speak to her in the honorific form as dictated by the social etiquette between in-laws. She warns her to remember not to treat Joo Mi too well, or her biological relationship to Joo Mi will become apparent to others. As they leave the tea shop, Woo Jin’s mother offers the grandmother a ride, but the grandmother refuses, asking her if she really thought the grandmother would accept a ride from her.

Woo Jin is seated at a restaurant waiting for Joo Mi when Joo Mi arrives and covers his eyes:

JM: Guess who?

WJ: Don’t you think this is childish? (Joo Mi sits in her seat disgruntled by his refusal to play along) By any chance on our honeymoon, are you going to play “Catch me if you can”?

JM: (deflated) I’m hungry. I had three interviews today, so I only had a glass of milk. (Woo Jin hails a waitress. The food arrives.) Since I’ve been pinned as a childish person, I’ve decided to definitely act the part. Here. Please cut my steak for me. (Personally, I really don’t understand why Korean women feel the need to ask their men to cut up their meat for them.) I plan on doing these childish acts from time to time. (Woo Jin bypasses the steak and eats the salad.) Why aren’t you eating?

WJ: Don’t you plan on dieting?

JM: (shocked) I need to diet?

WJ: On the outside, you look fine, but I don’t really know about your inside situation.

JM: My inside situation? Ahjussi, are you dieting? (Assessing Woo Jin) On the outside, you look fine, but when you take off your clothes, does your stomach come out like an old man’s/ahjussi’s stomach?

WJ: (his irritation piqued) How do you see me? Joo Mi, you need to change what you call me. Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Every time I hear that word, I feel like an ahjussi and I’m sick and tired of it!

JM: Are you getting mad at me right now?

WJ: (regaining his composure) Shall I cut my steak for you as well?

They resume eating in an easy light.

At Woo Jin’s house, Woo Jin’s mother tells the father that she met the grandmother, who gave her an envelope of money so that she can purchase a new outfit presented to her by her new daughter-in-law. (Korean tradition that the parents receive new clothes from the bride.) The father looks at the envelope and comments that knowing the grandmother, he suspects that she has put more money inside than just enough to buy an outfit.

Meanwhile at Woo Bin’s house, the mother confronts Woo Bin and demands that he breaks up with Joo Young. If he doesn’t, she’ll force them apart. When Woo Bin refuses to break up with Joo Young, she flies at him and starts to pound on his chest. Right on cue, the father comes home and is apprised of the situation that Woo Bin is in love with a divorced woman with a son. All three of them sit down, and the father tries to calmly discuss the situation with Woo Bin, who tells them that he’s the one who clung to her until she relented to date him. He acknowledges that his interest in her first started as pity but then changed to love. The father tells Woo Bin that he’s having a difficult time accepting this.

In the privacy of their bedroom, the father comments to the mother that Woo Bin must really be in love. As the mother starts to rant and rage again, the father tries to calm her down by suggesting to her that they take a more sensible approach to dealing with this situation. Instead of simply demanding that Woo Bin break up with her, they should try to show him that they are trying but ultimately having a difficult time accepting the woman.

After dealing with his parents, Woo Bin sits at his desk in his bedroom and calls Joo Young, who is still at her office:

JY: Hello?

WB: You were debating whether or not to answer my call, weren’t you? (She says nothing.) Joo Young, you can’t change your mind, all right? If you do, you’ll make it that much harder for me. Please don’t make things harder for me, OK? (She still remains silent.) I love you.

The next morning, Hye Bin comes downstairs and wishes her family a good morning. At the terse silence, she comments that this type of atmosphere is rare in their family. As Woo Bin leaves, the mother accuses Hye Bin of knowing everything but not telling her anything. Hye Bin tells her that was because she was hoping to resolve things without the mother finding out. The father warns both women in the family to stop and that he’ll convince Woo Bin. (Ugh…these women and their schemes and threats!)

Leaving the courthouse after registering for their marriage certificate, Tae Kyung and Joon Hee return home to prepare for a wedding photograph since Joon Hee insists on having one. As she tries to fit into her dress, she can’t completely zip up the dress with the fake tummy, so she ultimately wears the dress without it and explains to Tae Kyung’s mother that she’s holding her breath in when she’s asked what happened to her bulge. Tae Kyung tells her to release her breath since it’s not good for the baby.

Joo Young and Joo Mi go to the salon and run into Woo Bin’s mother. Joo Young, realizing that this might be Woo Bin’s mother, stiffly pays her respect. Woo Bin’s mother says hello and comments that she must be the divorced sister. After she leaves, Joo Young confirms with Joo Mi that she was indeed Woo Bin’s mother. Joo Mi explains that the aunt has a tendency to say things in a weird (more like rude) way. She tells Joo Young to think nothing of it.

