A Thousand Kisses Episode 19 Recap

Hi everyone! Rather than completely NOT recap Episodes 19 and 20, I’ve decided to do a mini-recap. This way, you at least get an inkling of what’s going. So without further ado, I give you my mini-recap:

The episode resumes with the aunt grandmother looking for the bathroom and spotting Woo Jin’s mother in the process. She grabs Woo Jin’s mother by the arm and insists that she’s Joo Young’s mother. As Joo Mi calls her “Mother-in-law,” the aunt grandmother sputters in disbelief and tries to make sense of everything. In the meanwhile, the grandmother sees the scene and hurries to detach the aunt grandmother away from Joo Mi and Woo Jin’s mother. As the aunt grandmother is carted away by the grandmother, Woo Jin’s mother leans over her shopping cart in sheer terror and tries to calm her racing heart. Joo Mi, seeing her state, offers to help her with the shopping.

Back at the Woo residence, the aunt grandmother insists to the grandmother that Woo Jin’s mother looks identical to Joo Young’s mother. At her continued insistence, the grandmother finally admits that Woo Jin’s mother is, indeed, Joo Young’s mother. At this revelation, the aunt grandmother demands to know what’s going on.

Joo Mi returns to Woo Jin’s home with Woo Jin’s mother and explains to Woo Jin’s father that she accompanied the mother home because she seemed exhausted. The father overrides the mother’s comments that she’s all right and tells her to go rest. (I hope she seriously gets some rest; she looks like she’s about to have a mental breakdown.)

Inside the privacy of her bedroom, Woo Jin’s mother calls the grandmother, who bites out that the aunt grandmother will stay quiet so she doesn’t need to worry and quickly hangs up.

The aunt grandmother tries to mentally assess the situation and comments that she now understands why the grandmother objected to the wedding so much. She wonders how long they can keep this secret, and the grandmother comments that as long as the aunt grandmother stays silent, they shouldn’t have any problems. The aunt grandmother asks about the other relatives then, for they will surely all recognize Woo Jin’s mother as Joo Young’s mother. The grandmother declares that she doesn’t plan on inviting them. They don’t have any immediate family members, and the distant relatives don’t need to be invited. As long as she and the aunt grandmother take this secret to the grave, they should be fine. If not, the aunt grandmother and she will both die. The aunt grandmother comments that she didn’t know the grandmother could be this intense.

Joo Mi helps Woo Jin’s mother prepare dinner, and the mother slowly asks Joo Mi about the aunt grandmother and how long she’s been with them. As Joo Mi explains that the aunt grandmother just started living with them, Woo Jin comes in is pleasantly surprised to see Joo Mi there when they hadn’t made any plans to meet. Joo Mi pertly tells him that she’s not there because of him today. The mother explains that she’s teaching Joo Mi how to prepare one of Woo Jin’s favorite dishes. After some pleasantries, Woo Jin just enjoys the sight of his future wife spending time with his stepmother.

After dinner, he takes a walk with Joo Mi, who motions for him to stoop down a bit. She gives him a peck on the cheek, and he asks her if she likes him that much. (LOL). Joo Mi thanks him for the mini-wedding dress and teases him a bit about how he played hard to get when all along, he had already ordered the wedding dress to be delivered to her that afternoon. She asks if it’s really all right for her to wear it, and Woo Jin queries, “Do you think I bought it just for you to look at?” (cute) Joo Mi promises not to call him bad names anymore, especially with her friend Yoona, since she’s starting to understand the depth of his heart. Woo Jin confesses that there’s something else. He then proceeds to tell her that he went to Kimpo Airport to apologize to her but couldn’t because she boarded the plane so quickly. (tsk tsk…I doubt that’s why you went to the airport, WJ. LOL) Joo Mi hugs him and tells him that she’s completely overcome with emotion and that she’ll never call him bad names ever again.

Joo Mi returns home and asks who the aunt grandmother thought Woo Jin’s mother looked like. The aunt grandmother pretends that she mistook her for a friend and quickly diverts the conversation to something else. Joo Young returns home at this time and shows the family her first shoe. The aunt grandmother tries it on and parades around like a shoe model. (cute)

Getting dressed for work, Woo Bin reflects back on his sister’s comment about how Joo Young didn’t even flinch when Hye Bin threw the water at her face.

Woo Bin waits for his sister at a cafe. When Hye Bin arrives, he asks her to please help him because he really loves Joo Young. When he thought that Joo Young might not be part of this world due to the motorcycle accident, Woo Bin realized that’s when he loved her. He asks Hye Bin to please help him and remain quiet until he’s able to convince their parents. The sister raises her voice and clearly tells him that this is no longer a parental issue. She refuses to help him ruin his life with a divorcee. At her vehemence, Woo Bin tells her that she had better not to anything to harm Joo Young. Hye Bin stalks out of the cafe.

