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The episode resumes with Woo Bin barging into Joo Young’s office, holding her gaze for several intense moments before dragging her out of the office. He swiftly takes her outside, all the while apologizing to her coworkers. When the coworkers exclaim that it’s like a scene from a movie, Joo Young’s friend brings order back into the office by telling her coworkers, “Let’s get some work done here!”

Outside at a park, Joo Young faces off to reject Woo Bin one more time:

JY: Woo Bin, I didn’t know you were so lacking in common sense! What are you doing? How can you come into the office like that so I can’t even hold my head up anymore? (for creating a scene in front of her coworkers) I told you that I was going to reconcile with Chan Ho’s father! (WB draws her to him, his left hand gently cradling the back of her head as JY struggles to break free from his embrace) Why are you acting like this?

WB: (still holding her tightly in his arms) Don’t lie to me anymore. Do you know how hurtful that lie was to me? I almost gave up on us.

JY: (eyes widening at his words, Joo Young squirms to break free, weakly this time) I told you I am going to reconcile. I am.

WB: (holding her at arms length) Look at me. Look me in the eyes and tell me.  (She can’t speak.) I was an idiot. I didn’t realize that the reconciliation lie was for my benefit. I’m sorry I didn’t know your heart properly. Now that I know what’s in your heart, you can stop now.

JY: Why do you think I said such a lie? You’re right; I love you, Woo Bin. But did you think about what kind of turmoil will face us. I don’t have the confidence to overcome those. I really don’t.

WB: Please believe in me. This hand, I have the confidence to not let go of your hand. I’m asking you to believe in me.

JY: Woo Bin…

WB: Whatever the turmoil, I have the confidence to overcome them.

JY: Even if that turmoil is your parents? Your family?

WB: You don’t need to worry. My parents are the people who love me the most.

JY: Do you realize that you have no sense? It’s because your parents love you so much that they will never accept this!

WB: (once again draws her into his arms and sighs deeply) I promise you. Whatever the turmoil, I’ll block it. I’ll block it for you. I won’t let you get hurt. Believe me. (Joo Young tears up, and they continue to embrace with new resolve)

Seated at a bar with her friend later that day, Joo Young comments that her heart feels electrified since she’s drinking such hard liquor in such a long time. The friend asks if that man who barged into the office is the the same person from the awards ceremony. She wonders if it’s a one-sided crush. Joo Young sadly muses that a man of Woo Bin’s background couldn’t possibly love a woman like her. The friend says that she can simply date him then since one’s background isn’t important when simply dating.

Joo Young returns home, and as she readjusts Chan Ho’s blankets, she receives a text from Woo Bin: “Good night. More than any other night, sleep well. Don’t text me back. Why? Because I know you won’t text back, and if you don’t, I’ll be disappointed. So I’m declining any texts first.”

WooB takes out his guitar in the privacy of his bedroom and picks out a tune when he receives a text. Joo Young texts: “Woo Bin, you sleep well, too.” Breaking out into a broad smile, WooB does his customary dance and sings in victory. (SO adorable! The man is going to be one of those men who ages gracefully and adorably. LOL)

The next morning at the breakfast table, Hye Bin tells the family that she’s going on her second blind date through the match-making service.  They discuss Hye Bin’s matches–the first one rejected Hye Bin–and talk turns to how Woo Bin should join the service as well since he’d be “platinum status.” When the mother asks why Woo Bin’s not interested, Hye Bin makes a cryptic comment about how he’s interested in other things, and Woo Bin shoots her a warning look.

At the Woo residence, the grandmother leaves without telling anyone where she’s going. The aunt grandmother mutters to herself that the grandmother is acting oddly these days not disclosing her destinations, especially telling the aunt grandmother to stay home and not follow her when the aunt grandmother asks to accompany her.

