A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 20 Recap and Final Thoughts

Talk about showing Episode 20 some serious love! Forty-seven screencaps! *cough cough* I promise I haven’t lost my marbles; I just couldn’t stop myself from capturing all these lovely pictures for you twinkles. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

Or at least something like that. LOL. Anyhow, without further ado…


Our pre-episode segment features our F4 as high schoolers. Heh…forty+-year-old men in high school uniforms never fail to crack me up. Jung Rok calls Yoon out because he wants to use Yoon’s brand new sneakers while Tae San wants to challenge his new school’s best fighter (jjang). Since the best fighter’s not available, Do Jin steps in and claims that dubious honor.

What ensues is a melee as each guy starts to pick on the other and the original two “duels” disintegrates into a free for all. The end result? The four men bond and become friends for life.

Paralleling this situation, the boy (whose mother had given Dong Yup a hard time) calls the three up to the rooftop to thank them for their help with the bullies. Apologizing to them, he then tells them that he wants to be their friends. Heh…before Dong Yup and the other two can really give him their answer, a teacher’s voice is heard, demanding to know who is on the rooftop. Since no student is allowed on the rooftop, the four duck down from view and bond for life. 🙂

Episode 20 resumes from where episode 19 left off with a club’s waiter ushering four young strapping men to the women’s room for a night of booking.

Seeing the extent to which the women have decided to commemorate Mae Ri’s last night as a single woman, the men intercept the young men and take their places instead.

With the interlopers dispensed with, the fab 4 march into the room and, one by one, introduce themselves to their women. LOL. Their introductions are hilarious…in that mock-threatening way! Heh.

Of course, the women aren’t easily cowed by the men and the four ladies leave to do some dancing. With the ladies gone, the three turn on Jung Rok and blame him for ruining their intimidating advantage because he had minimized their aura of menace by suggesting a song to the women. LOL

The men naturally follow the women to the dance floor, scoping out from the second floor the exact location of their women. And then one by one, each man locates his significant other and takes her off the dance floor.

All that is except Jung Rok, who gives his wife ear buds, and the two of them dance to the “Marcarena.” How cute are they?

The next day, Do Jin and Tae San celebrate another big contract win, emphasizing to the viewers their continued success.

Do Jin then meets with Jung Rok who asks after Yoon, whom he hasn’t seen recently. Do Jin’s answer? Yoon and Mae Ri have gone down to see her parents to ask for permission. And as expected, Mae Ri’s parents objected to the union…until Mae Ri lied and announced that she was pregnant with Yoon’s child! LOL. Um…yeah, Yoon took a beating from Mae Ri’s parents. LOL. I can’t believe Mae Ri would lie like that to smooth the way to her wedding. *heading head in continued amusement/disbelief* That girl seriously has no limits to what she’ll do to marry Yoon.

Meanwhile, Tae San helps Se Ra pack for her upcoming golf tournament and wishes her well but also cautions her to take care of herself and not push herself. Se Ra retorts that she plans to do well since she wants to marry Tae San as a successful golfer. Aw…

As for our darling young duo, they both get hired and become the objects of affection to a bevy of girls. Into this scene Mae Ri walks in and asks Colin to sing a congratulatory song at her wedding. When Colin admits to her that he liked her and can’t sing at his first love’s wedding, Mae Ri insists that he can. After all, he’s not the only guy to have liked her and what does his liking her have to do with his ability to sing. LOL. Oh, Maer…you crack me up.

While Mae Ri takes care of wedding details like the wedding singer, Yoon goes to visit his deceased wife and leaves his wedding ring with her, apologizing to her for leaving her and wanting to spend the rest of his life with Mae Ri.

 The two of them finalize the plans for their wedding, each making promises to each other and Mae Ri still expressing some disbelief that her dream–marrying Yoon–is finally going to happen. Before any of her family members can change their minds, she wants the wedding over and done with! LOL.

Later that evening, before all their friends and family, Mae Ri and Yoon pledge their love and lives to one another, promising cute things like how she won’t mention that he’s much older than she. LOL

And as promised, Colin sings a congratulatory song for the newly weds.

And then the wedding is over with all their friends congratulating them. I love how Tae San is so warm towards Yoon. 🙂

After the wedding, Mae Ri dolls herself up to spend her first evening as Mrs. Choi, but she walks out to a boys’ night as her new husband and his buddies spend the evening talking and eating. Heh. (There’s a tradition in Korea that the first evening is spent with friends and/or family, eating and playing games.) Miffed, Mae Ri goes back inside to wait out the “intruders.”

