A Thousand Kisses Episode 10 Recap and Link

Episode 10: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/41008/5

Seated next to Joo Mi on his parents’ couch, Woo Jin apologizes and tells them that he never intended to deceive his parents. It’s just that when he was on the blind date, he lied to get out of the meeting and never imagined his father would hear about it. The father then asks if matters would have ended there if the father hadn’t insisted Woo Jin bring Joo Mi home. Hearing confirmation from Woo Jin that yes, matters wouldn’t have progressed beyond the lie during the blind date,the chairman (Woo Jin’s father) tells Joo Mi that she can go home. However, before she can leave, Woo Jin surprises everyone by declaring that his thoughts on marriage have changed. If Joo Mi is willing, he’d like to marry her. Joo Mi stammers that she hasn’t even thought about marriage. Woo Jin gently tells her she can start thinking about it now. (LOL. He’s so one-tracked minded) At Woo Jin’s unexpected announcement, his father asks what changed his mind. Woo Jin replies that his stepmother’s comment did. She had told him that it isn’t that the father doesn’t have love but that the father is a bit awkward at expressing his love. The father accepts his explanation, stating that although he finds their recent actions deplorable, he welcomes Woo Jin’s change of heart. He then asks Joo Mi what she thinks. Although they’ve only met a few times, he had found her to be a good person but as Woo Jin’s girlfiend and not as a future wife who will be part of his family. He asks her to think seriously about the relationship and her decision.
As they walk out of the house, Joo Mi turns on Woo Jin in frustration and asks if he’s joking. Woo Jin asks if she thought that he was joking. He had explained everything back inside the house and was serious about marriage. They go to a café to discuss things and Joo Mi says that like other women, she harbors romantic notions of marriage and wedding proposals, desiring a man who loves her so much that he can stand on top of a building and shout to the world that he loves his woman, sing love songs to her and such. She tells him that she has no intentions of marrying a cold Ice Man. With that parting comment, she walks out of the café, leaving Woo Jin stunned by her rejection. (Sigh, how like him to not even contemplate that she might refuse his proposal) Walking the streets of Seoul, she reflects upon her various encounters with Woo Jin and struggle to sort through her feelings.
Back at Woo Jin’s house, the father is baffled at how his son could categorically announcement marriage plans without even consulting the girl. He doesn’t know if Woo Jin’s serious. He asks his wife her thoughts, and she replies that Woo Jin probably announced marriage plans because he assumed Joo Mi would agree. Even from her perspective, the mother thought that Joo Mi liked Woo Jin. When Woo Jin returns, the father asks how he could have simply announced intentions to marry without even consulting Joo Mi. Woo Jin replies that he never thought he’d get rejected. As they discuss matters, Soo Ah comes downstairs and declares that she opposes this marriage. She’s disappointed that a woman with such an angelic face can lie so well. When Woo Jin tries to put her in her place for insulting Joo Mi, the mother tells him that Soo Ah’s anger and disappointment is as strong as it is because she had liked Joo Mi so much and feels the betrayal that much more. The father then asks after Joo Mi’s family circumstances.
At Woo Bin’s office, he snaps a photo of his assistant’s shoes and texts Joo Young the photo, writing that all he sees these days are women’s shoes (aw…so sweet). He then takes his employees to the same restaurant he and Joo Young went to and orders dinner with a take out order for Joo Young. When his employees ask him if he’s taking an order for home, Woo Bin answers yes and doesn’t explain that it’s really for Joo Young.
Joo Young works at home and then gets a call from Joo Mi asking her to come outside and talk with her if she has time, Once at a local café, Joo Mi explains to Joo Young that her Ice Man has proposed to her. Although she know that Joo Young’s had a hard time with marriage, Joo Mi asks her what her thoughts are. After all, she’s never thought of marriage to him. Joo Young laughs and says that she can start now. Listing all the things that Joo Mi did for him, Joo Young points out that Joo Mi likes him…What’s the problem? Joo Mi still protests that even though she likes him, she’s never thought about marriage. Joo Young laughs and says that she can start thinking about it now.
As they walk back home, Joo Young get a phone call from Woo Bin, who asks her how her work is coming along and whether the photo he sent her was helpful. He then tells her that he’s calling because he had business with Olive lady. (LOL…cute how he’s Popeye and she’s Olive. How does Joo Young not see his interest at this reference?) Joo Young mentions that she can see him and he wonders where she can be right now to see him and then belatedly notices her walking up the hill to her house with her sister. He pulls out the take out and tells her that he brought some potato beef stew for her and her family. As Woo Bin drives away, Joo Mi teases her sister and says that she really thinks Woo Bin’s interested in her. His actions go beyond that of just a good neighbor helping out a poor neighbor. Joo Young reminds her that she’s definitely a divorced woman with child. Once inside, the family sit down to happily eat their potato beef stew and chat.