Seated across Woo Jin’s mother at a coffee shop, the grandmother asks why she’s asked her out. Woo Jin’s mother tells her that the kids have decided to move into the family residence. She wants to know beforehand if the grandmother is all right with that. If she’s not, Woo Jin’s mother can arrange to have the couple live separately on their own. She adds that if the grandmother approves, she would like to prepare the couple’s newlywed bedroom. When the grandmother stermly reminds her that Woo Jin’s mother is Joo Mi’s mother-in-law, not Joo Mi’s mother and that she had best remember that, Woo Jin’s mother consents and thanks the grandmother for her wedding permission.

Roaming through a department store, the mother quickly follows Joo Young when she sees Joo Young striding quickly to the shoe department. The mother seeks her out and buys her a cup of coffee, asking her how she came to work as a shoe designer and whether life isn’t difficult working and raising a child. Joo Young explains that life is good since the grandmother helps her out. The mother then cautiously asks Joo Young if she remembers her mother; Joo Mi is too young to remember. Joo Young answers that she remembers her mother’s back as the mother left their house. Joo Young then receives a phone call recalling her back to the office.

While being driven back home, Woo Jin’s mother recalls with sadness Joo Young’s words that she doesn’t remember the mother’s face, but she does remember her mother’s back as she walked away from their house that night. (Oh, the consequences of poor judgment!)

Inside the chairman’s office, the uncle and Woo Jin’s father briefly discuss Woo Jin’s mother’s health and how the chairman is going to prepare some herbal medicine for his wife. The uncle tells his brother that he’ll take care of Woo Jin’s honeymoon, and then he shows the chairman the cell phone picture of Woo Jin dressed in leather (LOL…seriously, that picture cracks me up). The chairman asks what that is, and the uncle explains the situation and then suggests they upload the photo on the company’s homepage. (O-M-G LOL…can you imagine the ridicule WJ would receive? heh heh)

Huddled together over their respective cell phones at a coffee shop, WooJ and JooM  discuss wedding dates:

WJ: Joo Mi, tell me you opinion. What day would you like? And what day would you definitely like to avoid?

JM: Umm…my article’s deadline is the 21st, so any day after the 21st would be good.

WJ Then don’t you think you’ll be cold?

JM: It can’t be helped. It’s not like we can get married next week.

WJ: Well, it doesn’t matter to me, but I’m just concerned that you’ll be shivering in your wedding dress. Are you sensitive to the cold or to the heat?

JM: I’m not sensitive to either.

WJ: (looking at her in mock puzzlement) What an unique condition. (He smiles) Then the day? Friday? Saturday?

JM: You decide the day since you have the busier schedule.

WJ: Saturday sounds good. The 26th it is then!

JM: Where are we going on our honeymoon?

WJ: Where woould you like to go?

JM: I can choose wherever?

WJ: It’s your opinion, so tell me where you’d like to go.

JM: The place I most want to go is Europe, but since that takes too much time, I’d like to go to Hawaii or Bali!

WJ: (smiling) Do you want to go overseas?

JM: (gauging his comment’s meaning) Then do you want to go to a domestic site?

WJ: I was thinking Jeju Island.

JM: Jeju Island we can always visit, and we’ve already been there.

WJ: If we go overseas, we’d have to spend at least 5 days to a week. Because it’s so busy at the resort right now, I think going away for that long will be difficult.

JM: (pouts) How many days were you thinking for the honeymoon?

WJ: 3 nights-4 days?

JM: No, I don’t like that! (more pouting) That won’t do.

WJ: Don’t most people typically go for that long?

JM: Don’t most people typically go to at least a Southeast Asian country? (touche, Joo Mi! LOL Woo Jin has totally met his match. heh heh)

WJ: All right then. We’ll discuss the honeymoon again at a later time. Let’s tell the elders the wedding date first.

