A Thousand Kisses Episode 18 Recap (Part III – Last Part)

*In the previous scene, Tae Kyung returns home and tells Joon Hee to cancel the charge against him. Joon Hee comes into his bedroom with a celebratory cake but ends up threatening him when he upturns her cake and yells at her, telling her that he’ll never reunite with her. She warns him that she’s placed all her eggs in the Tae Kyung basket and will either die or live with him, so he had better resign himself to his fate.

Woo Bin and his father return home from drinking. After Woo Bin goes upstairs for the night, the father informs the mother that it seems as though Yoo Kyung is not the girl Woo Bin is dating.

The next morning, the mother confronts Hye Bin on spreading false reports of Woo Bin dating Yoo Kyung. Hye Bin plays dumb and wonders who he can possibly be dating then. Woo Bin joins the breakfast table, and the mother asks him point blank who he is dating. Woo Bin asks her to wait a bit before he introduces his girlfriend to the family.

Woo Bin then fights with Hye Bin in his bedroom, demanding why she’s lying and telling their mother that he’s dating Yoo Kyung. Hye Bin counters by asking if she should tell their mother that he’s dating a divorcee then. She comments that Joo Young is definitely a piece of work; she reports to Woo Bin that Joo Young didn’t even flinch when she threw a cold glass of water at Joo Young’s face. At Woo Bin’s disbelief, Hye Bin defends her actions by saying that their mother would have done worse. Frustrated and angry, Woo Bin forcefully shoves his chair against his desk.

Woo Bin drives to Joo Young’s house just as Joo Young exits through the front door for work. Getting out of the car, he demands if she’s an idiot. Does she wear her mouth for decorative purposes?! She has to tell him that she’s hurting in order for him to know that she’s hurt. Joo Young tries to calm him down by telling him that even without her saying that she’s hurt or yelling in pain, he knew and came to comfort her. Woo Bin counters, “What if I hadn’t known? You would have suffered alone and in pain!” Joo Young reassures him that she’s all right. She’s able to bear things like this. He engulfs her in a hug and tells her to tell him everything that happends to her from now on. Trying to insert some levity despite the tears welling up in her eyes, Joo Young asks “Everything?” Woo Bin repeats that he needs to know everything so that he can protect her from now on.

At the Woo residence, Joo Mi prepares a do-shi-rak (packed lunch) for Woo Jin. She and the grandmothers discuss how plying Woo Jin with a delicious lunch is one of her strategies to get Woo Jin to agree to both the wedding dress AND honeymoon. They chuckle over her scheme and wish her luck.

Woo Jin clears his throat in the midst of looking over some documents at his desk. He then gets up and stands in the middle of his office, head covered with the metal bucket (LOL this man is killing me softly with his silly sweetness!) As he tucks his hands inside his trouser pockets and lets himself get into the mood of the song, Joo Mi quietly enters his coffee with her homemade lunch. Puzzled at first by the sight of her usually straight-laced fiance singing with a bucket on his head, she slowly breaks out into a smile and then knocks on his bucket/head. At the knock, Woo Jin abruptly stops and takes off the bucket. Joo Mi asks him what he’s doing. Is he playing robocop? (LOL) He replies that it’s his way of thinking over important things.  (O-M-G! As if that type of explanation will fly. LOL) He then tells her that she should try it and covers her head with the bucket. As she squirms, he tells her to try the bucket for a bit more, using the time to grimace in mortification and recover his composure. (His look of embarassment is simply hilarious!) Once the bucket’s off her head, Joo Mi asks why he was singing. Woo Jin, trying to think quickly on his feet, tells her that singing often helps him think better. (heh heh) Joo Mi giggles over the situation.

Seated outside the resort, Woo Jin enjoys his lunch while Joo Mi asks him if he knows why she came with the do-shi-rak:

WJ: You wanted to eat lunch with me.

JM: That’s a given.

WJ: You wanted to win points with me.

JM: There is that.

WJ: (as realization dawns) Is this a bribe?

