A Thousand Kisses Episode 13 Recap and Link

Hi everyone! Glad to hear that many of you are enjoying the drama and the recaps. 🙂 Unfortunately, I lost my window of opportunity to recap this morning.  I’ll work on it as soon as I can so stay tuned!

Episode 13: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/41442/5
The episode resumes with Woo Bin congratulating Joo Young with a hug and softly saying, “I mustn’t lose an opportunity.” Then grabbing her hands, he takes her out to his car and ushers her inside. As she settles herself in the car, Tae Kyung gets out of his car with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her. Seeing her with another man, he staggers against the car in disbelief and calls her cell phone. Telling her that he’s in front of building where she’s won the competition and that he’s just driven into the parking lot to congratulate her when he saw her getting into someone’s car, he asks who this man is since he’s never met this man before. She says that it’s none of his business and hangs up.

Joo Young scolds Woo Bin and asks if he’s either obnoxious or immature. How could he drag her out of her new workplace like that. He wonders if hugging her is that big of a deal. When she demands what she’s going to say when people ask who he is when her friend obviously knows he’s not her husband, Woo Bin blithely replies that she can tell them he’s her boyfriend. (LOL…gotta love his open pursuit of her) Then teasing her that she promised him a lavish meal if she won, he tells her that this meal is on her. She grudgingly agrees, but he relents and says that she can spend 1/10 of her prize money on the meal. Reconsidering, however, due to his earlier and mistaken experience with her and the vase, he amends the price to 1/20 of the prize money so that it’s not too much of a financial burden. (Aw…so generous of you, Woo Bin, after you pretty much force her to buy you food. LOL)

Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung slyly asks Joo Young’s friend whether her friend is single like her. When she finds out that Joo Young is married, she wonders who the man could have been then, the one who hugged her. The friend, thinking nothing of that fact, calmly mentions that it’s someone she doesn’t know but it’s definitely not Joo Young’s husband.

Stomping into his office, Tae Kyung demands to no one else in particular who she was holding hands with.

Seated at a café, Joo Mi and Woo Jin discuss the situation with her grandmother. Woo Jin mentions that they can always get married without her consent since they’re adults. He then paints a picture of a simple life they can have together in the countryside raising livestock. When Joo Mi asks if he’s joking at a time like this, he states that he often thought of this when he was younger and wanted to get away from his father. Joo Mi asks gently if it was because of his mother.

Woo Jin’s mother speaks to her husband asking when he’ll be home and whether he’ll want physical therapy. Woo Jin and Joo Mi walk in and Joo Mi talks with the mother while Woo Jin goes upstairs to change. As they discuss the grandmother’s objection, the mother mentions how she wishes the grandmother would change her mind. As if on cue, the grandmother calls and asks where Joo Mi is. When Joo Mi answers that she’s at Woo Jin’s house, the grandmother loses her temper and demands that Joo Mi come home immediately. Concerned, Woo Jin’s mother asks why the grandmother call. Joo Mi, not wanting to worry her, simply tells her that the grandmother was just wondering where she is. Woo Jin’s father comes home and asks her to stay for dinner. Unable to say anything, Joo Mi waits to discuss things with Woo Jin when he comes down from changing out of his work clothes. Apprised of the situation, Woo Jin suggests she stay for dinner and explain that his father insisted she stay for dinner.

Waiting outside of Joo Young’s house, Tae Kyung paces back and forth and then lurks behind a tree unseen when he spots Woo Bin’s car pulling up the hill. Woo Bin, telling Joo Young to wait a minute, jumps out of the car to open the car door for her (aw…such a gentleman!) and tries to assist her out of the car, much to Tae Kyung’s extreme irritation. (LOL…turnabout is fair play, cheater!) Ignoring his hand in her attempt to discourage him, however, Joo Young gets out of the car. Woo Bin tells her that he was trying to treat her like a princess, but she’s not cooperating. Once again ignoring his comment, Joo Young bids him good night and wonders how she’s going to show her face at her new workplace. Unphased, he repeats that she can tell them he’s her boyfriend. (Seriously, the man doesn’t know the meaning of rejection…persistent! LOL) He bids her goodnight, telling her to dream sweet dreams and to dream of him. As he drives away, Tae Kyung comes out of his hiding place and demands to know who she was with and whether she’s cheating on him. She reminds him that she’s not like him. He pointedly reminds her that they’re not divorced yet, and Joo Young retorts that she’s not the one living with another woman then. Sputtering, he tries to explain the situation, and Joo Young tells him to just leave since Chan Ho is already asleep. As she closes the door, Tae Kyung yells after her, even calling upon his sleeping son to help his father out. (What a spineless man, especially in contrast to Woo Bin!)

