A Hundred Year’s Inheritance: Episodes 9 – 10

HYI 9.4

The mounting frustration of “patiently” waiting for Chae Won to recover her memories while her wicked MIL (mother-in-law) hatches one scheme after another is finally over…or so we think. This episode is a welcome change of pace in light of all the trauma Chae Won–and vicariously we–have had to endure in the recent episodes. But no more! Let the payback begin! *bloodthirsty cry and fist pump*

Episode 9 Recap: Chae Won, having recovered her memories, decides to beat her mother-in-law at her own game and keeps the knowledge to herself, all the while cultivating Chul Gyu’s protective instincts… and turning him against his mother.

HYI 9.1

Fate keeps throwing Se Yoon and Chae Won together. Unaware of the impact Chae Won is starting to make in his life, Se Yoon congratulates Chae Won on recovering her memories when she tells him the good news. At his expressed concern for her, she reassures him that she’ll be all right, especially now that she remembers everything. Se Yoon watches as she leaves, a bit wistful that he will probably never see her again. Yeah, not likely. Heh.

Unfortunately for Se Yoon, he also learns in this episode that Joo Ri has been in love with him for years, way before he fell in love with Eun Sul.

HYI 9.2

Meanwhile, a budding love triangle is firmly finalized as Choon Hee learns that Hyo Dong is not married and is in fact a widower.

HYI 9.3

Strategically planning events so that the wicked witch is at her birthday party all alone, Chae Won goes to the restaurant and finds the mother-in-law drunk. She leans over and quietly confesses to her mother that she remembers everything. Yes~! Take that, you wicked witch!

Episode 10 Recap: It works well enough, until Chae Won is forced to come clean, at which point she informs the witch of her plan to remain married to Chul Gyu until she dies – not because she loves him, but in order to make her mother-in-law miserable. It’s that trusty cutting-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face reaction to a problem which, as has been proven time and time again, never works out well for anyone.

HYI 10.1

Chae Won gets her mother-in-law to confess to her crimes, filming her damning confession on her cell phone.

HYI 10.2

Meanwhile, Choon Hee calls Sul Joo and ends up speaking with the husband, whom she affectionately calls hyungboo (brother-in-law). Of course, Sul Joo freaks out and takes the phone call outside, away from her husband and son. Hmmm…yeah, it’s starting to look like Se Yoon might just be Choon Hee’s son. Oy~

HYI 10.3

With the love triangle firmly established, the two rivals go at it, and each time, Hyo Dong loses when his rival pretends that he sees Hyo Dong’s mother-in-law. Heh.

HYI 10.4

Chae Won’s scheme to make the wicked witch look bad succeeds as, time and time again, Chul Gyu takes Chae Won’s side. When the wicked witch wakes up from her drunken slumber, she refuses to drink the honey water/tonic that Chae Won has prepared for her, accusing her of trying to poison her. Disgusted with his mother, Chul Gyu drinks the honey tonic to prove there’s nothing wrong with the drink. Trying to defend herself, the witch then reveals that Chae Won remembers now and is using it against her.

HYI 10.5

To her credit, Chae Won doesn’t deny this and quietly goes insider her room, followed closely by Chul Gyu who solemnly apologizes and promises to always protect her. When Chae Won asks if he knew beforehand of the plans to hospitalize her, he tells her that he only found out after the fact. Ugh, Chae Won. Why didn’t you just keep pretending?

HYI 10.6

Meanwhile, the Uhm families prepare to move back into the family homestead in a race to inherit the grandfather’s fortune. Uhm Ki Choon and family reminisce of how overwhelmed they were when they first moved into their little apartment. So moved were they that they collapsed on the stairs, crying.

HYI 10.7

Uhm Ki Moon and wife put all their Italian furniture in storage, quit their job/social obligations in Seoul, and vow that they will return, winners of that inheritance.

HYI 10.8

And as luck would have it, both families arrive at the entrance of the Noodle Factory at the same time and refuse to let the other pass…impasse!

HYI 10.9

And who should slip right through and enter “first” but their little sister with a single tote bag.

HYI 10.10

Frantic to show their “dedication” to the Noodle Factory, the two families quickly chase after the youngest Uhm.

HYI 10.11

No true inheritance competition would be legit without a speech and laying out of the ground rules by grandfather. The rules? Simple. Whoever fulfills three criteria wins: 1) Must love noodles. 2) Must be good at making noodles. 3) Must be good at selling noodles.

