A Thousand Kisses Episode 13 Teaser

Recap of this Saturday’s teaser:
1. Tae Kyung lies in wait for Joo Young at her house until Woo Bin drops her off. You hear Tae Kyung briefly entertain the suspicion that she might be dating again but quickly rejects the idea. He then shouts “Who were you holding hands with?!
2. Chan Ho has disappeared and Joo Young and Woo Bin search for him.
3. Yoo Kyung asks Woo Bin what his relationship is with Joo Young. He replies that she’s the woman he loves (Love his directness!)
4. Grandmother’s scolds Joo Mi(?) over the phone that she already told her she can’t get married; why is she over there? However, in seems as though the wedding will happen after all since both sides of the family are seated at the wedding preparation dinner (Korean dinner in which the elders of both sides meet)
5. Joo Mi’s mother thanks her ex-mother-in-law for giving her permission.
6. Tae Kyung returns home with the bouquet of flowers he didn’t give to Joo Young. Yoon Hee sees it and thinks it’s for her. Tae Kyung’s mother’s voice is heard in the background asking why he would bring Yoon Hee flowers.
7. Woo Bin meets Yoo Kyung, who’s waiting for him at his house…yet again. (Dang, that woman needsd a reality check!) He asks her to please stay out of his life.

Hope you’re all looking forward to Saturday’s episode! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 13 Teaser”

  1. thanks for you translation really helps with my anxiety to know more about the drama since subbing takes quite a while. Looking forward to the drama too !! I love the Joo Mi and Woo Jin relationship. =)=)..

  2. Many thanks for your recaps and assists with this one. I am really enjoying it but no other sites are up to date with it at all. Even postings of Eng Sub episodes are really slow. But I have a question – most sites say this is a 50-episode drama yet it is clearly developing along a traditional 16-18 episode arc. Do you know how many episodes there will really be? I can't believe 50 unless they are going to follow all the marriages and descendants for years and years . . .and again, it is not plotted like that kind of drama.

  3. unlike most of u guys, i actually skip all woojin and joomi parts n focus on woobin and jooyoung.. hehe.. i think woobin is sooo cute when he smiles.. and it breaks my heart to see him being rejected by jooyoung even though i noe it wont be for long!:)))

  4. @Anonymous 5:02PM: Although the pacing feels like the typical 16 or 18-episodes dramas, the series should definitely go the length of the 50 episodes as advertised. *happy sigh* Can you imagine the lovely memories we'll have for that many episodes? LOL As for what the drama will cover, I can imagine all sorts of human conflict that the writer can bring into the storyline…the two Woo couples (Woo-Mi and Woo-Young) have so far to go before they can become married couples…and then there are the side stories with the parents, Tae Kyung, Yoo Kyung, Hye Bin, etc.
    Yeah, the drama will have enough "meat" to fill the 50 episodes…lucky us! 🙂

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