Unfortunately, when she comes back out to check on the men, she finds them all passed out sleeping in the living room. LOL. Poor Mae Ri! I don’t think she thought about the other three “oppas” she would be inheriting when she married Yoon. Talk about having to put up with your husband’s friends. LOL

The next morning, Do Jin and Tae San (both looking quite cool in their aviator sunglasses) drive to the Blue Cats’ baseball game with Tae San complaining about Yoon’s fickleness and lack of loyalty. Why couldn’t their star pitcher have chosen to leave for his honeymoon after the Blue Cats’ baseball game? A cute scene ensues with Tae San asking their employees if they can pitch while Do Jin keeps piping up that he can pitch. Pfffft.

When they arrive at the baseball field, Yi Soo is being interviewed by a local TV station. The angle? The unique difficulties of being a female umpire in a field dominated by men. As the interviewer asks if she has a boyfriend and Yi Soo hesitates, Do Jin frowns and then raises his hand high in the air…as if to remind his girlfriend that he is her boyfriend. LOL. Yi Soo calmly comments that she does have a boyfriend, one who gets jealous of even the wind but whose jealousy she finds endearing.

After the interview, Yi Soo prepares to take the umpire’s oath of impartiality while Do Jin comments that, of course, she’ll be siding with the Blue Cats. How could she not? After all, her boyfriend is on that team, he reasons. LOL

Yi Soo stares him down and then gasps in shock when she learns that Do Jin will be pitching for the Blue Cats. Her response? “Poor Blue Cats! What will the Blue Cats do?!” Heh…I guess she doesn’t have much faith in her boyfriend’s pitching abilities.

And just as she suspects, Do Jin throws one horrible pitch after another. The irony is that Jang Dong Gun (the actor) is actually quite skilled in baseball. 🙂 Her looks of disbelief and Tae San’s clearly indicate their feelings on the situation.

While the Blue Cats struggle, Jung Rok discovers that Min Sook has shown up to watch the game, looking sleek and cool in chic black with her personal assistant holding an umbrella to shade her from the blazing sun.

As Tae San goes to talk to his pitcher, Jung Rok joins them and tells Tae San to pretend that he’s talking about something serious. Of course, Tae San freaks out and insists that he is talking about something serious–their game and how they’re losing by a landslide. Looking frazzled to be surrounded by two inept baseball-playing friends (Do Jin the pitcher and Jung Rok the coach), Tae San resumes his catcher’s position, only to have Do Jin throw a pitch that starts a fight.

The opposing team goes after Do Jin for deliberating trying to hit their hitter while Tae San tries to convince them that Do Jin’s not talented enough to hit what he aims. Heh. In the midst of the melee, Yi Soo stands dumbfounded while Jung Rok cutely keeps throwing hearts at Min Sook. Heh heh…what a great scene!

Post-game…Yi Soo takes Do Jin to task as though he were an errant little boy in need of a rebuking. She demands to know how he can lose the game that badly. The other team scored 22 runs to the Blue Cats 1 or 2 runs. Aw…

Intent on teaching her boyfriend how to play baseball better, Yi Soo hands Do Jin a toy bat with which to practice, but when Do Jin asks if she loves baseball more or him, she quickly changes the subject. Heh…

Back at his place, Do Jin puts the finishing touches on his yarn-house design and looks at it in satisfaction…until he glimpses the offending baseball bat. Heh…I didn’t know grown men could growl at inanimate objects. LOL

With his yarn-house design completed, Do Jin commences Operation Proposal. Meeting Yi Soo for a drink, he asks her to marry him and gallantly brings out a present. Inside? A lollipop bouquet. Of course, given Do Jin’s levity in “proposing,” she dismisses the seriousness of his request.

They meet again, and he proposes again, this time with a smaller box in which Yi Soo finds a tiara. Again dismissing the seriousness of his proposal, Yi Soo mockingly asks if she should thank Do Jin unni for this honor. LOL

When they meet a third time, Yi Soo looks at him in anticipation of another “proposal” attack.

And just as she expected, he asks her again, to which she closes her ears to his “joke.”

Do Jin, all seriousness now, apologizes for not conveying his true intentions properly and leaves her with his last present.

Once back home, Yi Soo opens the third box and sees a white dress/wedding dress and quickly brings out the other two boxes. She then realizes that Do Jin was merely trying to propose to her in his flashy style and that he was completely serious. Of course, by the time she realizes and sends him a picture text of her in her dress, Do Jin acts cool and distant. Heh…talk about making her sweat. Poor Yi Soo.

