A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 19 Recap

Pre-Recap ThoughtsIt’s official: I can’t nutshell. 

Let me rephrase that: my subconscious blogging self refuses to nutshell.

Seriously, I tried–and tried–tonight as I watched episode 19, but my fingers refused to remain still. Instead, I continued to snip and snip screencap after screencap. Imagine a gleeful, avid kdrama viewer snipping away on her laptop.

What’s a girl to do?

Just go with the flow. At least that’s what my inner voice was telling me as I snipped away. LOL

Perhaps it’s for the best that I couldn’t stop myself. With only two episodes left to write about in this series, it only seems fitting that I give episode 19 and 20 a bit more love, no?

My consolation? That I’m in good company since it looks like Jules had a difficult time restraining herself with Haeundae Loverstoo. 😉


Episode 19 starts with the usual showcase scene that highlights a particular point before the meat of the episode. Today’s point: that the men’s increasing protectiveness with their respective ladies has been activated. What instigates the macho/chauvinistic attitude? The backside of Min Sook’s daring dress…or rather, the lack thereof. LOL

Of course, when the ladies excuse themselves to go to the restroom (yes, all four women go to the bathroom together), the men naturally see nothing wrong with enjoying the skin on another woman. Clearly demonstrating that men will be men, our four men resort to enjoying other women’s “skin” while protesting the exposure of their significant others’. Heh.

With the pre-episode scene dealt with, the show resumes with Jung Rok reeling from Min Sook’s bomb at his bar and calling his friends to help him strategize. The only thing is that no one believes him. Instead, they complain that he called them out so early in the morning.

This unbelief continues until Do Jin convinces Yi Soo to spend the night with him at a hotel, and the two of them run into Min Sook. Realizing that Jung Rok was telling the truth, Do Jin gives up on his plans for the evening and tells Yi Soo to ask Min Sook for a drink while he “attends his late night meeting,” the excuse that they gave Min Sook so that Yi Soo could look like she wasn’t about to sleep with Do Jin at the hotel.

Meanwhile, Mae Ri visits Tae San’s house and cleans up after her brother’s mess, a cleaning that Tae San notes when he returns home from work later that night.

Back at the hotel, while Yi Soo tells Min Sook (calling her unni) that the nervousness and suspicion Min Sook feels is nothing more than the effects of a one-sided love now being reciprocated, Do Jin calls Jung Rok and lets him know Min Sook’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, when Jung Rok arrives, Min Sook insists on a divorce and hands Jung Rok the divorce papers. Jung Rok, seriously peeved and emotional, rashly signs the papers and then rips up the last sheet which stipulates that he can have 1/3 of her assets. Of course, he stomps out, followed by Do Jin, while Yi Soo tries to console Min Sook, who asks her for some privacy.

Now that the three finally realize the gravity of the situation, they convene together to figure out where Jung Rok might have gone, only to find him “calmly” cooking at his club, filling in for a cook who has called in sick. At his stoic expression, the three friends can’t help but worry.

Meanwhile, Yi Soo wishes her homeroom class well, especially as they will soon be third-year high school students, and throws them a farewell party. She snaps pictures of her students for memories and pause when she gets to Colin and Dong Yup.

With a thoughtful expression and resolve, she takes a picture of the two students who recently impacted her life in such a dramatic way.

After class, she speaks with Colin and learns that he’s getting closer to Do Jin and Colin likewise learns that Yi Soo’s relationship with his father is better better. Yi Soo then suggests that she’d like for their relationship to get better as well, mentioning that they got along well enough when they first met…an olive branch of peace to the young man who could potentially become her stepson if all things with Do Jin go well. She does a doubletake, however, when she realizes that Dong Yup and Colin are good friends. LOL

These two friends vie for the same part-time job, trying to convince the owner that one is better suited than the other. Heh…the things they come up with are hilarious. For example, Dong Yup says that he is so popular with the girls that he’ll bring them into the store in droves. Colin’s response? The girls are a given; he can start bringing in the boys as well. LOL Dong Yup’s facial expression to that outrageous, confident statement is priceless. LOL Yeah, we know who the smoother talker is.

Meanwhile, Yoon takes Mae Ri shoe shopping and tells her that she needs good climbing shoes since they have a great mountain to climb (pun on Tae San’s name). The two then share a cute little pun on Mae Ri’s name before Yoon excuses himself to go meet Tae San.

At Tae San’s place, Tae San asks Yoon if he’s here to see him as a friend or as Mae Ri’s boyfriend. When Yoon chooses the latter, Tae San tells him to leave, but Yoon follows him inside and kneels before his friend.

Turning to face Yoon again, Tae San is stunned to find his dear friend kneeling on the floor. (kneeling in Korean culture = act of submission)

Grabbing Yoon by the lapels, Tae San tells Yoon to get up and give up.