Joo Young and her grandmothers discuss the commotion and comment that it’s a good thing Chan Ho’s asleep so that he doesn’t have to witness his father’s shameful behavior. Joo Young then shows the two grandmothers her trophy and prize money. She present her grandmother with the prize money and insists that her grandmother take the $3,000 prize money.

Parking outside his apartment complex, Tae Kyung goes to throw the bouquet in the trash can but is intercepted by Joon Hee who thinks that he’s bought the flowers for her. Once inside, she boasts to Tae Kyung’s mother that Tae Kyung has bought her the bouquet as a gift. Incensed, the mother stomps into her son’s room and demands what he’s thinking. He yells at her to leave him alone since he’s so miserable and then starts to explain that he went to see Joo Young to congratulate her. As he gets to the part about the flowers, Joon Hee overhears that the flowers were originally meant for Joo Young and starts ripping out the flowers in anger.

Joo Mi gets dropped off by Woo Jin who tells her to explain things well to her grandmother–that she couldn’t leave after his father had invited her to dinner. He distractedly comments that it’s a shame the grandmother doesn’t know his father’s domineering personality or she’d completely understand. He reminds Joo Mi to not talk back to her grandmother and instead do a good job of explaining things since he can’t do it himself. Encouraged, Joo Mi bids him goodnight.

As Joo Mi tries to explain things to her grandmother, the grandmother scolds Joo Mi into tears, demanding if the grandmother’s words are insignificant compared to Woo Jin’s father’s words. As she cries in the privacy of her dark bedroom, Joo Mi receives a text message from Woo Jin’s mother who writes that she hopes Joo Mi doesn’t get into too much trouble with her grandmother. Joo Mi texts back that she didn’t get scolded by her grandmother. (Sigh…the mother’s concern for Joo Mi is heartbreaking.)

Woo Bin, on his way into his house, spots Yoo Kyung’s car. She stalks out of her car and demands to know if he knows that Joo Young is married. When he doesn’t reply, she scoffs and insults him, saying that he’s always acted so clean in front of her when in reality, he’s not that pristine himself. She demands how she’s supposed to act when Joo Young comes to work for her. Woo Bin replies that he trusts her character isn’t that despicable. She turns away and drives off.

The next morning, Joo Young enters her new workplace with enthusiasm and determination to do her best. Her friend introduces her to pertinent people, including Yoo Kyung, who makes some pointed comments without actually insulting Joo Young. As Joo Young walks out, Yoo Kyung flashbacks to the memory of Woo Bin giving Joo Young a hug at the ceremony, and her expression hardens.

Seated at the staff lounge, Joo Young and her friend discuss some things about the company and then the friend asks who Woo Bin was and why her husband didn’t come even if he was busy. Joo Young confesses that she’s divorced and couldn’t tell her friend that earlier since they hadn’t talked in a while and that wasn’t something that she felt comfortable mentioning when she first saw her friend again. When the friend tries to find out what prompted the divorce, Joo Young deflects the questions by stating that it’s not something she wants to discuss on such a nice morning.

Joo Mi’s grandmother seeks out Woo Jin’s father at his office and explains her objections. She thinks that Woo Jin can find a much better suited wife who will match his station in life. The father replies that he didn’t raise his son to find a socially suitable wife but one that he could love. The grandmother insists, so the father suggests having them live modestly apart from the parents. The grandmother continues to insist, and the father asks her to trust him. He may have a difficult personality, but he’s a trustworthy person.

She walks out of the building with a dark expression. (The actress does the whole angry thing quite well.) The father and his brother discuss the grandmother’s wedding objections, stating that the grandmother’s objections don’t seem to really make sense.