Joo Mi quickly denies his speculation and offers him a drink. She then asks him if he can relent a bit so that she can choose both wedding dress and honeymoon. Woo Jin teases her and says that he can see right through her scheme. As she asks cutely if she can’t decide both, he returns cute for cute and tells her she can only choose one. Joo Mi concedes defeat and chooses the honeymoon to Bali instead. She tries one last time, only to have Woo Jin cutely yet emphatically tell her she can only choose one. (heh heh…he’s totally enjoying her efforts) Deflated that she wasn’t able to convince her fiance, Joo Mi turns her attention to eating her lunch, refusing Woo Jin’s offer of a drink.

At Luni, the CEO of the company comes to visit the department. He offers one of Joo Young’s coworkers praise for her recent shoe design and then happens to catch a glimpse of Joo Young’s shoe sample on her desk. He asks why Joo Young’s shoe isn’t in production yet. At Yoo Kyung’s explanation that she’s orders a modification on the design, the CEO overrides her decision and tells her to go forward with Joo Young’s original design since he liked the design and selected it as the winning design. Yoo Kyung reluctantly agrees. She later returns to her office and slams a folder down on her desk in anger and frustration. (Evil supervisor plan foiled! Yes!)

Taking a coffee break in the company lounge, Joo Young and her friend celebrate the CEO’s decision to go with Joo Young’s original design and comment how the CEO’s foiling of Yoo Kyung’s plan is such a victory and relief. The friend wonders, though, if Yoo Kyung will retaliate.

Joo Mi returns home to the aunt grandmother hurrying her to open her package.  Opening the box, Joo Mi squeals in surprise and pleasure as she sees her mini-wedding dress. (I guess Woo Jin relented after all and decided to grant Joo Mi her wish.) When the grandmothers express their disapproval of the length, Joo Mi tells them that she wants to wear this dress; it’s so adorable! Chuckling, the grandmothers gain a brief insight into why Woo Jin objected.

Back at his office, Woo Jin receives a picture message from Joo Mi with her in the mini-wedding dress and heart-shaped sunglasses. Woo Jin smiles dotingly at the photo.

Joo Mi sways in her bedroom, sashaying to and fro with the dress held against her. When the grandmothers tell her they are going shopping, she quickly runs out to join them.

At the supermarket, the aunt grandmother excuses herself to use the restroom and passes Woo Jin’s mother, who is also shopping for groceries. (Seriously, the grandmother should have warned Woo Jin’s mother to stop using that grocery store because of the aunt grandmother. *Sigh* I don’t know how long this secret will last, though, since I’m sure the aunt grandmother isn’t the only person who remembers Joo Young’s mother) Stopping in mid-track, the aunt grandmother retraces her steps and confronts Woo Jin’s mother, demanding if she’s Joo Young’s mother. Woo Jin’s mother looks at the aunt grandmother in horror and tries to deny her identity. As the aunt grandmother increases in her insistence, Joo Mi notices Woo Jin’s mother and calls out, “Mother-in-law,” a term that leaves the aunt grandmother sputtering in disbelief.

Whew~Episode 18 is finally recapped! Sorry for the long delay. I may have to take a break from recapping Episode 19 an d 20 and just pick up again from 21 onward, allowing myself some time to get caught up with grading…work before pleasure. 🙁 How I often wish pleasure could come before work! 😀

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  1. yay!!! there’s sweet and bitter-sweet(?) i hope more sweet for both couple!!! but sigh~ aunt grandmother seems to not understand that >.<

    thank you for the recap!!!!! don't overwork! lol i understand, it seems like i have exams every week!!! jjang!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! I totally understand work for pleasure as I am an assistant aide for special need student in Junior High. Like laundry, grading seem never ending. Once you get done with one pile, there’s another pile to begin.
    Again, I understand how much time this take and what a task you have at work. So I really do appreciate it.
    I love this drama. Can’t get enough of it. Manager has definitely won be over for being so stubborn and strong about his romance for Ahjumma. I am hoping the writers will allow him to continue to be like this and the Ahjumma won’t end up being a weak/whinning heroine who ends up allowing the Evil chic to win…I am tired of seeing that in my dramas. My fingers are crossed that they (writers) will buck tradition for once and allow these two to be together.
    My 14 yr. old son predicts the situation about the Stepmom will be revealed and there will be a divorce…he watches too many of these dramas with me. He is predicting this will be a melodrama that will end with all unhappy to make this a true romance as he likes to call it. LOL
    I am hoping he is wrong about that-in regards to the divorce and the ending…but you never know with these Korean writers. LOL

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