Woo Jin and Joo Mi go to the Woo house and tell the grandmothers the wedding date news. The aunt grandmother is surprised that the couple didn’t consult the horscopes, and the grandmother says that there’s no need to do something so foolish as to consults the horscopes or a medium to see what days are best for the wedding. The aunt grandmother then asks about the honeymoon location, and Woo Jin answers Jeju Island while Joo Mi answers Bali. The aunt grandmother chuckles at their different replies and teases that it looks like the couple will be going on separate honeymoons. She then asks when the engagement ceremony is to be held, and Joo Mi explains that Woo Jin’s father told them they didn’t need to have one. The aunt grandmother starts ranting about how they should while the grandmother tries to shush her. When the aunt grandmother hears that Joo Mi agreed to live with Woo Jin’s parents, she continues sputtering her protests while the grandmother tells her to mind her business. Woo Jin reassures both grandmothers that his mother will not make Joo Mi’s life as a daughter-in-law difficult. During this conversation, Woo Jin’s father’s driver delivers a case of herbal medicine for the grandmother from Woo Jin’s mother. The aunt grandmother pounces on the medicine, exclaiming that it must be expensive and that she hopes the grandmother will give her some, too. The grandmother tells Joo Mi to thank the driver and send him on his way since she can’t very well refuse a gift from Joo Mi’s in-laws. Woo Jin happily agrees with the grandmother’s decision.

Woo Jin returns home and sips tea with his parents. The father comments on his wife’s wisdom in sending Joo Mi’s grandmother some herbal medicine. They then discuss possible locations for the wedding and who they should invite. The chairman tells Woo Jin that he only plans on inviting about ten people (!) although Woo Jin’s mother tries to protest otherwise.

Woo Bin enters Luni Shoe Company to sign the sponsorship contract, talking to Joo Young on the phone with a promise to meet her later. Once he finishes signing the contract and seals the deal with a handshake, he prepares to leave but is waylaid by Yoo Kyung who insists on having lunch with him to celebrate the deal. He tells her that he has a prior engagement and that if she really insists, then she can have lunch with his manager. At this Yoo Kyung relents and tells him to forget about lunch then. She bids the manager and Woo Bin goodbye. Woo Bin then leaves to go meet Joo Young.

At a nearby restaurant, Joo Young and Woo Bin have their lunch date: (so cute how he watches her every move)

WB: Why do I feel like I haven’t seen you in such a long time? (Joo Young throws him a look.) I know this may sound a bit foolish, but more than the contract, I was more excited that I get to meet you.

JY: (smiles with pleasure) You are a foolish president.

WB: (raises his right hand) I am an honest president.

As they have lunch, Yoo Kyung and Joo Young’s friend come into the restaurant. Upset, Yoo Kyung approaches their table with fire in her eyes and confronts Woo Bin, asking him if his prior engagement was with Joo Young. WooBin truthfully answers, and Yoo Kyung storms out of the restaurant. Joo Young, sensing that Woo Bin has history with Yoo Kyung, asks him if they know each other. Woo Bin admits that he knows her and that he didn’t mention it to her because he didn’t think that Joo Young needed to know. He then asks her how Yoo Kyung treats her. Joo Young tells him that Yoo Kyung is difficult and demanding but that’s to be expected since Joo Young is a new employee.  Joo Young carefully then asks how Woo Bin knows Yoo Kyung. Unwilling to answer, Woo Bin redirects the conversation and tells Joo Young to enjoy her lunch.

Returning to the office, Joo Young talks with her friend, who’s upset that Woo Bin didn’t consider Joo Young’s position. How will Yoo Kyung treat Joo Young now that she knows Woo Bin rejected Yoo Kyung’s business lunch proposal to have a personal date lunch with Joo Young? The friend comments that Yoo Kyung seems insulted and that Woo Bin and Yoo Kyung have known each other since their time in the United States. Yoo Kyung then comes into the office and asks (more like demands) that Joo Young talk with her outside.

