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Recap 16:

The episode resumes with Woo Jin and Joo Mi still arguing by the Han River. Woo Jin repeats that he’s asking her not to go. Joo Mi, unable to believe her ears, reminds him that this is her job—she’s not going on vacation—and that she needs to be responsible for her duties. Raising his voice in frustration, Woo Jin says that he can’t permit her to go on an overnight business trip to Jeju Island with that photographer who gives head-locks. Joo Mi tells him that she wasn’t asking for his permission. She was merely telling him her plans. He tells her that whatever the reasoning, he can’t allow this business trip. Joo Mi calls him a small-minded person, which makes Woo Jin mentally reel in anger. As a bluff, he tells her that he’s going to have to reconsider this marriage of theirs. In disbelief, Joo Mi counters his bluff and agrees that she herself should reconsider their marriage. Woo Jin demands to know how she can so easily talk about breaking their engagement. She tells him that he brought it up first. Like a child, he says that he would have never brought it up if she hadn’t agreed to not go on the business trip; she should hurry up and tell him that she won’t go. In growing disbelief, Joo Mi tells him that she has to go because she has an obligation to people. She then asks if he’s really an executive at KJ Resort because he’s acting backward as if he’s just come out of the woods after living there for 500 years. She tells him to seriously reconsider their marriage since she’ll be doing the same. She then walks away, leaving Woo Jin muttering after her, “Reconsider the marriage, huh?!”  As she walks away, she huffs and puffs as well, amazed to see this conservative, narrow-minded aspect of her fiancé. Woo Jin sulks in his car, loosening his tie in frustration. (LOL so cute their first lover’s quarrel)

The Woo family eats fruit seated around their table, and the aunt grandmother gets upset that Chan Ho has received a toy (aka bribe) from the woman who caused the divorce. The grandmother shushes her quickly. Conveniently to stop the aunt grandmother’s rant, Joo Mi calls to invite Joo Young outside, and the aunt grandmother asks Joo Young to buy some dried squid and dried cuttlefish for her as a late night snack on the girls’ way home.

Once at the bar, Joo Young asks cheerfully if it’s good news or bad news to which Joo Mi replies in frustration that it’s angry news. She then proceeds to tell Joo Young that she’s going to have to reconsider this marriage. She had no idea Woo Jin was so conservative and chauvinistic. He’s refusing to allow her to go on that business trip to Jeju Island because she’s going with a male photographer. When Joo Mi asks how a man can be like that, Joo Young replies from experience that men can be like that. Unable to believe this of Woo Jin, Joo Mi then orders a large beer, which Joo Young amends to a medium size, and tells Joo Young that Woo Jin doesn’t want her to work after they’re married. He just wants her to simply support him. Joo Young informs Joo Mi that men can be quite jealous creatures. People say that women are the ones who are jealous, but it’s actually the men. (LOL)

Unable to bear his frustration, Woo Jin goes to the Woo residence to meet the grandmother, to ask her what her thoughts are on Joo Mi’s overnight business trip with another man. (LOL…O-M-G…how unlike a grown man to seek a third-party arbitrator to try to take his side…Dang~) The grandmother asks if he’s talking about Joo Mi’s business trip. Woo Jin argues that even though it’s a business trip, she’ll still be spending the night with a man.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Joo Young receives a phone call from the house, telling her that Woo Jin’s at home. Joo Young then tells Joo Mi that they should return home because it seems as though Woo Jin’s come to apologize. (au contraire, ma cherie. LOL)

Joo Mi returns home and is shocked to find that Woo Jin hasn’t come to apologize but rather to put the case before the grandmother. As Woo Jin and Joo Mi continue to bicker, repeating their arguments, the grandmother tells them to simply not get married then. If they argue like this before they marry and threaten to break up whenever they have a disagreement, they’ll most likely continue to threaten each other with a break-up even after they marry. At the grandmother’s announcement, Woo Jin quickly tells her that he and Joo Mi will sort things out and that there’s no need for breaking up the engagement. He then ushers her out of the room before the grandmother can say anything more.