Walking into her house, the grandmother overhears Joo Mi crying as she listens to the CD that Woo Jin made for her through the events company. The grandmother sits alone at a bus stop and struggles with her conflicting emotions of wanting to keep the girls away from their mother and wanting to give Joo Mi happiness.

Woo Jin’s mom pours over her old picture of her daughters and is lost in thought. However, she’s interrupted by Woo Bin’s mother who visits to tell her that she should object to Woo Jin’s wedding if she were his real mother. The mother asks how the sister-in-law can think that she’s only agreeing to the wedding because she doesn’t want to upset Woo Jin. Although she can’t say that she loves Woo Jin more than his biological mother, she still loves him and wishes for his happiness. As Woo Bin’s mother continues in her insults, Woo Jin’s mother gets a phone call from Joo Mi’s grandmother who requests a meeting.

At the meeting, the grandmother says that their situation must be what people call fate playing cruel tricks on people. She had no intentions of ever seeing her again or allowing a mother to become a mother-in-law, an unnatural situation in her mind, but hearing a granddaughter cry as if her heart is breaking is something she can’t see. She mentions that Woo Jin’s mother had suggested that as long as they stay silent and take this secret with them to their graves, then the kids can get married and be happy. Referencing that conversation, the grandmother says, “Let’s give it a try.” (I love the way she says that in Korean…those few words carry such weight) They will take this secret to the grave (Hmmm…I’m thinking that despite their best intentions, the loud, chatty aunt grandmother is somehow going to find out and unwittingly spill the beans). She says that she’ll pretend she doesn’t know Woo Jin’s stepmother and that she’ll tell her granddaughters of her new decision, so Woo Jin’s mother can pretend that she doesn’t know anything. Overcome with tears, Woo Jin’s mother simply keeps thanking her former mother-in-law.

At Joo Young’s work, the employees get ready to have an after work dinner. On the way out, Joon Hee unexpectedly confronts Joo Young and asks her to stop trying to hang onto Tae Kyung since they’re divorced. Amazed at Joon Hee’s audacity, Joo Young simply tells her that she can have him since she doesn’t want anything to do with him. As Joo Young swiftly walks away from her, Joon Hee calls after her, telling her to remember that Joo Young just gave her permission to have Tae Kyung. (Seriously, those two deserve each other.)

Entering the dinner late, Joo Young apologizes to her superiors and tries to keep the mood upbeat. Yoo Kyung tells everyone “Bottom out” and then translates in Korean that they should all empty their drinks. (dang, the woman pretends that she’s fluent in English but totally butchers the phrase, which should be “Bottoms up!”) When Joo Young gets a call from Woo Bin, who’s concerned about what Yoo Kyung might do to Joo Young, Joo Young whispers into the phone that she can’t talk right now because she’s with her coworkers. Yoo Kyung overhears, gets jealous, and then proceeds to force drink upon drink on Joo Young. She even prevents Joo Young’s friend from drinking some of them for her.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin and Joo Mi sit in front of the grandmother, who surprises them by telling them that she gives them her permission. Joo Mi engulfs her grandmother in a bear hug and squeals in happiness. The grandmother tells them to be happy. As Woo Jin gets ready to leave, Joo Mi surprises him by catapulting herself into his arms. (So sweet…love how their relationshiop is progressing)

Seated at dinner, Woo Jin tells his family the good news. Soo Ah comments that she has a difficult time believing the objection for the marriage. Woo Jin patiently reminds her that it was the grandmother who objected, not Joo Mi. Soo Ah then reminds him that when she and Joo Mi fight, he’s to take her side. Surprised, the parents ask what she’s talking about. Soo Ah informs them that her friends tell her that they fight with their sisters-in-law. At this, her mother tells her that she’ll get in trouble if she fights with Joo Mi. (LOL…love how the mother tries to protect Joo Mi) Deflated, Soo Ah pouts that everyone’s against her.

Joo Young and Joo Mi go shopping for something suitable for Joo Mi to wear to the pre-wedding family meeting. (It’s tradition for the two families to meet before the wedding.) Woo Bin calls in the midst of their shopping expedition to find out how things went the first day, but Joo Young tells him that she can’t talk right now.