Once outside the building, Yoo Kyung asks Joo Young what Woo Bin’s told her about them. Joo Young tells her that she didn’t know Woo Bin knew her until today. At this piece of news, Yoo Kyung repeats, “He just said he knew me?” She gets upset and spits out that she and Woo Bin were in a love relationship. She continues, “Did you know that Woo Bin was a star athlete for the national soccer team?” Stunned, Joo Young tells her that she only knew that he used to play soccer. Yoo Kyung smugly comments that it seems like Joo Young doesn’t know very much about Woo Bin. She then relates Woo Bin’s history of injury and how he came to the United States for treatment and how they fell in love during that time. However, due to a misunderstanding, they broke up, and Woo Bin returned to Korea and they’ve had no contact for the past four years. Joo Young asks why Yoo Kyung is telling her all this. Yoo Kyung pointedly states that it’s because Joo Young definitely told her that Joo Young and Woo Bin mean nothing to each other. (ah, subtle way to tell Joo Young to back off…Oh, Yoo Kyung) Yoo Kyung declares that she plans to restart with Woo Bin. Since he was in Korea and she was in the US, that wasn’t possible until now. This news leaves Joo Young stunned.

At Woo Bin’s office, the manager chews Woo Bin out for refusing a business lunch meeting with Yoo Kyung to have a personal lunch date with Joo Young. It would have been one thing to do so quietly but to be found out by Yoo Kyung! The manager demands what kind of president Woo Bin is and how he’s conducting business; how can a president put his personal life before his business?! (Easily, Mr. Manager. Woo Bin just showed you how. LOL) Woo Bin counters that his having a business lunch doesn’t bring additional glory or fame to his athlete. He tells the manager to make sure the athletes continue their training properly and walks out, leaving the manager sighing in frustration and the staff member commenting that Woo Bin must really like Joo Young.

Seated on the couch in her apartment, Tae Kyung’s mother complains to no one in particular that she’s aging and not feeling well. Joon Hee comes out and tells her that she should treat herself to nice things, go get her hair done, and even date. The mother comments that Joon Hee seems to be having a problem-free pregnancy–no morning sickeness, etc. At this, Joon Hee quickly comments that she must be one of those lucky few and can provide the mother with many grandchildren if she so desires. (I knew it! She’s been faking all along…tsk tsk, Joon Hee. I just hope Tae Kyung keeps dragging his feet long enough to realize you’re not pregnant.) She then takes her leave, saying that she has to go do something.

At a coffee shop, Joo Young reminds Tae Kyung that tomorrow is the day of their divorce confirmation and to make sure he definitely shows up. Tae Kyung refuses to meet her tomorrow and reiterates his determination to reconcile with her. When she tells him that she has no plans whatsoever of getting back together with him, he goes on the attack, asking her if she’s resisting because of Woo Bin. Tae Kyung claims that Woo Bin’s just playing with her and asks why a man like him would be interested in a woman like her. (Nice, what a way to win back her heart, Mr. Clumsy Mouth.) Joo Young tells him that Woo Bin has nothing to do with her decision and that he had better show up at the courthouse. Tae Kyung tells her not to wait for him since he’s not going to show up. Joon Hee arrives at that moment and tells him that won’t do. What will he do about their unborn child that she’s carrying? Tae Kyung makes croaking noises (he does that so well. heh heh) and asks what Joon Hee’s doing here. She replies that she followed him and then asks Joo Young not to go back on her word of giving Tae Kyung to her. Joo Young asks her to make sure that Tae Kyung shows up at the courthouse by 10AM tomorrow. As she leaves, Tae Kyung yells after her that he will reconcile with her. He begs Joon Hee to have pity on him and let him go or else he’ll run away from her. Undeterred, Joon Hee says that’s all right since she’ll find him in the end.

Joo Mi and Woo Jin go to visit Joo Mi’s father’s grave and pay their respects. Joo Mi teases Woo Jin by telling her father that Woo Jin’s a bit jjeh jjeh. (LOL) Woo Jin promises the father/the grave that he’ll take good care of Joo Mi.