Once outside, Joo Mi continues to taunt Woo Jin on his old-fashioned stance, but Woo Jin tells cautions her to be more aware of the situation: grandmother may rescind her permission for them to marry. Both of them face off, neither one willing to give in.

The next morning, Woo Jin walks into the airport (great shot of his entry into the airport), ready to confront Joo Mi if she goes through with the airplane ride. However, he sees Joo Mi greet a female photographer, who explains to a surprised Joo Mi that she’s her photographer since the male photographer (Min) is in the hospital right now with his wife about to have their child. Taking all of this in, he calls Joo Mi and wishes her a safe flight. Unaware of Woo Jin’s presence at the airport, Joo Mi asks if he’s now all right with her traveling with another man. Woo Jin smiles and says that he’s not that narrow-minded. (LOL…oh, sneaky man!) Joo Mi, relieved, tells him that she was a bit uneasy about leaving on such bad terms. They say goodbye to each other and hang up. Woo Jin hangs up with a satisfied look on his face knowing that Joo Mi isn’t traveling with another man and that she thinks he’s a broad-minded fiance.

Woo Bin climbs into his car to drive to work and finds a floral handkerchief Joo Young must have dropped yesterday when she fell asleep in his car.

At Joo Young’s office, she excitedly shows her coworkers the sample shoes (her submission from the competition) that were finalized into reality. A coworker tries them on and declare that they’re comfortable. After placing her shoes on one of the shoe shelves, Joo Young sits down at her desk and answers a phone call from Woo Bin. She reluctantly answers the call, and Woo Bin tells her that he has a handkerchief of hers that she probably dropped the day of the photoshoot. He asks what he should do with it, and Joo Young tells him to throw it away. Stunned by her response, Woo Bin repeats, “Throw it away?” Recovering quickly, he tells her that he will do as she asks. (ah, Joo Young, must you be so cruel to him?)

Woo Bin walks into his office and stands over the wastebasket, hand outstretched to drop the handkerchief. As he hesitates, Yoo Kyung comes into his office to discuss business. Woo Bin pockets the handkerchief (hurray! Knew you wouldn’t be able to throw away your love’s handkerchief) and sits down with his manager to discuss the details of this business proposal with Yoo Kyung. She explains that although her company typically sells to a more classic/formal market, she’s hoping to diversify the company into the casual market as well. In examining the soccer player from the photoshoot, she noticed that he not only has a sporty look but also a classic/formal look that her company can use, so she’s nominated Woo Bin’s soccer player to be her company’s spokesman. The manager is thrilled but Woo Bin simply rubs his face in frustration.

Seated across from each other at a local café, Yoo Kyung tells Woo Bin, who’s sitting down with arms crosses (quite a telling body language sign), that she hasn’t given up. She misunderstood the situation with Joo Young, but now that Joo Young’s confirmed that they are not dating, she’s decided not to give up on Woo Bin. She plans on showing him that she’s a pretty good catch and that she’s a much better woman than Joo Young. Woo Bin asks her to stop so that he  doesn’t keep getting disappointed in her and leaves the café.

Driving , Woo Bin calls his manager and tells him to take care of everything while Woo Bin goes to visit one of his soccer player’s parents, the ones who live near Tae Kyung’s apartment. As he pulls into the parking lot, he spots Tae Kyung walking in what appears to be arm-in-arm with Joon Hee. In his growing rage, Woo Bin  speeds up and barely brakes in time to avoid hitting Tae Kyung and Joon Hee. When Tae Kyung confronts Woo Bin, Woo Bin takes a swing at him, cutting Woo Bin’s lip in the process. Belatedly recognizing Woo Bin, Tae Kyung is left sputtering in anger while Woo Bin drives off. Woo Bin punches the car’s ceiling in frustration.

Pulling up to Joo Young’s building as the employees leave for the day, Woo Bin gets out and tells her to get in the car. When she refuses, telling him that she’ll just take the bus, he yells at her and forces her into the car. Once seated, she asks what this is all about, but Woo Bin simply shouts at her to just stay quiet. He then drives to the Han River to talk (or rather yell, in his case…ah, the frustration WooB must feel):

WB: Why do you live like that? Why are you living like an idiot? You call that piece of humanity a husband, Chan Ho’s dad, and that’s why you’re planning to reconcile?