Joo Young walks by the playground on her way home and sees Chan Ho and Woo Bin playing soccer together. Leaving Chan Ho to play by himself, Woo Bin sits down with Joo Young on the park bench and tells her that he told his parents that he is going to introduce her to his parents soon. She asks him if his parents know that she’s divorced and has Chan Ho. She asks if they also know that she is Joo Mi’s sister. Woo Bin tells her they don’t know that part yet.

JY: Do you think they’ll welcome me?

WB: We’re not going there to be welcomed.  We’re going there so that I can show them that you’re the woman I love.

JY: Why must we do such a useless (not really sure of the word she uses) thing?

WB: Useless? I don’t expect/have confidence to receive their permission right away. However, I have less confidence that I can give up on you.

JY: I’m going to be meeting your sister at Joo Mi’s wedding. What am I supposed to do?

WB: It’s all right because we’re going to be paying our respects to my parents.

JY: Our situation is too difficult. The fact that you are the cousin of Joo Mi’s future husband…The fact that I’m keeping our relationship a secret from Joo Mi and my grandmother is weighing on me, too.

WB: (holding her hand) We learned about this ourselves just recently, too. Let’s tell them after the wedding. We can’t worry them before the wedding.

Seated on Joo Mi’s bed, both sisters give their opinion on Joo Mi’s honeymoon pajamas. Joo Mi mentions that her friend Yuna gave her a hard time about not choosing a lacey lingerie. Joo Young tells her this silk pajama suits Joo Mi’s cute personality better. As they chat, they suddenly hear Woo Jin’s voice from outside asking if anyone wants to buy a “hahm” (a traditional Korean chest of wedding gifts that the groom’s family sends over to the bride before the wedding…sort of like the groom’s dowry.) Completely unexpecting this, the sisters run outside.

(O-M-G!) Woo Jin stands outside with the hahm, sporting a dried squid mask. (heh heh) The aunt grandmother tells him that he’s got it all wrong; the groom is not supposed to carry the hahm or wear the squid mask. The grandmother expresses surprise that they had agreed not to do the traditional hahm, and Woo Jin agrees and then tells her that is why he came without telling her (so as not to burden them). He then adorably asks if no one in the house will buy his hahm. The aunt grandmother asks how much he’s asking. He tells her he’s asking for $1 (LOL…such a steal!) The aunt grandmother tells  Joo Mi to bring her 1000 won (equivalent to $1) and then tells Woo Jin he has to break the “gourd” before he can enter the house with the hahm. He breaks it in one try and then takes the habm inside. Once inside, the grandmother gingerly/tenderly takes out each piece of item. The scene is overlaid with images of Woo Jin’s mother packing the same item. The Woo family look on as the grandmother continues to unwrap silk, jewelry, and the traditional wedding letter/blessing.

As Joo Mi sleeps later that night, the grandmother looks over her and voices her blessings for Joo Mi: “Live happily. Don’t get sick. You were so sick as a child that this was your grandmother’s main concern. Live happily with your mother by your side.”

The next day at the wedding, the two families greet the guest. Joo Mi takes pictures with her friends while Joo Young looks on. Joo Young then leaves to use the restroom and runs into Hye Bin, who has just come out of the bathroom. Mistaking Joo Young’s presence at the wedding as an invitation from Woo Bin, Hye Bin asks Joo Young how she can be so bold as to come to a family event. Before Joo Young can speak, though, Woo Bin’s mother comes up to them and welcomes Joo Young as an in-law.

Hooray! Finished!!! Hope you enjoy!




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  1. a lot of really annoying (to the point that they can be labeled as insane) women in this show -___- but there are annoying men here too >.< sigh good vs. evil i feel bad for the good guys 🙁 hwaiting!

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  2. Can’t thank you enough for your recap of ep 20 and hoping you ll have time to do 21 and 22. Watching the raw episodes were so heartbreaking and was crying with both JY and WB but at least there were scenes from the newlywed that were hilarious. I really pitied JY what she went through with her first marriage was bad enough and now this… being slapped and thrown water and wine in her face….. how much more will she be able to take this. Next episode please!!

    1. Looking forward to reading the rest of your recap for Ep 20. Thank you so much for your hard work! I was also lucky enough to find subbed episodes of 21 and 22 in English on YouTube. I love both Woo Jin and Joo Mi! Those two are the cutest couple ever and Eps 21/22 and my favorite thus far. I’ve already watched it 3x. LOL!

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  3. You mentioned earlier you were curious about what happene to Joo Mi’s mini dress. It’s driving me nuts!! I love her long dress, but what happened to change her mind? Did I miss something?? And then in the next ep it seems they’re going to Jeju Island after all instead of Bali (or anywhere else…). I’m so confused! They made a big deal about that argument and it ends up going all Woo Jin’s way anyway??? Ugh. Lol.

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