Eating as a family, Woo Jin reports to his father that Joo Mi and he went to pay their respects to her father. At the mention of her ex-husband, Woo Jin’s mother freezes a bit. The mother recovers quickly, however, and mentions that she’s gotten permission from Joo Mi’s grandmother to buy some furniture for the newlyweds (the bride’s side usually buys this). At this Soo Ah gets upset and starts to pout, insisting that she’s going to get something from Joo Mi, that she refuses to let Joo Mi come into their family without some sort of dowry. Woo Jin hands her a piece of food with his chopsticks and tells her to eat that instead and that he’ll buy her the clothes Soo Ah is determined to get from Joo Mi. Soo Ah refuses to be placated, and the mother looks at Soo Ah in concern as it looks as though her youngest daughter is going to be giving her second child some trouble.

At Joo Young’s house, the grandmother pieces together some silk patches in preparation for the upcoming wedding. Because Woo Jin’s family said that Joo Mi doesn’t have to bring anything (furniture, etc.), the grandmother is preparing to hand sew some silk items instead, one that requires much time and effort. The aunt grandmother speculates at what Woo Jin will bring to the bride in the “hahm,” a traditional marriage chest full of gifts for the bride and her family. The grandmother comments that the aunt grandmother is quick to anticipate things that she can receive for free. (LOL…so true! LOL)

The next morning, Joo Young impatiently waits in front of the courthouse for Tae Kyung to arrive. With no sign of him anywhere, she calls Joon Hee, who tells her that she’ll bring him shortly. She then tries to force Tae Kyung to go with her, but he runs away from her and drives away.

Joon Hee runs to the courthouse and tells Joo Young that Tae Kyung’s run away and refuses to confirm the divorce, in essence possibly nullifying their divorce. Joon Hee tells Joo Young to sue him and that she can introduce her to a competent divorce attorney. Joo Young looks at her in disgust and walks away.

Hanging up the phone in equal disgust and anger, the grandmother announces to the rest of the Woo family that Tae Kyung didn’t show up to the courthouse. The aunt grandmother rants, asking aloud to no one in particular if Tae Kyung intends to set up two households then. The family worries over how Joo Young is taking this new development.

Joo Young goes to work, and she and her friend discuss Tae Kyung’s reprehensible behavior when Joo Young receives a call from Woo Bin asking when he should come pick her up.  When she asks why, Woo Bin tells her to not ask questions and to just tell him when he should pick her up.

Woo Bin leads Joo Young by the hand into a exclusive private movie theater much to Joo Young’s amazement. She exclaims that movie theaters like this do really exist. (sweet):

WB: Is this the first time you’ve been to a place like this?

JY: Yes.

WB: Then I’ve succeeded. I wanted to bring you pleasure. From  this moment on, you have to be happy. (Joo Young smiles) Promise me? Promise me that you’ll forget everything that worries and upsets you?

JY: I promise. (They link their pinky fingers and stamp their thumbs together in promise)

WB: (Pours two glasses of wine and hands one to her, clinking glasses in cheers) Hang in there. You have me beside you. Shall we have a love-shot? (Joo Young laughs and they link arms together and drink their wine in love-shot formation. Woo Bin then confesses oh so cutely) To be honest, this is my first time here, too. (LOL)

They enjoy the movie and each other’s company in the private movie theater and take an evening stroll together afterwards holding hands. They then sit down at a park bench, and Woo Bin pokes Joo Young affectionately in the cheek, causing her to giggle:

JY: I…I have something I want to say.

WB: Go ahead.

JY: It’s the type of thing that people debate whether or not to say.

WB: Don’t debate/waver. Just say it. (She still hesitates) Hurry up.

JY: Did you date Han Yoo Kyung?

WB: That was a long time ago.

JY: I heard that you broke up because of a misunderstanding.

WB: Let’s end this conversation here. I don’t think there’s any need for you to hear more. (smiles weakly)

JY: She seems to want another chance with you.