JY: Watch what you say. What gives you the right to say reckless things like that? Who are you, Jang Woo Bin, to speak like that?

WB: You told me that you divorced because he cheated on you with another woman. What do you trust to be planning to reconcile with him again? Are you  planning on ignoring his affair with the other woman? Are you saying that you’re all right with the three of you living together?

JY: How I live is none of your business. I asked you to stay out of my business!

WB: You’re about to enter into an unspeakable burning situation/fire and you want me to say nothing and simply watch? Chan Ho’s father hasn’t stopped seeing that woman!

JY: Please stay out of my business! Please! If someone is to hate him, I’ll hate him. Just stay out of my business!

WB: (Watching her solemnly) I’ve seen you get hurt one too many times. Even when I didn’t know you very well, I’ve watched you cry too many times. (Joo  Young’s anger deflates) But how much more are you asking me to watch you get hurt? (emotion building) When my heart feels like it’s going to explode?!

JY: (crying) I’m sorry. That’s why I’m asking you to leave me alone.

WB: (yells) Don’t reconcile!

Joo Young stumbles away as WooB stays behind with tears falling down his cheek. Joo Young, riding a bus back home, wipes her tears away.

At Tae Kyung’s house, Joon Hee takes care of his busted lip while his mother asks if he’s going around fighting with people now. Tae Kyung tries to defend himself and then realizes that he can ask Joo Young for Woo Bin’s contact information.

At Joo Young’s house, Tae Kyung waits for Joo Young and asks her for Woo Bin’s contact information because Woo Bin took a swing at him for no apparent reason. Joo Young tells him that Woo Bin’s not that type of person and that Tae Kyung probably did something to provoke him. Tae Kyung gets flustered and asks Joo Young who’s side she’s on. (Geez, what a question to ask.) Joo Young tells him that she once had Woo Bin’s contact number but no longer.

Driving down a highway later that night, WooB calls his father to let him know that he won’t be returning home tonight. He wants to go on a short vacation by himself to see the autumn foliage and sort through some things. (Korea has this thing about men wanting to go somewhere during the fall season to quiet a certain emptiness in their hearts/souls.) His father asks if WooB has some worries, and WooB reminds him that he’s a young, hot-blooded man; of course he has worries. (LOL. I love their father-son relationship!)

Woo Bin’s father tells Woo Bin’s mother that WooB is probably going to Kang Won Do (province known for its autumn foliage) on a short vacation to sort some things out. When the mom asks for details, the dad replies that he didn’t ask because he wanted Woo Bin to vacation freely without an explanations.

Seated on the ground in her bedroom, Joo Young hugs her knees to her chest as she recalls WooB’s heart-wrenching cries of frustration at how long he’s going to have to watch her get hurt; his heart feels like it’s about to explode. She also recalls Tae Kyung’s comment that Woo Bin is an odd man.

The next morning, the Jang family have breakfast together for the first time since the mother’s collapse. The chairman comments that he wants to check out things at the resort as well as see the trees. Soo Ah teases him about missing trees as if they are people. (Again, a reference to Korean men with their desire for getting away by themselves, immersing themselves in nature, etc. during the fall season.) The mother then asks Woo Jin if Joo Mi can come visit today. At this, Soo Ah complains, wondering why everyone in the house likes Joo Mi so much. The chairman explains that she’s to be part of their family, so of course, she should come often. Soo Ah then apologizes to Woo Jin because she just doesn’t like Joo Mi. Woo Jin tells her that’s all right; he didn’t like Joo Mi very much at the beginning either. (LOL) Soo Ah insists that she’s not going to fall for Joo Mi’s charms like Woo Jin. (wanna bet, Soo Ah? LOL) The chairman rebukes Soo Ah and tells her that he doesn’t want his daughter to be a wicked sister-in-law. The mother warns Soo Ah that if she keeps this up, Soo Ah’s going to be in trouble. At this stern warning from her mother, Soo Ah comments that her mother seems to like Joo Mi more than her, a statement that causes the mother to inwardly freeze.