Hye Bin reports the situation to Yoo Kyung and plots with her as to how to stop Woo Bin from marrying Joo Young.

Woo Jin and Joo Mi take a look at the wedding ceremony location and confirm the reservation. Woo Jin tells Joo Mi that he can’t see her home due to an important meeting, and Joo Mi says that’s all right because she’ll be busy, too.

Woo Jin practices at the singing studio, and his teacher comments on whether he’s improved. Woo Jin starts to sing for the teacher to show him that he has improvved. (he sounds better each time! LOL)

Miserable with thoughts of how to resolve his situation but unable to see a solution, Woo Bin calls Woo Jin, who’s in the middle of his lesson, and asks to meet him.

Woo Jin meets Woo Bin for drinks, and Woo Bin tells him what’s going on with him, that he’s in love with a divorced single mother. Woo Jin comments that what would make things the worst possible scenario is if the woman is older than him. Woo Bin answers that she’s three years older. Stunnded, Woo Jin asks him why he’s involved in such a difficult relationship, and Woo Bin comments that someone told him love needs to be hard/difficult. As they talk more, Woo Jin realizes the depth of Woo Bin’s feelings for the woman. (*sigh* I don’t know how everyone’s going to react when it’s known that Woo Bin is in love with an in-law. Koreans have this thing about not marrying each other’s in-laws, regardless of no blood relations.) He comforts Woo Bin, knowing that Woo Bin faces a steep battle with his family.

Woo Bin goes and stands in front of Joo Young’s house later that night. Raising his loosely gathered fist, he utters, “Woo Joo Young and Jang Woo Bin, fighting!” (So sweet how he feels the need for encouragement like this, knowing the obstacles ahead.)

The next morning, a local department store displays Joo Young’s shoes, which have completed production. Woo Bin asks if the shoe is selling well. The employee answers that it’s selling well. He then asks for the shoe in each size. At the clerk’s surprise, he repeats that he’ll take the shoe in every size she’s got. (aw…so cute!)

He enters his office and asks Mi Jung, his employee, what shoe size she wears and gives her a pair of shoes. He asks her if she thinks the shoes are pretty. She says that they are, and he asks her to PR the shoes to her friends as well. Observing this, the manager asks if these are the shoes Joo Young designed. Woo Bin comments that the manager doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he can have a pair for his sister. These shoes may be too high to give to his mother. (heh heh…WB is so love-sick, it’s adorable.)The manager looks at him in resignation and asks how many pairs he’s bought. Unfazed, Woo Bin tells him to ask if the manager has need for a pair.

Woo Jin’s mother admires Joo Young’s shoes in the department store and purchases a pair, telling the clerk she doesn’t need to try it on; the shoes look comfortable enough. (aw…she must be so proud of her daughter.)

She tenderly fingers the shoes in the privacy of her home and smiles with pride. When Joo Mi comes to visit, the mother goes to greet her and shows Joo Mi her new bedroom that she’s to share with Woo Jin. As Joo Mi exclaims over the new furniture, Soo Ah rushes into the room, asking if these new shoes are hers. Seeing Joo Young’s shoes in Soo Ah’s hands, the mother haltingly answers that they are Soo Ah’s. (She probably had no intentions of giving them away but rather planned on secretly treasuring her eldest daughter’s “first” creation.) Joo Mi comments that those shoes are the ones her sister designed, and the mother feigns ignorance, saying that she bought a pair because they looked so pretty and comfortable. Soo Ah asks Joo Mi if she might be able to get discounts then since Joo Mi’s sister works for Luni Shoes. The mother reprimands Soo Ah for trying to impose upon Joo Young like that, but Soo Ah asks what is so wrong with trying to get a bargain. Joo Mi says that she’ll ask. With the excitement of the shoes subsided, Soo Ah realizes that all the furniture in Woo Jin’s room is new and starts to give Joo Mi a hard time, asking if Joo Mi shouldn’t have purchased the furniture as part of her dowry. Unfazed, Joo Mi agrees that she should have but that the mother took it easy on her knowing her situation and offered to purchase it for her instead. Soo Ah warns Joo Mi that no matter what, she plans on receiving a new outfit from Joo Mi, so Joo Mi had better remember. Smiling, Joo Mi tells her she won’t forget.

