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The Luni employees walk down the hall to Yoo Kyung’s hospital room, commenting on how Yoo Kyung doesn’t have family in Korea, so she must be lonely.

Inside the hosptial room, Yoo Kyung thanks Woo Bin and tells him that she would have been lonely had Woo Bin not stayed with her. As she  hugs Woo Bin by the waist, the Luni employees walk into the hospital room and find Woo Bin and Yoo Kyung in that compromising situation. Woo Bin disengages himself from Yoo Kyung, and Yoo Kyung introduces Woo Bin to her staff, trying to insinuate that Woo Bin and she have a special relationship. However, before she can even start, Woo Bin acknowledges having met everyone previously when he went to the design department, much to Yoo Kyung’s surprise, and then takes his leave but not before telling Joo Young that he’ll meet and talk with her later. Foiled in her scheme, Yoo Kyung attacks Joo Young and tells her that Joo Young has no manners. If Joo Young wants to leave now, she can go now. Joo Young declines and stays in the room a while. One of the staff comments that Woo Bin must be a friend to Yoo Kyung and a “special” person to Joo Young, but Yoo Kyung suggests in mock joke to lump them in a love triangle. Soon after, Woo Bin sends Joo Young a text, telling her that he’ll be waiting for her in the car. Yoo Kyung glares in spite and envy as Joo Young reads the message.

A while later, Joo Young leaves the hospital and gets into Woo Bin’s car. He tells her that he’ll explain everything once they’re in a quiet location.

Standing by the Han River banks, Woo Bin tries to explain the situation to Joo Young: (love how WB is so straight forward with her!)

WB: Why? Why aren’t you getting mad? Aren’t you supposed to get mad? Get mad, and I’ll explain the situation.

JY: I was so surprised…to see you in Yoo Kyung’s hospital room.

WB: I was holding her. Why aren’t you mentioning that? Then, I’m going to explain things now. You know better than anyone else how I feel about Yoo Kyung. Do you think that I actually held her?

JY: What I saw was the two of you in an embrace.

He then explains what happened and how she came upon them in that position.

WB: Why aren’t you reacting one way or another? Do you believe me or not?

JY: Because I know Yoo Kyung’ s personality, I don’t discount that this could have happened. You can’t possibly imagine how shocked I was.

WB: I can. That’s why I’m trying so hard to explain the situation to you.

Joo Young isn’t completely convinced and Woo Bin sighs in frustration as to how to convince her.

Woo Jin’s mother drops Joo Mi off at Joo Mi’s house and tells her not to forget about the make-up appointment. As she drives away, the aunt grandmother catches a  glimpse of Woo Jin’s mother and chases after the car in an attempt to confirm whether it’s really Joo Young’s biological mother or not.

Unsucessful in her attempt (thank goodness!), the aunt grandmother stumbles into the house in her hurry and reports her news to the grandmother, who tells her to stop spouting nonsense. The aunt grandmother resolves to visit the grocery store every day in order to find the woman; she thinks it will be a wonderful thing to introduce the girls, especially Joo Mi as she’s about to marry, to their mother. When the grandmother forcefully tells her to stop her foolishness unless she wants to be kicked out of the house, the aunt grandmother comments that the grandmother is cruel. It’s been years since the mother made her mistake, plenty of time to forget and forgive. The grandmother reiterates her warning and takes the dinner out to the living room.

At Woo Jin’s house, the family gather around to dinner and discuss the wedding plans. As the mother reports what she and Joo Mi did that day, Soo Ah pouts and complains that her mother seems like an entirely different person. She never used to go out, but these days, she’s going out every day. When the father explains that it’s because Joo Mi doesn’t have a mother, Soo Ah states petulantly that her mother is more Joo Mi’s mother now. Woo Jin then tells the family that he’s going to look at a location tomorrow for the wedding ceremony.

Later that night, as Woo Jin showers (heh heh, I guess Ryu Jin gets a gratuitous shower scene, too. LOL), he recalls a comment from one of his employees who said that Woo Jin needs to work on getting in better shape, especially since he’s marrying a young bride. Woo Jin comes out of the shower and flexes his biceps (LOL). Displeased with what he sees in the mirror, he sneaks downstairs and does a few repetitions on his father’s workout machine. However, he is interrupted in his workout by his father, who tells him to take things slowly and only do 30 minutes the first day. Embarrassed, Woo Jin makes an excuse and goes upstairs, massaging his deltoids as he climbs the stairs. (LOL. This man cracks me up! Who knew that he would be such a romantic…He’s trying to do anything to please his Joo Mi! So adorable!)