At Tae Kyung’s office, he searches online to find Woo Bin. Although he doesn’t know the company’s name, he does know Woo Bin’s face and the fact that Woo Bin is the president of his sports management company. He cries out in triumph as Woo Bin’s face pops up on the scene under Champ Sports Management. (Wow~love Ji Hyun Woo’s photo here LOL)

Stopping by the ocean, WooB takes in a deep breath, closing his eyes. Walking down a pier, he stops by a fish tackle stand when he receives a call from his manager, who explains that Tae Kyung is searching for WooB. Because Tae Kyung wouldn’t explain his reasons for seeking WooB, the manager reports that he didn’t give him the number and asks where Woo Bin is and when he’s going to return.

Back at WooB’s house, his mother looks over a photo of her younger brother taken during his military service. Hye Bin sees the photo and comments that her uncle was quite the looker in his younger days. At her mother’s sigh, Hye Bin asks what’s wrong. Did her mother love her younger brother that much? The mother replies that it’s because she pities her younger brother. Hye Bin doesn’t know why he’s pitiful. As far as she could see when she visited during her study abroad in the states, the uncle seemed to be living well with a house and a yard, etc. The mother only sighs and asks, “What good is a house when…?” She doesn’t complete the thought, only sighing.

At Joo Young’s company, Hye Bin asks Joo Young for directions to Yoo Kyung’s office. Yoo Kyung greets her warmly and asks what the occasion is. Hye Bin explains that she wanted to see what a director’s office looked like and also wanted to see the woman her brother likes. Yoo Kyung calls Joo Young to the office and then proceeds to humiliate her in front of Hye Bin. She asks her in a confrontational tone whether Joo Young thinks her shoes will sell.  Yoo Kyung adds insult to injury by telling Joo Young to go do some further research, implying that her shoes are inadequate in her eyes. As Joo Young leaves, Hye Bin comments that she’s utterly disappointed in Woo Bin’s choice. She’s not that impressed by Joo Young and wonders if Joo Young is a simpleton for rejecting such a great catch like Woo Bin. Yoo Kyung then clarifies that Joo Young isn’t a married woman.

Joo Mi comes direcctly to the Jang residence from her business trip and has dinner with her in-laws-to-be. Soo Ah notices the engagement ring and the family asks to hear when and where Woo Jin proposed. Woo Jin tells them he proposed to Joo Mi at the resort on the monorail, and the father asks sternly if Woo Jin used company resources for personal reasons. (LOL…busted! Who knew stodgy WooJ would become flexible enough to utilize company resources for his own purposes? LOL). The mother asks the father to let it go this time since a proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and comments that the proposal must have been quite memorable. Joo Mi agrees while Soo Ah comments sadly that she’s envious (Korean phrase “stomach aches from envy”). Her mother tells her that she’ll get her turn. The mother then asks Joo Mi if she’s finding more good qualities about Woo Jin. Joo Mi tells the whole family that she’s finding him old-fashioned, that when she told him she was going on a business trip with a male photographer, he picked a fight with her and refused to let her go, adding that when she gets married, she’ll have to quit her job to help take care of his parents and look after the household. Everyone in the family takes turns agreeing that Woo Jin was old-fashioned. Joo Mi even calls him “jjeh jjeh ahjussi” (narrow-minded man) in front of the family, much to Woo Jin’s dismay. The father comments that he thought Woo Jin’s nickname was Ice Man. Joo Mi brightly clarifies that she’s switched his nickname from Ice Man to “jjeh jjeh” Man. Laughing at his son’s discomfort, the father comments to Woo Jin that this is probably the first time Woo Jin’s been caught in such a disadvantage. (yup, Woo Jin is usually quite the perfectionist. LOL)

After dinner Woo Jin shows Joo Mi his room: (Dialogue translations just for you hardcore Woo-Mi fans)

WJ: Come in. Sit down.