At Tae Kyung’s house, the mom and Tae Kyung try to convince Yoon Hee to go to the hospital or back to her house because her being at his house solves nothing. Yoon Hee fakes still being asleep. However, in the middle of the night, as she’s sleeping next to the mother (the irony), she wakes up because she’s so hungry. She stealthily tiptoes out to the kitchen to have a late night meal (gotta love the music during this scene!). She quietly fixes herself bibimbap (Korean meal of side dishes mixed with rice and chilli sauce).
The next morning, the mother wakes up and panics when Yoon Hee’s bedsheets are neatly folded and Yoon Hee’s nowhere in sight. She hurriedly rushes to Tae Kyung’s room to see if Yoon Hee’s snuck in there. Relieved that she’s not there, she’s nevertheless surprised when Yoon Hee greets her in the living room and shows her the breakfast table she’s prepared. Promising that she’ll do her best, Yoon Hee gives the mother a back hug when the mother relents just a little bit.
Meanwhile, at Joo Mi’s house, the family sit around the breakfast table. As they eat, Joo Mi suddenly asks her grandmother if she can get married. At the stunned looks on both grandmothers’ faces, Joo Mi comments worriedly that she must have really surprised her grandmother. Grandmother reassures her that of course she can get married if there’s a wonderful man for her. When the aunt-grandmother comments that Joo Mi’s still young, Joo Young reminds them that she was Joo Mi’s age, 26, when she got married. They then tell her to bring the guy for a visit.
At Woo Bin’s house, Hye Bin lies in wait outside the house to ask her father for money. The father tells her that she’s going to have to deal with her mother for the release of her credit cards. In the meantime, he hands her some money and tells her to think about what she wants to do. If he were in her shoes, he’d have so many things he’d want to do. (Oy~this older sister’s laziness and lack of direction is killing me softly)
Joo Young meets with her shoe designer friend and seeks her opinion on some sketches she’s drawn. The friend encourages her with the assessment that she hasn’t lost her touch; however, she had better prepare better designs for the contest. Joo Young, encouraged, tells her that she plans on working even harder. Walking outside, she calls Woo Bin. When he receives her call, Woo Bin does a double take and savors the moment. Answering the phone finally, he then tells her that this is the first time she’s called him. (LOL) He agrees to meet her immediately and then tells his employees that from this moment forward, he’s not on the clock and to deal with his afternoon tasks themselves.
Meeting Joo Young, he looks a bit disappointed when she thanks him for the food the other night. He asks if that’s why she’s buying him tea, to thank him for the potato beef stew. She gives him a disgruntled look and then also asks if she’s developed a reputation for not keeping her promises. She tells him that she came to show him something and hands him her drawings. He’s impressed with her skill.
Meanwhile, as Joo Mi walks into the magazine office, the office workers there gush over photos of Woo Jin from the resort interview. They ask her if he’s as wonderful and handsome in person as in his photos. But before the surprised Joo Mi can reply, she receives a call from Woo Jin.
She meets him at a café, and he asks why she’s not giving him an answer yet. He asks if she’s even thought about it. He admits that he knows he’s always been selfish and that he knows how she must be feeling right now. When she asks if he really knows, he comments that the fact that he’s changed his mind about marriage is a huge thing. When she starts to speak, he interrupts her and says that he knows she expected roses and songs.  Joo Mi says that she doesn’t want to marry without hope and dreams. He counters that he has a difficult time saying he loves her, but won’t his promise to live his entire life looking at only her suffice (Aw…). She plainly says no. He should be able to sing her a song at least. (Dang, what a way to get a man in line). He looks stricken with panic.
Holding a mic in a karaoke room, Woo Jin woodenly starts to sing a song kids learn in school (love how his eyes are all wide and he mops the perspiration off his face with his handkerchief end he finishes). She laughs and enjoys his efforts. As soon as the song is over, Woo Jin awkwardly turns off the mic and rushes to her side, asking if she’s decided. She asks him if he’s never seen Park Shin Yang’s “Can I Love You” (from the drama Paris Lover) or another actor singing “Neverending Story.” He sits down and says he’s never seen either, but if they marry, he’ll learn them and promises to sing them to her. He urges her to marry him. She then takes her time, gauging his reaction and face, and tells him that her answer is a yes. At this, both of them break into wide smiles. (aw…I appreciate how she weighs her words as if she’s promising herself to this man for the rest of her life)
Woo Jin goes to see his father at the main office and tells him that Joo Mi’s accepted his proposal in marriage. His uncle (Woo Bin’s father) is there and congratulates him, excited that the man who refused to ever marry is now getting married. Woo Jin cautions, though, that he hasn’t received permission from her family yet. The father replies that the case is the same for him and that they should make plans to look into her family and arrange a meeting.