The next morning, Hye Bin comes into Woo Bin’s room and asks him why he lied to her before about being rejected. Woo Bin tells her that he had told her the truth but that he clung to Joo Young until she changed her mind. He then tells Hye Bin to mind her own business. She asks in disbelief if he plans on marrying Joo Young, a woman who is divorced and with a small child. She wonders what their mother will say and do once she finds out. Woo Bin tells her to stay out of his business; he’ll tell their mother. At this Hye Bin is shocked that Woo Bin is serious about Joo Young. She comments that someone has to knock some sense into him since he’s lost his senses. The mother comes in and asks if they’re fignting this early in the morning. Hye Bin storms out of the room, warning her mother not to always take Woo Bin’s side or she’ll be betrayed/greatly disappointed by her son one of these days. The mother asks if he’s planning on doing something that will hurt her nose (disappoint/betray her) and has him promise her that he will not do anything like that. Woo Bin quietly answers that he won’t.

Joo Young receives a phone call while at work from Hye Bin to meet her.

Once Joo Young joins her at the cafe, Hye Bin threatens Joo Young with her mother–how scary she can be–and tells Joo Young to end things with Woo Bin. Joo Young gathers her courage and begins to tell Hye Bin that accepting Woo Bin was not an easy decision to make. As Joo Young explains how much she struggled and debated, Hye Bin throws a cold glass of water at Joo Young’s face, telling her that this is just a sampling of what her mother will do. No, she amends, her mother will do more than just throw water; she’ll probably grab Joo Young by the hair and create a scene. As one woman to another, Hye Bin advises Joo Young to end things before the mother finds out. Hye Bin leaves and Joo Young remains seated, processing the shock of the physical attack. Almost immediately, she receives a text message from Woo Bin saying that he’ll be 10 minutes late. Holding back the tears in her eyes, she takes a deep breath and regroups her resolve.

Whistling while driving, Woo Bin asks Joo Young if she’s miffed that he was 10 minutes late. Or did something happen at the office? Joo Young says nothing happened. Woo Bin comments that she finally opened her mouth, and Joo Young reassures him that nothing happened, so he doesn’t need to try to hard to cheer her up. Woo Bin tells her that whatever it is, she’ll feel much better after she eats some steak. There’s a great place he’s been wanting to take her.*

*continued in the “Episode 18 Recap and Link (Part II)”…




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  1. So glad you are getting to this.

    I missed the water in Joo Young’s face mostly because when I watch the raws I skip the Woo Bin-Joo Young’s interaction because they are not fun with translation.

    Plus I detest Woo-Bin’s, former lover, his sister, and his mother. What horrid, self-serving, self-entitled women litters his life.

    I hope Joo Young refuses to consider marrying him until the women in his family resolve to treat her with respect and kindness.

    What’s with the water tossing in faces on Korean Dramas. It seems to be some kind of default female martial practice. That and the face slapping. It’s that considered assault in Korea? Someone need to call the police when folks do crap like that.

    1. Yumi, the women in woo bin’s life will never respect joo young if that is what you think because they are very selfish not to mind their own business, want to dictate who he is going to marry or who is suitable for him.i myself want him to marry her with or without his parent consent than when they see how happily they are living that is when he will be able to tell them to respect his wife. if they are going to wait until their parent consent i don’t think that will happen unless she got pregnant before marrying him.

      1. I want Woo-Bin and Joo-Young to be together but not marry until the women back off. I’m hoping that Woo-Bin will be so miserable/unhappy when Joo Young won’t consider marrying him that he stops speaking to the women in his family. And then they realize that Joo-Young is the only one that can make him happy.

        But you are probably right. They would probably prefer him to be miserable and alone than not to have their way. His father might step in and make them behave. His mother is a piece of work.

        1. Yumi, did you watch ep21 preview? when you watch it you will really know that woo bin mother is piece of work. the slap she gave Woobin in front of Joo Young sent a good massage of what is going to be ahead even Joo Young was surprise that woo bin mother did that in front of her.the only person that could protect joo young now is her mother because she know woo bin mother weakness that is woo bin threaten to move to America than she will remember her brother what happen to him. that is if she cares what happen to her son.

  2. Thank you so much for the recap(s)! I really love A Thousand Kisses and watch the eps raw as soon as I’m able to – though, not understanding Korean, I sometimes misunderstand what’s going on. ^.^

    Love Woo Jin/Joo Mi (and how cute was he in episode 18?), but Woo Bin/Joo Young is growing on me, too. <3

  3. Just like to say thank you so much for recapping A Thousand Kisses!! You are amazing with all the workloads you have, you still find the time to recap and give people like us who doesnt understand Korean language some happiness. I love this drama just wishing this will continue up to 50episodes and not like Creating Destiny because of poor rating cut it from 50 to 31. Thanks again !!

  4. Omoo, thank u for the recaps, i was waiting ep 19..i already watching ep 19 no subtitle and i’m happy woo bin-joo young have kiss scene yeayy. hope you’ll be soon release ep 19 recaps

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