HYI 10.12

Back in Seoul, Chae Won executes Get-Back-At-MIL in a tooth-for-tooth scheme. She convinces her husband that his mother may need some psychiatric help, and he lures his mother into a doctor’s office on the pretense of taking her shopping. Of course, she freaks out and pitches a fit.

HYI 10.13

As for Hyo Dong, he finally gets the courage to confess his true feelings for Choon Hee, especially when she mistakenly thinks that he’s just toying with her because she’s the local bar owner.

HYI 10.14

Assuming that she shares his feelings, Hyo Dong roughly pulls her in for a kiss. *exasperated sigh* Oh dear. Choon Hee’s response? A loud smack across Hyo Dong’s cheek for treating her like a floozy.

HYI 10.15

Mr. Suave Piano Man shows up and teases Hyo Dong for jumping the gun and kissing Choon Hee.

HYI 10.16

Taking to her bed over the shock of her son’s “betrayal,” the witch taunts Chae Won with the fact that she still has the upper hand…until Chae Won shows her a secret weapon of her own–the witch’s own damning confession. Chae Won gets the witch to rip up the pre-nuptial contract in exchange for erasing the video. Ugh…please, Chae Won. Tell me that you made another copy of the video.

HYI 10.17

At the supermarket with Chul Gyu, Chae Won unexpectedly runs into Se Yoon, who is there on an inspection for his company. He erroneously assumes that Chae Won has reconciled with her husband and that all has been forgiven. 

HYI 10.18

Before she can correct him, though, Chul Gyu returns and Se Yoon disappears.

HYI 10.19

As the two continue their shopping, Se Yoon watches with mixed feelings as Chae Won walks farther away from him…the couple giving the semblance of a happy couple.

HYI 10.20

Hmmm…this look on his face…intriguing. Perhaps the start of his feelings for her? Especially since he’s not the type to concern himself with anyone else’s business.

HYI 10.21

Chae Won goes to visit her family with Chul Gyu, and her father rejoices at the good news that her memory has completely returned and that she remembers him. Aw…I love this father-daughter pair.

HYI 10.22

As the family sits around preparing dinner, Chae Won is stunned to learn about the recent developments, specifically that Grandfather has a small fortune and has kept it a secret from the rest of the family all these years.

HYI 10.23

Back in Seoul, Se Yoon returns home to find Joo Ri visiting with his mother, dressed in an apron as though she were his wife.

HYI 10.24

This is made only more apparent when Joo Ri follows him into his bedroom and tries to take his coat from him. He drops it on the bed–away from her–and tells her that her efforts here are not welcomed and that he has no intentions of returning her affections.

HYI 10.25

A crying Joo Ri leaves the house, and Se Yoon’s mother comes to see what just happened. She apologizes for trying to force him to start a relationship–especially when he says that if she keeps pushing, he may very well return to the States–and promises to stay out of his love life.

HYI 10.26

Meanwhile, Chul Gyu–finally showing some backbone–announces to his mother his intentions to live abroad, far away from her bad influence and try to make a life for himself on his own…with Chae Won and only Chae Won by his side. *gleefully singing ding-dong-the-witch-is-dead-the-wicked-witch*

HYI 10.27

As a last resort, the witch calls Chae Won into her office and tries to buy her off.

HYI 10.28

Fortunately, Chae Won isn’t interested in money. What does she want? Nothing more than to pay her back eye for eye and tooth for tooth by taking away the very thing that is guaranteed to torment her like nothing else in this world: her son.


Yes! After suffering through episode after episode of meek and victimized Chae Won, we finally see the little tigress roar back.

I need more than just this, though, to make me feel that Chae Won’s been vindicated, but this is a nice start. I just hope she stays strong and is able to keep outwitting this witch. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next two episodes…coming soon!

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  1. It’s weird but I find the mother in law funny and hate JooRi more!
    It’s probably because I am caught up on the episodes but yeah…JooRi…
    The supermarket scene was definitely the highlight!

    1. Hmm…of course, I snuck a peek at ep. 18. LOL. I still think nasty wicked witch is worse, but I can see the potential in Joo Ri. Jules and I are hoping to catch up within the next few weeks now that Flower Boy is over, so we should be current with the broadcasts soon. 🙂

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