At Joo Young’s work, the friend comments that it looks like Joo Young’s going to be super busy. The department stores are all demanding more stock since her shoes have sold out. One of her coworkers asks how a shoe can sell out in its first day of sales. (hmmm…let’s see…Woo Bin probably bought out an entire store’s inventory and then there’s the mom and who knows who else. LOL) The friend happily tells her that she’s placed a reorder of 200 pairs, much to the envy of her two coworkers.

Later that night, Woo Jin and Joo Mi talk on the phone, discussing what they did that day. Woo Jin also mentions a dinner with Woo Bin’s family the next day and that his uncle is planning on paying for their honeymoon. Joo Mi wonders if the uncle knows they want to go overseas for their honeymoon.

Woo Bin meets Joo Young at a cafe and gives her a pair of her shoes as a gift. At Joo Young’s surprise, Woo Bin tells her that he wanted to give her a gift that would make her happy. After some thought, he figured that the shoes symbolize happiness, new start, hope, etc. for her. So he wanted to give her that. Overcome by his thoughtfulness, Joo Young asks how he could have ever thought of that. He warns her that he’s going to be saying something that’s guaranteed to make her cringe from his corny comment and then asks, “Who am I? I’m the person who loves Woo Joo Young more than Woo Joo Young loves herself. I’m Jang Woo Bin. Of course I can think of something like this.” (So adorably corny! Only Ji Hyun Woo can get away with saying corny statements like this. LOL) Joo Young then lifts the shoe out of the box and sees a pair of handcuffs. Seeing her surprise, Woo Bin reminds her that in the Korean culture, the men don’t buy shoes for the women because the women may run away wearing the shoes. With the handcuffs, Woo Bin guarantees that she won’t run away. He handcuffs himself to her and then walks out with her to pay their check. At the salesclerk’s look, Woo Bin explains that he’s caught a criminal. Joo Young asks if she’s a criminal, and Woo Bin replies that she is…because she stole his heart. (O-M-G…this man is sooooo corny!)

Pulling up in front of her house, Woo Bin pretends to have misplaced the key to the handcuff. As Joo Young cranes her neck to look for the key, thinking it might have fallen in the back seat, Woo Bin takes advantage of the opportunity and kisses her for the first time (So suavely done, WB! LOL) Although Joo Young is surprised, Woo Bin is openly pleased and wishes her a good evening. Joo Young gets out of the car and watches Woo Bin back down the street, gently fingering her lips as if to savor the kiss.

Joo Young goes into her bedroom and looks at her shoes again. Joo Mi comes inside and tells her the good news of Woo Jin’s mom buying a pair of Joo Young’s shoes, too. Joo Young tells Joo Mi that her shoes have sold so well that the company’s placed a reorder of 200 shoes already. Joo Mi then mentions that Soo Ah’s giving her a hard time, but she’s not offended because she finds Soo Ah cute and endearing in her harmless jealousy.

Woo Bin observes a soccer match with his manager but excuses himself before the match ends in order to get to his house in time for dinner with Woo Jin and Joo Mi and his family.

At Woo Bin’s house, Joo Mi and Woo Jin come bearing a gift basket. Woo Bin’s father teases Hye Bin that, although she may be older than Joo Mi, she has to call Joo Mi “unni” because Joo Mi is marrying Woo Jin, who is older than Hye Bin. Since Woo Jin is traditional, she needs to follow Korean tradition and speak to Joo Mi in the honorific form. Hye Bin teases back and complies by addressing Joo Mi in the required form.

As Woo Bin drives, the manager calls with news that Yong Wan, one of their players, reinjured his knee and is now being transported to the hospital. Woo Bin redirects his car, notifying his family of the accident, and drives to the hospital. Once there,  he learns that the player has suffered the same injury that ended Woo Bin’s own athletic career. He tells the manager not to jump to conclusions, that the injury may not be as bad as they fear.

Joo Mi and Woo Jin have dinner with the rest of Woo Bin’s family and discuss the wedding and family. The fact that Joo Young is divorced comes out because the uncle asks who is walking Joo Mi down the aisle, suggesting Tae Kyung since he’s the brother-in-law, but Woo Jin replies that they are going to walk down together. When the uncle keeps asking after Joo Mi’s brother-in-law, though, Joo Mi explains that her sister has recently divorced, so Tae Kyung won’t be walking her down the aisle.

Woo Bin relives memories of his injury as he awaits the results of the surgery.

Woo Bin sits dejected on the park bench, and Joo Young goes to meet him. He tells her that one of his players has reinjured his knee and may not be able to ever play again. Joo Young comforts Woo Bin and tells him that they should pray for the player so that his injury is light enough for him not to give up his athletic career as Woo Bin had to. Woo Bin comments that it’s amazing how such small shoulders like Joo Young’s can provide such big comfort.