Seated outside at a quiet café, Woo Bin considers Joo Young closely and asks what she was doing that she couldn’t talk on the phone. She explains that she was helping her sister shop for her pre-wedding family meeting. Woo Bin then comments that his cousin’s was canceled (LOL are they in for a shock when they realize they’re going to be in-laws! Hmmm…I wonder how that will affect their relationship since Koreans aren’t that keen about in-laws dating in-laws) He then tells her that he wanted to ask her how her first day went. She comments that it went well except that she got drunk from all the drinks her supervisor forced upon her. Woo Bin recalls how Yoo Kyung asked him how she was supposed to act knowing that Joo Young is her employee. He then tells her to refuse any more drinks, even if Yoo Kyung gives her the drinks. Joo Young asks how a new employee can refuse her supervisor.

At KJ Resort, Joo Mi and Woo Bin get inside a cable car. When Joo Mi exclaims that they’re the only ones here, he comments that the car runs regardless of whether there are people (tsk tsk, Woo Jin. That’s not true…you planned an event for her. LOL) As Joo Mi takes in the scenery from her seat, Woo Jin stealthily checks to see if he’s got the engagement ring (His expression is so adorable! He’s so pleased with himself. I want to tuck him in my pocket, too. LOL) As the car suddenly stops, Joo Mi asks Woo Jin for reassurance that the cable car isn’t broken. Woo Jin nods that it’s not broken. Then mentioning that he knows she wanted a romance proposal–top of the building love confession or piano proposal at a bar–he asks her for her hand and slips the ring on her finger. He comments that she’s probably the only one to receive a proposal on a monorail. Overcome with emotion, Joo Mi thanks him for granting her wish. Then slowly shifting closer to her, he leans over to kiss Joo Mi, only to be interrupted when the cable car resumes its journey with a lurch. (His disgruntled look is hilarious…I’m so curious as to whether the kiss would have really happened, though. Both of them had their eyes closed, and knowing Woo Jin’s lack of experience, I doubt he could have found her lips with his eyes closed. LOL)

As Woo Bin drives Joo Young back home, they come across the grandmothers who search for Chan Ho, who’s disappeared from playing in the playground while the grandmother stepped briefly away to the local grocery shop. As Joo Young frantically searches for Chan Ho, she receives a phone call from her mother-in-law notifying her that Chan Ho’s with her. Joo Young yells out her frustrations, saying that she should have first told them before taking Chan Ho. The mother-in-law tells her that she’s telling her now; she had gone to the house because she wanted to see Chan Ho so much and then took him home when she saw him in the playground.

Driving Joo Young to Tae Kyung’s, Woo Bin tells her to make sure she firmly give the mother-in-law a piece of her mind. Once at Tae Kyung’s place, Joo Young tells her mother-in-law not to take Chan Ho like that again without any word to them because they were so worried and had searched for him.

The next morning, Joo Young sees Chan Ho off to his school and then rushes back home to get ready for the pre-wedding family meeting. The aunt-grandmother cries and bellows that she should be allowed to go to the pre-wedding family meeting. As she continues to cry, the grandmother tries to explain that she’s not taking the aunt-grandmother because Woo Jin’s side is only bringing immediate family, and they should follow suit. As the aunt grandmother keeps crying, the grandmother silently apologizes that she can’t take her when the aunt-grandmother will immediately recognize the girls’ mother and isn’t the type of person to keep a secret to her grave.

The families meet for their pre-wedding family meeting, and the mother gazes intently yet tenderly at Joo Young since the last time she saw her was when Joo Young was seven.

Preview of episode 14:

1. Woo Bin wants to know why Joo Young continues to be cold towards him

2. Soo Ah says that she doesn’t want her brother being made fun of by Joo Mi’s friends and proceeds to dress him up in a leather jacket and “young” clothes

3. Woo Bin’s shocked when Joo Young, trying to get him to see reason and using the soccer outing to her advantage, lies and says that she’s contemplating reconciling with Chan Ho’s dad

4. Woo Bin’s mother throws water at Woo Jin’s mother, accusing her of ruining her sister’s life and ultimately being the reason for her premature death.

Whew~took longer than I expected…enjoy! I need to get some sleep now…almost 3AM! Yikes! Good thing my class doesn’t start until 4PM. LOL

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