A Thousand Kisses Episode 11 teaser link

I just saw a link to this Saturday’s episode 13 teaser:

Enjoy…for those of you who can’t understand Korea, here’s a quick recap of the teaser:
1. Woo Jin’s mom asks Joo Mi if she has a sister. Joo Mi replies that her sister’s name is Joo Young. At this the mother reels in shock and pain…I get the feeling that she’s going to be rethinking the Woo Jin-Joo Mi marriage. 🙁
2. Joo Young and Joo Mi speak about their biological mother and how she abandoned them
3. Yoon Hee continues in her campaign to be accepted by Tae Kyung’s mother as the potential new daughter-in-law.
4. Woo Bin confesses his feelings for Joo Young, asking her to meet him as a potential man for her. She tells him that she can’t continue to meet him then and tries to leave.

Since I love watching Woo Jin and Joo Mi, I occasionally visit nannovaes1985’s site on youtube to see the condensed clips of those two. Hope you enjoy the teaser as much as I did today…what a nice surprise as I head out to work! 🙂

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