The next time they meet is at Tae San’s house to welcome Yoon and Mae Ri back from their honeymoon. The funny moment in this scene? Tae San prepares all the food known to increase a man’s virility–eel, oysters, etc.. LOL. The two other friends–Do Jin and Jung Rok–look on in amusement and disgust…

especially when Tae San feeds Yoon, calling him Yoon suhbang (Korean word for referring to the son-in-law). And what happens when Do Jin or Jung Rok try to eat some of the yumminess? Tae San slaps their hands away. LOL

Just as Yoon is about to eat, though, he receives a phone call and has a difficult time seeing who’s calling. Tae San arranges to visit the eye doctor with Yoon the next day as the others joke around that he can’t possibly be suffering from old age.

But to their shock, Yoon is diagnosed with diminishing eye sight as a result of “old” age. Both men are in complete shock, especially since Yoon just married Mae Ri, who is barely 25 years old.

Tae San tries to cheer up Yoon, reminding him that the doctor said his condition was treatable. With a high five, Tae San tells Yoon not to tell this unexpected news to Mae Ri; this secret is best kept between them.

As for our other married/divorcing couple, Min Sook tells Jung Rok that they have a “tentative divorcing” relationship–they’re married but will live in a state of anxiousness that they can divorce at any given time. This way, they’ll cherish each other and never take each other for granted. Min Sook then tells Jung Rok that she’s given up on the idea of having her own biological children; she gave up about seven years ago when she started to have pre-menopausal symptoms. Instead, she’s decided to make the best of her options and asks Jung Rok how he feels about becoming a father to 10 children. Then handing him a folder of sponsor children, she tells him that they’ll start with 10 but who knows how many children they’ll eventually end up raising. Stunned by this unexpected turn of events, Jung Rok tells Min Sook that she’s definitely too good for him, and he starts to look over the children’s profiles. Aw…looks like they’ll be the first parents of the bunch.

Meanwhile, Operation Proposal is proceeding according to Do Jin’s plans. He acts distant when Yi Soo calls him, telling her that he’s in a meeting. Then hanging up to attend to said meeting, Do Jin tells his staff and partner that their help is of the utmost importance in this new venture.

While Operation Proposal enters its final stages of planning, Tae San gets the scare of his life as Sae Ra collapsed at Incheon Airport while talking with him on the phone as she returns from her international golf tournament. Incidentally, I believe she placed 5th. I can’t access the video right now so am recapping from memory…sorry. In any case, she is taken to the hospital, and Tae San asks the doctor what’s wrong with her; she’s as healthy as a horse and physically fit. After all, she majored in physical education in college.

When the doctor delivers the news that she merely collapsed due to exhausted while being pregnant, Tae San is overjoyed by the news. Aw…clutching Sae Ra’s hand, Tae San smiles broadly and agrees to everything Sae Ra requests: a wedding after the baby is born since she doesn’t want a rushed wedding and she refuses to wear a maternity wedding dress. LOL. Typical Sae Ra.

As for our main couple, Do Jin takes Yi Soo to the red-yarn-pulling lane and excuses himself after Yi Soo tells him that she can’t tell when he’s being serious or not about wanting to marry her. Playing a sound file over the cafe’s sound system that replays all the moments that he proposed to her, Do Jin disappears, only to be replaced by their friends and family who dance and sing in true musical style.

And at the conclusion of the number, Do Jin emerges from the crowd of dancers/singers with a bouquet of flowers and his red yarn-house design.

Then on bended knee, before a rapt audience, Do Jin proposes one last time.

And while the newly affianced couple hug and kiss, our cute duo look on. Dong Yup asks Colin what happened to his first love to which Colin answers that he lost his first love to his father’s friend. Dong Yup looks at him wryly and comments that he lost his first love to his friend’s father. Aw…I love the play on words here! Of course, this is news to Colin, who asks if Dong Yup likes Yi Soo.

With all four couples firmly set, the four men take their anniversary picture with their significant others by their side. Their tradition of taking anniversary pictures at 30, 35, 40, etc. now includes their wives/fiances by their sides.

And much much later, Do Jin and Yi Soo lie awake in the privacy of their bed simply looking at each other. Yi Soo tells Do Jin that she woke up in a fright again…because she was surprised to find Do Jin next to her. Do Jin agrees that it seems like a dream that she’s with him as well and the show ends with the two of them gazing at each other and enjoying the fact that they have the rest of their lives to wake up together.