JM: (Looking around, she sits on the edge of his bed) Are all men’s bedrooms this sparse looking?

WJ: I have a stereo. Would you like to listen to music? What would you like to listen to?

JM: Can I request anything?

WJ: No, I only have a few. (motions to a handful of CDs)

JM: This is your entire collection?

WJ: Yes. (takes a CD and inserts it into the player as Joo Mi gets a text from her photographer with some photos from their Jeju trip. She laughs and then quickly hides the phone from Woo Jin’s gaze when he asks what she’s looking at.)

JM: You can’t see them.

WJ: I won’t see them. Just tell me what they are.

JM: They’re pictures I took in Jeju Island.

WJ: Then why aren’t you showing them to me? (Because then you’ll know she went with a female photographer!  heh heh…but wait, you crafty man, you already knew that, didn’t you? LOL) Did you, by any chance, take weird pictures with that photographer?

JM: (suppressing a laugh) Yes.

WJ: Then I must see them.

Woo Jin then tries to take the phone from Joo Mi, who throws it onto his bed. Woo Jin dives for the phone, turns on his back as he gently but firmly holds the phone in his hand. Joo Mi, seeing him reach for the phone, lunges after him only to land on top of him. (LOL!) Both of them become awkward around each other at their intimate position and don’t know what to do when Soo Ah opens the door with some fruit. Seeing them together on the bed, she lets out a high-pitched scream and cries out “Disgusting!” She screams again and then runs downstairs to squeal to her parents. Joo Mi bounds off the bed, not knowing what to do while Woo Jin quickly chases after his sister, intent on quieting her before she can squeal. However, Soo Ah’s already reached her parents’ bedroom by this time and tells them that she caught Woo Jin and Joo Mi kissing. She calls them perverted/disgusting, but her parents ask her what’s so disgusting when the couple is in love and about to marry.  The mom asks if Soo Ah is a child to be making such a fuss.

Returning to his bedroom, Woo Jin sits down in front of Joo Mi:

WJ: Don’t worry. My parents will understand.

JM: (flustered) When were we about to kiss? Unfair…you took away my cell phone–

Woo Jin grabs her and kisses her. (Not bad for their first kiss, huh?)

The next morning, Woo Bin’s father sees Woo Bin’s car out front and comes back inside to see his son, who quietly returned early that morning. He asks Woo Bin if he enjoyed taking in the autumn foliage, and Woo Bin answers that he went to see the ocean instead. The dad asks if something’s bothering him, and Woo Bin tells him nothing’s wrong. The father says that’s good then and leaves for work. Woo Bin looks at the photo that Joo Young framed and then goes downstair.

As he walks downstairs, the mother asks him if everything is all right. As the mother goes into the kitchen, Hye Bin comments that she saw Joo Young and didn’t think much of her. As Hye Bin analyzes Joo Young, Woo Bin tells her to mind her business. When Woo Bin leaves her in disgust and frustration, Hye Bin calls after him that Yoo Kyung is ten times better.

Woo Bin enters his office to find Tae Kyung waiting for him. Tae Kyung asks Woo Bin whether he has something against him. When Woo Bin coldly asks him to just say what he came to say, Tae Kyung repays Woo Bin with a punch and then demands again to know if Woo Bin has something against him.

Tae Kyung returns to his office, and Joon Hee asks him what happened. When Tae Kyung says that he still doesn’t know why that man punched him, Joon Hee suggests that Woo Bin may have some feelings for Joo Young. Tae Kyung refuses to believe that Joo Young may be involved with Woo Bin.  As they bicker about the possibility–Tae Kyung refuses to believe that his naive wife could be involved with another man–Joon Hee tells him to confirm with Joo Young.

Joo Mi visits with Woo Jin’s mother, and they discuss briefly how to cook the candied walnuts Joo Mi’s eating. Woo Jin’s mother asks her what Joo Mi most wanted to do with her mother had she had one growing up. Joo Mi comments that it’s hard to just pick one because there were so many. At this comment, the mother tears up and asks her to tell her. Joo Mi lists things like having her mother come pick her up from school with an umbrella, sit on the bed talking together with her mom, etc. The mother then takes Joo Mi by the hand and tells her that they should go sit on the bed and talk together. When Joo Mi hesitates, saying that she’ll feel awkward, the mother reminds her that they promised to have a mother-daughter relationship.