WB: (smile disappears) Don’t speak anymore. From now on, don’t mention that woman’s name in front of me because it’s an insult to me.  (They look at each other awkwardly at the tenseness, and Joo Young decides to lighten the mood.)

JY: Woo Bin…I’m curious. I really have nothing to offer, and yet you like me.

WB: Seriously, I wonder why you above everyone else on this earth is precious to me.

JY: I guess this is what people say is having one’s eyes covered with a bean covering (Korean expression meaning basically that the person loves because he/she only sees through rose-tinted glasses/only the good things about the person)

WB: Let’s have dinner again together tomorrow night. Promise? (takes her hand) Promise!

Joon Hee wakes up when Tae Kyung finally returns to the apartment. At her exclamations of embarrassment, Tae Kyung says he’s not crazy enough to go to the courhouse.  As he continues to resist Joon Hee’s insistance on marrying him, she threatens him with a double lawsuit, one from her and the other one from Joo Young. Tae Kyung whines and clings to his mother, crying that Joon Hee’s attempting to have him thrown in jail. (ugh, this man is a complete child!)

The next morning, Joo Young enters Yoo Kyung’s office with some papers. She then tells Yoo Kyung that she has something to tell her: she lied to Yoo Kyung about her relationship with Woo Bin. Although she wanted to avoid the situation if possible, that is no longer the case. In disbelief, Yoo Kyung asks in clenched teeth if Woo Bin claimed that he loves Joo Young. When Joo Young nods, Yoo Kyung dismisses her and then has a temper tantrum in her office, sweeping the contents of her desk onto the floor.

She then barges into the Champ office and confronts Woo Bin with a snap across the face, ranting and raving about how she feels betrayed by him. She never thought that he would betray her and love another woman. After more ranting and ravings, Woo Bin tells her that she’s the same as always, egotistical and selfish. Yoo Kyung tells him to anticipate what a scorned woman will do and storms out of the office.

Yoo Kyung drinks with Hye Bin at a bar and tells Hye Bin that Woo Bin lied about being rejected. Yoo Kyung then speculates how she can best appear pitiful before Woo Bin as a ploy to get him back. They then move to Yoo Kyung’s apartment where they continue to drink more, and Hye Bin spends the night. (Yoo Kyung’s plotting something.)

That night, Woo Bin reflects upon Yoo Kyung’s last words to him and wonders what she will do.

The next morning, Hye Bin wakes up groggy from all the alcohol. She then spots Yoo Kyung, who’s sleeping on the bed, pills spilled on the floor. Hye Bin panics and calls Woo Bin, who tells her to call 9-1-1 and that he’ll join them at the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Hye Bin not to worry too much because Yoo Kyung didn’t take enough painkillers to do any serious harm. When Yoo Kyung wakes up, Hye Bin asks her why she took so many painkillers. Yoo Kyung replies that she must have taken more than she intended because her head hurt last night from all the drinking. When Hye Bin then tries to call Woo Bin to tell him that he doesn’t need to rush to the hospital or even come at all, Yoo Kyung asks her to help her and lie to Woo Bin. She asks Hye Bin to tell him that Yoo Kyung overdosed on sleeping pills.

Woo Bin pulls up to the hosptial and rushes inside. In disbelief and disgust, he walks over to Yoo Kyung’s bed in the emergency room. Hye Bin lies and tells Woo Bin that this is all his fault and that Yoo Kyung overdosed because of him. (What a sister!) She tells him to wait by Yoo Kyung’s side while she goes to the bathroom to clean up. As Hye Bin leaves, Yoo Kyung wakes up (I bet she was simply pretending to sleep) and asks Woo Bin why he’s here. Woo Bin demands how she can do such a thing. Yoo Kyung replies that she didn’t want to live, that in her drunken state, she must have not wanted to live. She then asks him if he can’t get back together with her. At his coldness, she amends her request quickly to his staying with her for just today. Woo Bin sighs in frustration.