Final Thoughts: I will be the first to admit that Korean dramas are notorious for some really hideous endings, so I’m quite pleased that the ending to this series did not go that route. Rather, I think this final episode was the series’ best, tying all the loose ends WITHOUT giving the viewers a sense that the series was rushing to its conclusion. And seriously, how could anyone NOT like the musical number proposal? Granted, it was quite cheesy but completely lovely with ALL of their friends and family (Do Jin’s son) there to witness the start of Do Jin and Yi Soo’s life together. And to prevent the scene from descending into complete saccharine overload, Dong Yup’s pithy comment about losing his first love to his friend’s father was just priceless!

Overall, I started this drama hoping to be entertained by the all-star cast, solid directing, and witty writing…and saw the last episode with a smile on my face. To be honest, it wasn’t the fabulously-wonderful-I can-hardly-wait-for-the-next-episode that I hoped it would be given all the star power associated with the show–and the Olympics preempting the last two episodes may have also had a hand in that–but overall, it was a solidly presented piece of Korean drama, one that peeks into the often-ignored world of men…and forty+ men at that!

Each man and woman gave us some great laughs and some introspective food for thought. And the biggest contribution of this show to the kdrama industry? The exploration of the idea that relationships and marriages can happen at any point in a person’s life and that the usual expectations of marrying and having kids may not be so common after all. We see those expectations overturned with Mae Ri marrying a much older Yoon whose is a widower, Min Sook opting for adoption/sponsorship of children and reconciling with a husband who was known for his philandering, and Yi Soo and Sae Ra finding husbands as they hit the 35+ age mark. I loved that the show made dating for the 40+ set fun and just as exciting and full of romance as kdramas usually do for the younger set.

As I put the last finishing touches on this recap and “final thoughts” review, I leave the world of A Gentleman’s Dignity with a smile and fond memories of our four fabulous men/boys whose friendships remind us that through life, one of the most valuable assets we can have are friends and family, regardless of the ups and downs those friends and families can bring.

Thanks, AGD, for a great few months of fun, and a great big shout out to all you twinkles who made this journey through AGD a blast! 😉

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2 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 20 Recap and Final Thoughts”

  1. Aww, this was such a fun show, though I must admit that – cracky as it was – it didn’t really get me in the heart and maybe it’s a Kim Eun-sook thing, because I find that although I anticipate each episode of the dramas she writes for and do enjoy them, I don’t tend to watch her dramas again or look for the DVD boxset when it’s out.

    So yeah, I liked the show, but didn’t love it and it was the same with the finale: it was a cute wrap-up, but Do-jin’s hot-n-cold routine made me want to slap him upside the head and I can’t believe we didn’t get a Yoon/Me Ahri kiss. 🙁

    Jung-rok/Min-sook and Tae-san/Se-ra… oy. I feel like the writer decided one day that Jung-rok wasn’t an adulterous womanizer but just a rascally scamp and that we, as viewers, should just forget that he cheated on her through most of the series and then be on his side when he (suddenly) decided he loved her and would stop cheating (for how long?) and win her back. Yeah, it doesn’t work like that, buddy; or not for me, at least. Tae-san and Se-ra’s major conflict was that she didn’t want to get married or have children and it seemed as though the writer thought, Hm, I don’t know how to get them past this block, and instead of having them compromise, her solution was just to have Se-ra (randomly) change her mind and decide that yes, she now wanted to marry and have children. Great, but what brought about the change and why did I invest so much time in watching these people try to resolve their issues if all that was required was flipping their brain-switch from off to on? *frustrated sigh*

    Okay, now that I’ve complained for, like, half a page (and I could’ve gone on longer *g*), on to the good stuff, namely: Jang Dong-gun. He’s so incredibly charming that even when he was being a total prat, I was with him emotionally. I loved the slow build of his relationship with Yi-soo, that her issues with her mother weren’t tied up with a neat little bow. I loved Yoon and Me Ahri’s progression, too, because it felt really natural to me (still, no kiss? Why, show, whyyyyy? What did I ever do to you?), so the fact that they got their happy ending made me smile (particularly when remembering that sad scene after Yoon’s wife died – ah, the poor guy deserves some sunshine in his life and Me Ahri will be that for him). And, of course, the friendship between the four guys was so incredibly awesome and funny and touching and was, I think, the show’s heartbeat; I hope that everyone either has or will find that kind of friendship: strong and understanding and true and always, always there, no matter what. <3

    Thanks for the fantastic recap, ST! 🙂

  2. Great ending to a great drama! Always heard reference to Jang Dong Gun but being new, never really seen anything with him in it. Now I will be looking for all of his movies to remember him! I loved this drama as the age group of the actors were just a bot closer to mine! Except for zyoon/Meahri relationship, all the relationships were well done and portrayed! Hopefully we will see more of these type of dramas in the future because maybe the writers will realize, it does work!

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