As Woo Bin’s dad returns home and tells him wife the news, she shows surprise that Woo Jin’s father is allowing a marragie to a woman with no parents. At this Woo Bin’s dad counters that her comment’s ridiculous. Does she mean that people without parents can’t get married? (Hurray for Woo Bin’s father for speaking sense…I can’t stand how this mentality is still prevalent in Korean society)
Returning home, Joo Mi sees Chan Ho, her nephew, and Joo Young and shares with her sister the news that she’s decided to accept Woo Jin’s proposal. Joo Young genuinely congratulates her and tells her that she’s so happy for her. Although Joo Mi’s friends may say that Woo Jin’s cold, not a catch, etc., she thinks Woo Jin is a good man. Joo Mi admits that although he can’t confess his love for her right now, he did promise to live his live looking only at her (meaning that he’ll be faithful and think of her only).
The next day, Woo Jin comes to Joo Mi’s house to meet the grandmothers. Joo Mi’s grandmother expresses some concern that they come from such different backgrounds and wonders if his parents are all right with Joo Mi’s situation. Woo Jin reassures her that they know that she no longer has any parents. She then asks how long he’s known her and that she thinks he should take some time to get to know her better before they really discuss marriage. What attracted him to her, she wonders. He answers that it was her personality—bright and kind. The aunt-grandmother teases Joo Mi and asks if she’s really kind. Joo Mi cheekily answers that she is. (cute scene)
After the visit with her family, Joo Mi walks him out to his car. He asks if she thinks her family approved. She reassures him that they did. Then he thanks her for leaving the “Ice” out of ahjussi (Korean word for man that younger people use) when she calls him and drives away.
Inside, the aunt-grandmother is thrilled that Joo Mi will be marrying into a rich and powerful family. However, Joo Mi’s grandmother is concerned that their backgrounds are so different and that they’ve only known each other such a short time.
Woo Jin returns home and tells his parents that he’s received approval, although the grandmother asked that he reconsider his marriage proposal until he knows Joo Mi better. The father wonders if she disapproves then, and Woo Jin assures him that it’s more that she’s concerned about their different backgrounds and want them to take some more time to consider all aspects of their union. The father comments that the grandmother seems wise and that Woo Jin should make plans for the elders to meet each other in preparation for the marriage.
Tae Kyung is parked outside his apartment complex and calls his mother to ask if Yoon Hee is still there. His mother answers that she is. At this unwelcomed news, he wishes her a good night then, hangs up, and drives away to see Chan Ho. He picks him up and promises Joo Young that he’ll be back soon with their son; he just came by to see him because he missed him so much.
Joo Young talks with her grandmothers.
Seated at an ice cream parlor, Chan Ho and Tae Kyung talk about soccer while they eat ice cream. Tae Kyung cheers/encourages Chan Ho on in his dream to become a first-class soccer player like Park Ji Sung while Chan Ho returns the cheers/encouragements for his dad since the dad has to live without Joo Young or Chan Ho. Tae Kyung then drives his son home and share a poignant moment together, Tae Kyung reflecting inwardly on how much he’s messed up his life when he had such a beautiful wife and son.
The next morning, Joo Young looks over her various shoe designs and selects her contest submission. She then goes to the company to submit her application. She calls her shoe designer friend to update her and reassures her not to worry that she can’t meet her if she’s so busy. She’ll just meet her at a later time. Joo Young then texts Woo Bin and tells him that she was able to submit the application thanks to him. When he calls her, she asks why he’s calling when she’s said everything she wanted to in the text message. He claims that she may have had her say but that he hasn’t. He then tells her that since she bought him something cheap like potato beef stew, she should buy him a meal again. She teases that since she bought him a meal previously, it should be all right to buy him a second meal that’s cheap since it’ll be the equivalent of buying him one expensive meal . (LOL…love how she’s slowly starting to joke around with him). In the midst of their conversation, though, a motorcyclist sideswipes her and she falls down to the ground, knocked unconscious. Woo Bin panicks and yells into the phone if she’s all right.
Worried out of his mind, Woo Bin then calls all the hospitals he can think of to find out if she’s been admitted into their Emergency Room. When he finally gets through to her cell phone, he asks the woman what’s happened to Joo Young…isn’t this Woo Joo Young’s cell phone. He demands to know what hospital she’s at when the nurse answers that Joo Young’ s unavailable to talk because she’s under examination right now. He rushes out of his office, barely answering his employee’s question that she’s in the hospital. In his hurry, he doesn’t even bother to elaborate on which hospital she’s at.
As he runs into the hospital (love how they show his state of mind by having him get delayed by the glass sliding doors), he finally finds her bed and belongs in the Emergency Room. When he spots her walking slowly toward the bed, hooked up to an IV drip, he yells her name and runs to engulf her in a hug. The episode ends with her looking surprised to see him there, much less having him hug her so tightly. 
(Whew~done! Enjoy!)

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