The chairman returns and is disgruntled to find no one to greet him at the door. Wheeling himself into the bedroom, he demands what his wife was doing to not even acknowledge his return home. At his loud outburst, both the mother and Joo Mi jump up off the bed. The mother haltingly apologizes in fear and Joo Mi apologizes as well. The chairman tells Joo Mi to go home early today.

Joo Mi slowly closes the front gate, trying to calm her racing heart. Woo Jin, just driving up, looks at her in concern and quickly gets out of his car. He asks what’s wrong, and Joo Mi explains what happened. Moving to a cafe, Woo Jin tries to alleviate Joo Mi’s fears and concerns, telling her that things will be all right. The mother’s handled things well for the past however many years.

Joo Young answers a phone call at work from Tae Kyung and goes outside to meet him, who peppers her with questions about what her relationship is with Woo Bin. She picks up on his line of questioning, and she coldly tells him that not all men are like him. As she tries to leave, he grabs her hand and asks if she requested the divorce not because he cheated on her but because she was interested in Woo Bin. Unable to believe her ears and his audacity, Joo Young slaps Tae Kyung hard across the face, hard enough to displace his glasses. She then yells that not all people are like Park Tae Kyung. She adds that “Yes, I love that man!” and stalks away, leaving Tae Kyung reeling.

Tae Kyung barges into Woo Bin’s office and when Woo Bin asks if there’s anything else Tae Kyung forgot to tell him, Tae Kyung yells that he refuses to allow Woo Bin to play with Joo Young’s feelings. He threatens him to stay away from Joo Young. Tae Kyung may have hurt Joo Young, but he refuses to see another man hurt her as he did. He then tells Woo Bin that his naive and kind-hearted wife loves Woo Bin. As Tae Kyung continues to rant and rave, Woo Bin freezes, slowly processing this revelation. He then runs out of the office and races to Joo Young’s office. Unwilling to wait for the elevator, he climbs the stairs, taking them two or three at a time. (Kyaaaaa! Anyone else love the way he slowly backs away from the elevator and literally demolishes the stairs in his rush? LOL) Throwing open the door to Joo Young’s office, Woo Bin stares at her startled face before going over and dragging her from the office, apologizing to her coworkers as he walks swiftly through the door.

(Whew~done! Thanks for your patience…I hope the wait was well worth it! I tried to include dialogue as a way to make the wait sweeter.)

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  1. Thanks for your link! I've just skimmed through the episode and YES, there is the kiss we have been waiting for! Also we see in the preview for ep 17, Joo Young and footie guy finally start dating, yayy!! – Serene

  2. Hooray – thanks for link, And also for great news re ep 17, Anon – not liking at all seeing Woo Binnie crying in ep 15!

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  4. @ Anonymous –> it was a lot better than the kisses in AGDFTWTB or most dramas where you can feel the awkwardness. lol! my only problem was that the entire time i was thinking about the age gap and Ryu Jin's wife; this is exactly why i dont like knowing about the actor's lives until after the drama. everyone bringing the whole 17 year gap thing and the fact that he is married and all just ruins it for me! stupid ppl!

  5. @AriesPrincess: I know what you mean. It wouldn't be that uncomfortable if I hadn't known about the 17-year age gap. Maybe that's one reason why there wasn't any real lip action (I'm sure that there really wasn't any because they wouldn't have to shoot the scene in such angle had there been a real kiss). They may be professionals and all, but you know how conservative Korean society is. They put great value on age and seniority and no matter how we look at it, RJ will always be KSE's senior.

  6. some people need to understand that this is just a drama not to involve personal life on it.even though he has a wife, the wife knows that this is his profession. the age is not a new thing in the world that live in today. i myself don,t see any wrong, i give him thumb up for his acting keep it up Ryu jin you are doing great,

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