A Thousand Kisses Episode 17 Teaser / Preview

Recap of Episode 17 Teaser while you wait for Episode 16 Recap:
-Someone comments that Joo Young and WooB look like they’re dating. That was the impression they were giving..
-Joon Hee tells Tae Kyung that Joo Young and she have decided to sue.
-The aunt grandmother rants about how Tae Kyung plans on living his life with both women.
-Joo Young tells Yoo Kyung that she and WooB have a love relationship. (Don’t know why she feels like she has to explain her personal life to Yoo Kyung.) Yoo Kyung asks incredulously if WooB told her that he loves her.
-During a meal with the family, the chairmen asks Woo Jin if Joo Mi really doesn’t know where her biological mother is. Woo Jin replies that it seems she has no clue. (Oh no, why do I get the premonition that the chairman’s going to find out about Joo Mi’s biological mother being his wife/Woo Jin’s stepmother and the wedding plans will be significantly delayed? *sigh* It just wouldn’t be a kdrama if a couple got married without facing obstacles all the way to the altar, I suppose.)
-As WooB and Yoo Kyung sign a business contract, his coworker/manager’s voice can be heard demanding WooB if as president of the company, his personal life can take precedence over his business.
-Joo Young’s friend comments to Joo Young that Yoo Kyung must have felt insulted.
-Seated at a cafe with Woo Jin, Joo Mi asks where they’ll be going for their honeymoon. Surprised, she asks if she can really decide the location.
-Joo Young’s voice is heard over the scene with her and WooB sharing a quiet moment together: “Love and friendship. I wonder if he’s confused between the two?”
-At a cafe, Joo Young leaves Joon Hee and Tae Kyung, who calls out after her that he’s definitely going to be reconciling with her.
-As WooB dances his cute little celebratory dance in his bedroom, his voice is heard asking, “Joo Young, why are you, out of everyone in this entire world, the most special/treasured person to me?” (LOL…their relationship is getting cuter and cuter by the episode…finally, the main couple is drawing more attention from me than the supporting couple.)

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  1. *happy dance* <3 yay!!! it's going to be another fun episode!
    too bad i can't understand Korean >.< but thanks to your teaser recaps i can get the gist of it 😀 while watching the episode without subs ^^

    busy week busy week and for 2 more weeks because of midterms 🙁
    hope i have time to read your recaps <3

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