A Hundred Year’s Inheritance: Episode 11

HYI 11.9

I knew it was too good to last. In the expected reversal of fortune, Chae Won’s streak of getting back at her mother-in-law turns rather abruptly as the witch once again demonstrates her mastery of anything cunning over the amateur Chae Won, attacking from two different fronts: Chae Won’s husband and her beloved father.

Episode 11 Recap: Chae Won soon learns to regret her decision, because when the witch learns of Chul Gyu’s plan to not only quit the company, but to then move to a different country with his beloved wife, she fakes aphasia. The doctor – who’s on her payroll, naturally – claims this is due to extreme stress  and so a guilt-stricken Chul Gyu chooses to indefinitely postpone the big move. But that victory isn’t enough for the evilest mother-in-law ever to have eviled, and so she hatches a new plan: reminiscent of Chae Won’s own revenge scheme, she decides to use the person Chae Won loves the most against her, and sets up Hyo Dong to take the fall for a factory fire which sent a man to the hospital. 

HYI 11.1

Se Yoon visits Joo Ri at the hospital, concerned that she’s collapsed because of him. She asks Se Yoon to leave because she doesn’t want pity from the man she loves.

HYI 11.2

The Uhm family starts the family competition to see who will inherit the noodle factory–along with the land–with the traditional Korean good blessing ceremony.

HYI 11.4

Meanwhile, the wicked witch thinks of a way to get rid of Chae Won for good as she plans to renovate a warehouse in Paju, the city where Chae Won’s family lives.

HYI 11.5

When the witch returns home that day, Chae Won tells her that she plans to take Chul Gyu away from his darling mother by immigrating to another country…far away from his mother’s reach. Chae Won says she might reconsider this plan if the mother-in-law kneels before her in apology and writes a statement confessing all of her evil deeds. Chae Won walks upstairs, leaving the witch with a headache.

HYI 11.6

When Se Yoon returns home from work, his mother apologizes for getting involved in her son’s love life and promises to let him make his own decision, especially if that will keep him in Korea rather than push him to leave for the States again. Acknowledging his mother’s efforts, Se Yoon tells her that if he does fall for another woman again, Joo Ri may be the ideal woman since she’s been with him from the start and understands his emotional baggage.

HYI 11.7

With the competition officially underway, Ki Choon gives a “testimony” of how his noodle trauma has miraculously disappeared and how he can now eat noodles three times/day without any problems. Pffft. The Uhm siblings take turns trying to outshine the other in front of their father.

Meanwhile, Hyo Dong writes a sweet, old-fashioned love letter to Choon Hee, confessing his love for her. Aw…

HYI 11.8

Plotting in retaliation to what Chae Won has planned, the witch prepares a confession statement as a way to get Chul Gyu to reconsider immigrating. When Chae Won shows reluctance, the witch gets down on her knees and pretends to have a stroke/health crisis, ultimately resulting in a trip to the doctor’s. The verdict? The cunning mother-in-law needs absolute rest and peace. Yup, I guess Chul Gyu’s not going anywhere for a long time. Attack #1: successful!

With his mother “sick,” Chul Gyu takes over the business and finalizes his mother’s plan to have Chae Won’s father outfit the electricity to the Paju warehouse. Moved by his mother’s apparent gesture to make amends for her past actions towards Chae Won, Chul Gyu convinces Chae Won’s father to take the job.

The episode ends with Hyo Dong going to visit Choon Hee and getting taken to the police station–right in front of Choon Hee’s eyes–for the suspected arson of a warehouse in Paju. Attack #2: successful!

Musings: This episode signals the end of Chae Won’s advantage over her wicked mother-in-law. 🙁 I knew it was too good to last, but I was hoping for at a few more episodes in which to make the mother-in-law squirm. *sigh* Alas, it was just too much for me to expect. Chae Won should have known better than to mess with an expert manipulator who’s been at her craft for as long as Chae Won’s been alive. There’s no way she can compete with evil like that. Her error? The fact that she doesn’t ever consider her mother-in-law devious enough to attack what’s most precious to her. Chae Won needs to just assume the worst of her mother-in-law and prepare for the worst. 

I was hoping to recap 2 episodes/post, but due to time restraints, I’ve decided to finish this ep. 11 mini-recap and upload it before the weekend ends. So far, I’m doing this weird catching up/keeping up with the series, having watched ep. 11 AND ep. 19-21. What’s with that? LOL. I’m just weird that way. However, instead of recapping out of order, I’m going to try to recap in order, so please be patient with me. I’m hoping to catch up soon…or relatively soon. 😉 We’ll see how I do with ep. 12-22 in the coming weeks.

Hope those of you on this journey with me are liking the series so far. I’m hanging in there…despite the angst that just keeps building. 😛

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  1. Hi.

    I’m not Korean so I can hardly understand their conversation in every episode of this drama. I have found myself able to like this drama to the point of watching it even if the drama is still raw.
    Can you please continue to do the recaps of this drama. =D

    This is just me asking a favor. hehe. But if your busy schedule does not allow you, I will understand.

    Thank you. 😀

    1. Welcome to our community, Richhapiness! We’re going to try to recap the entire series if possible so stay tuned for future recaps. 🙂 Glad you are with us for the ride!

  2. First thank you for recapping this drama. It is interesting but at the same time very frustrating (that is my own opinion). I’ve seen episodes 25 (already subbed) and episode 26 (raw) and the pattern of maligning Chae Won continues. I wish she’d grow a backbone and be done with the evil family. Why can’t she not just say that she wants nothing to do with them anymore. Their relationship had ended, for goodness’ sake. She could screen her calls so she would not be bother by calls from her ex-husband or change her phone. She could treat Seo Yoon as boss and employee rather than acting too nice to him that had been misconstrued often. Lately the guy’s been an a** for jumping to the wrong conclusions and saying harsh things to Chae Won, the very person whose past he knew, and the person he helped. I cannot comprehend the logic. Anyway, she could just resign so she can avoid seeing all of these people that make her personal and professional life so miserable. I hope that she’ll find a new job and a new man will provide strong competition to the lead. I want Chae Won to shine, grow her wings and smile more.

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