A Thousand Kisses Episode 15 Teaser

I’m unable to recap Episode 14 as I had hoped tonight (it’s past 1AM here in California, and I need to get up early tomorrow), so I decided to at least recap the teaser to episode 15…at least it’s something, right? I’m gearing up for midterms again and have another set of papers to grade before class tomorrow, so the recap to episode 14 will have to wait until I have time to watch the episode at a later time…*sigh* Reality is a demanding task-master. On a positive note, the delay makes the viewing of the episodes all that much sweeter. LOL

Without further ado, the teaser:
1. Hye Bin’s voice is heard asking Woo Bin if he’s dating a married woman as a scene of Woo Bin trying to sit next to Joo Young on the bus is shown.
2. Joon Hee gives Chan Ho a present and explains to Tae Kyung’s mother that Chan Ho should know about her since Joo Young knows, too. The mother and Tae Kyung look at Joon Hee in exasperation.
3. Joo Young answers Yoo Kyung’s question, telling her that Woo Bin is neither her boyfriend nor her husband much to Yoo Kyung’s delight. (I’m REALLY starting to loathe that woman…I just don’t understand her motivation for wanting Woo Bin back.)
4. Woo Jin’s mother lies in bed and Joo Mi and Joo Young come to visit and wish her a speedy recovery.
5. Woo Bin’s mother tells Woo Jin’s mother that if she’s able to live like this after ruining a young woman’s life (meaning her younger sister), then Woo Jin’s mother has done fairly well for herself.
6. Joo Young struggles to complete her competition submission and Yoo Kyung’s voice is heard stermly reminding Joo Young that she was to take complete responsibility for everything related to her shoe.
7. Joo Mi and Woo Jin are seated at a cafe, and Joo Mi tells him that she’s going on an overnight business trip to Jeju Island. Woo Jin asks if she’s “going with that photographer, just the two of them?” Joo Mi brightly answers yes. Woo Jin gets up from his seat, plants his hands on the table, and demands that she resigns immediately. (Ah, the green-headed monster rears its head again! heh heh) Joo Mi rises from her seat as well and counters that she won’t resign. (I see the beginnings of their first lovers’ quarrel…*happy-sad sigh* looking forward to episode 15 but first, I need to see episode 14, huh? LOL)

Anyhow, that’s the recap of the teaser…stay tuned for episode 14 recap. I should definitely have episode 14 done by Friday; otherwise, I’ll get behind with The Musical Episode 6, which airs this Friday! On that note, I bid you all good night….

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13 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 15 Teaser”

  1. Thank you so much. I am an avid fan of your recaps from times past and check your page daily. Thanks for all your hard work and look forward to whenever you get to recap this and the musical as I am following both 🙂 Have a great week!!

  2. awesome! can't wait for ep 15!! hope you do well in your exams! and I as well! 😀
    i just love this drama! heh i really can't wait to see this lover's quarrel <3
    i'm going to start The Musical soon too! because of all the good comments!

  3. Well woo jin is right to ask her to resign because there is no marriage that is going to last with a wife sleeping overnight at her job,specially when he had saw them playing too close with each other. maybe this is what got her mother to abandon them,so my take is that she should not quarrel with him, but ask him to go with her if he is feeling jealous and they can make arrangement on how she can do her job in same town where she live at. anyway thank for your effort in subbing this drama

  4. thank you soooo much for your recaps…even though episode 14 recap is late this week..i will be patiently waiting. please keep up the good work 🙂 and thanks again 😀

  5. Many thanks for your quick recaps on The Musical and Thousand Kisses – I am watching both and eng subs are taking so long for Thousand Kisses its depressing!

    Now you ask "I just don't understand her [Yoo Kyung] motivation for wanting Woo Bin back."

    Here's my guess: she got pregnant from the incident with the old boyfriend in America and now back in Korea can't be revealed as a solo mother. So she is trying to soften Woo Bin's heart towards her in order to then convince him HE is that child's father – being such a nice guy, if he believes her he will marry her and her problem solved. Also, if they do get together because of this, that interrupts the OTP for the purposes of the drama.

    Or she might just be crazy. Or she might be a badly constructed lot device.

    What do you think?

  6. @Anon 9:44AM…yes, I'm Korean. 🙂

    @Anon 2:59PM…Although that would be an interesting (yet frustrating to watch) plot development, I think it's unlikely since they broke up 4 years ago.

  7. @Snoopy's Twinkie – so sorry for my ambiguous comment! I meant she had a young child now, having got pregnant in America (not that she is now pregnant) 😎

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