At Tae Kyung’s house, Joon Hee debates how much padding she should put into her waistband to simulate her pregancy bump. (Knew it!!! That schemer! No wonder she’s in such a hurry to marry Tae Kyung) Tae Kyung’s mother comes in and Joon Hee pretends that she feels the baby kick and bumbles her way around the baby’s delivery date. Tae Kyung comes rushing into the apartment and exclaims that Joon Hee hasn’t cancelled the police charge. Although the original charge has been cancelled, he’s now being questions for fraud. Joon Hee tells him that the only way she’ll rescind her charge is if Tae Kyung registers their marriage officially in the courts. (In Korea, couples are not considered legally married unless the marriage has been registered with the courts. I believe the same is true in the U.S.) The mother urges Tae Kyung to marry Joon Hee since she’s carrying his child and his previous marriage with Joo Young has been resolved.

Woo Jin and Joo Mi step into the photo studio, dressed in their wedding outfits. Joo Mi asks if she looks pretty, and Woo Jin asks if he needs to say that out loud. Joo Mi counters, “How will I know then?” Woo Jin replies, “By the look in my eyes.” With this, Woo Jin stoops down to meet her at eye level, and Joo Mi meets him gaze for gaze. Startled, Woo Jin asks what she’s doing with so many people around. Joo Mi tells him that she’s trying to read his gaze, but she doesn’t understand what his eyes are saying. (LOL. How cute are they?!) She then cajoles him into saying that she’s pretty. Unsatisified with this, she asks how much. Woo Jin asks, “Surely, you’re not expecting me to say that I think you are pretty as limitless as the sky and as limitless as the earth?” (Korean cliche) He modifies his answer to about ten times around their jogging course. (Cute!) Joo Mi comments that it’s not the romantic answer she was looking for, but it’ll suffice. Woo Jin tells Joo Mi that Woo Bin, his cousin who wasn’t able to make it to dinner the other night, will be dropping by. Joo Mi says that Joo Young’s planning on dropping by as well, so Woo Bin and Joo Young will be able to meet each other. (uh-oh…BTW, I’m wondering why Joo Mi’s not wearing her mini-wedding dress.)

Woo Bin calls from a donut shop asking Joo Young about donuts that he’s buying for her and Chan Ho. He learns that she, too, is going to a wedding photoshoot, but for her sister instead of a cousin like him.

Back at the photo studio, the photographer clicks away at his camera but asks if Woo Jin is being forced into this marriage. (LOL) Joo Mi suppresses her smile as Woo Jin demands to know what the photographer means. He’s trying to smile to the best of his ability. (heh heh) The photographer asks Joo Mi to try to get him to smile (Make Woo Jin Smile Project #3?), and she tries to tickle him. When he refuses to laugh, she pouts and that’s when Woo Jin finally smiles.

Woo Bin walks into the photo studio and sees Joo Mi, the bride. In shock at what this portends, he rushes out and drives quickly away, leaving the box of donuts and coffee at the studio. Joo Young sees him drive away and starts to piece together details, first that Woo Bin was going to visit his cousin at his wedding photoshoot, second that Woo Bin was at a donut shop earlier buying them donuts, and third that he had a dinner engagement to celebrate his cousin’s upcoming wedding. Woo Jin and Joo Mi greet Joo Young, and Woo Jin tries to reach Woo Bin on the phone to see where he’s at. Woo Bin ignores the phone call and pulls over on the side of the street in frustration. He yells out, “How can Joo Mi be my future sister/cousin-in-law?” As he tries to process this new development, Joo Young does likewise.

Yoo Kyung seeks out Woo Bin’s mother at Woo Bin’s house and asks her for help in winning Woo Bin’s heart again.  The mother mentions that she has something she wants to ask Yoo Kyung as well. When Yoo Kyung tells her that she still loves Woo Bin, the mother tells her that Woo Bin has a person he loves already. Yoo Kyung subtly indicates that she knows the woman Woo Bin loves, and the mother asks her to secretly tell her. She promises not to tell Woo Bin. (ugh, these two scheming women)

Waiting for her in front of her house, Woo Bin straightens up and smiles weakly as Joo Young walks up to him. He teases her and asks why she’s so late, making him wait. She walks into his arms and hugs him, telling him that she met Woo Jin, his cousin and the man Joo Mi is going to marry. At her words, Woo Bin tightens his arms around her and then seats her in his car and drives off.

Je suis fini!  Woohoo~Thanks for waiting patiently…hope you enjoy!

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