At Luni, the employees make plans to visit Yoo Kyung at the hospital, and the friend suggests that Joo Young stay behind since Yoo Kyung doesn’t seem to like her that much anyhow.

Woo Jin’s mother and Joo Mi walk through a posh department store, looking at furniture for Woo Jin and Joo Mi’s new bedroom. They then visit the beauty salon to arrange for Joo Mi’s wedding make-up. There, they run into Woo Bin’s mother who asks about the wedding details. She adds that Woo Jin’s mother is a bit odd; why is the mother-in-law taking care of the details that the bride’s side should be taking care of. Woo Jin’s mother tries to make excuses (grandmother is old, sister is working, etc.) so as not to make things awkward for Joo Mi. However, Woo Bin’s mother tactlessly comments that Joo Mi is blessed and isn’t lacking for a mother when her mother-in-law is treating her so well. (Poor Joo Mi…she’s made to feel the absense of her mother, who ironically is actually doing all the motherly things for her…ah, the irony!)

Woo Bin impatiently bides his time in Yoo Kyung’s hospital room. Yoo Kyung asks him for a glass of water, and when he comes close to her, she hugs him tightly by the waist. Surprised, Woo Bin doesn’t have time to disengage from her, and of course, this is the scene that Joo Young and the rest of the Luni employees see as they enter the hospital room. The look on Yoo Kyung’s face says it all: I’m vindictive and scheming!

DONE!!! Whew~hope you enjoy! It was quite a challenge recapping with Bentley insisting on sleeping on my lap. LOL

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  2. Who wants to bet, after this episode (mind you I have only watched it raw and don’t understand Korean), that the reason the American uncle went to America – was “hounded out of Korea” – was because his gruesome sister did the hounding? And with all the “history repeats” elements of this plot, we are about to see the possibility that Woo Bin will contemplate the same just to get away from the ghastly women in his family? You can just see why he has fallen for a kind commonsense mother who is trying to support herself and loves her family when he was grew up with such horrific, parasitic snobs.

    Also thinking now that the wicked shoe witch is simply an attention seeker who always wants what she can’t have. She wanted the ex-boyfriend to still want her and her tactics obviously worked there, Now she’s trying again and not getting anywhere, which is making her increasingly obsessive. So, I also wonder – if Woo Bin had welcomed her back would she have thrown him over for a better offer pretty smartly? (Not that it matters at this stage. Just trying to work out whether she is a lazy plot device or there might be some psychological truth there.)

    1. I keep wishing that whenever an Entitled Princess, or anyone really, fakes a suicide attempt to get attention or get his or her way that her or she come across a smart psychiatrist who realize that person has a real problem and keep then on a mandatory psychiatric hold for an extended period of time. That’s how I’d like to see that ploy backfire one day. That would be an exquisite example of comeuppance.

  3. i watched it! though raw it really moved me! Woo-bin! you’re the best! i love how the two couples in this show balance each other out ^^ other is more intense and mature, the other, cute and young love (well it’s true, sry Woo-jin, but i’m pretty sure she’s your one, and probably, only) HEH


  4. Omigod, I LOVE the opening dialogue. It hit all the right romantic spots! I hope Joo Young let’s herself enjoy her romance with Woo Bin. I know the heavy stuff is coming and that once the mother is revealed it’s all going to go to hell, so they ought to get some happiness first.

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  7. I’m new to your site, and I just wanted to say thank you for your recap. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to recap it.

  8. woo jin mother is a little bit crazy by allowing her daughter to marry her step son even when she always look very fearful of her husband. i guess she doesn’t care what happen after, all that matters is her daughter happy also she deserve all the benefit because is not easy to stay with that hostile husband of hers the resentment of woo jin for twenty good years i applause her choice the way she handle it.

  9. Poor Woo Bin, he has his own psycho b1tch!!! I already feel for the ex-husband (ok, just started to)!! Her chasing after him to get him to go to the court was SO FUNNY!!

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