When Yoon continues to tell Tae San that he’ll love Mae Ri and take very good care of her–the equivalent of “give me permission to date and marry your sister”–Tae San’s face contorts in anguish and indecision.

Seeing the struggle, Yoon can only look on in equal pain at his dear friend’s face.

Tae San seeks refuge at Jung Rok’s bar and is joined by Do Jin who learned that Yoon came to visit Tae San and that Tae San had taken a swing at Yoon. Do Jin comforts him and tells him that Tae San’s done all he can. Now that he’s fully objected, told the couple his objections and concerns, he can now give them his consent and let the two adults lead their own lives. Regardless of what the future may hold for those two, Tae San can rest easy knowing that he’s done his best for those two.

As for Jung Rok, he goes on the offensive and decides to keep showing up in Min Sook’s life. Looking for any and every excuse to see her, Jung Rok tells Min Sook that he’s rethought the issue of the 1/3 assets. He’s decided to claim what’s “rightfully” his. When Min Sook tells him that’s fine, Jung Rok tells her to confirm his measurements and continues on his merry little way of dividing every single item in the place by one-third. LOL When she questions his sincerity in cutting everything down the 1/3 line, Jung Rok pulls out a small electric saw to underscore his intentions. LOL. Thankfully, Yoon shows up, giving Min Sook time to slip inside her bedroom…

…only to gasp in shock once she locks her bedroom door and turns around to see her bedroom.

While she was away from the house, Jung Rok had completely taped every item in her bedroom by one-thirds. She stifles a laugh when Jung Rok tells her from the other side of the door that he needs to reenter her bedroom because he forgot to tape the toilet paper. Toilet paper?! LOL The man slays me with his silliness. LOL

Meanwhile, Do Jin pops by Yi Soo’s house–cheekily, he tells Yi Soo that he helped her move closer to him so that he could drop by unexpectedly like this all the time–and the two flirt with each other until Yoon calls Do Jin and tells him to listen without talking much. Why the secrecy? Apparently, Yi Soo’s two “stepbrothers” had given Yoon’s business card to Yi Soo’s mother, who then called Yoon, wanting to meet with the “oppa” who loves Yi Soo. She contacted Yoon to request a meeting with Do Jin.

Do Jin meets Yi Soo’s mother, and the two learn things about each other: Do Jin, that Yi Soo’s mother won’t object to her daughter dating a single father and Yi Soo’s mother, that Do Jin loves her daughter but has a past.

Unexpectedly, Yi Soo shows up, sees the two talking, and storms away…but not before yelling at her mother to stay out of her life.

Do Jin reassures the mother that he’ll take good care of Yi Soo and then bids her farewell before chasing after Yi Soo. The mother remains behind in the cafe, a solitary tear falling from her face as she regrets for the umpteenth time her strained relationship with her daughter.

Outside, Do Jin catches up to Yi Soo and comforts her. In the midst of this seriousness, Yi Soo tearfully complains that she didn’t want him to know this messy part of her past, and Do Jin counters that she’s discovered something worse of his. She responds that she was hoping to use that knowledge as leverage, but now, she has none since he’s discovered her imperfect past. Heh…these two are so cute when they tease and joke, even in this situation. LOL

With one situation defused, Do Jin meets with Jung Rok to discuss Tae San’s situation. Unexpectedly, Tae San shows up and informs the two that he’s called Mae Ri and Yoon to the cafe for a “talk.”

At Tae San’s unexpected approval of Mae Ri and Yoon’s relationship, the two friends “ooh” and “ahhh” and exchange cute glances with each other, especially when Yoon quickly accepts Tae San’s permission for Mae Ri and Yoon to marry. Their final conclusion? “We’re on Tae San’s side!” Heh.

Yoon and Mae Ri quickly leave the cafe to plan their wedding now that big brother Tae San has given his consent. (Aw…Tae San’s look of sadness at Mae Ri’s quick acceptance is so cute yet sad. Also, anyone else wondering about the parents? It seems as though Tae San’s approval is all that matter.) Outside, Yoon promises Mae Ri that he’ll work hard to make her happy, living each day gratefully.

On a lighter note, the three high school students amble the streets of Seoul, enjoying their vacation time. While slurping their popsicles, Colin, Dong Yup, and friend come across a student being harassed by a group of bullies. As Colin comments that to rescue the bullied student would be foolish, Dong Yup and friend walk to the student’s aid. With a resigned smile, Colin joins in…

…and finds himself at the police station. Heh…gotta love this picture! Why am I suddenly struck with the image of these four becoming the next generation of our 40+ F4? 🙂

When Do Jin comes to the police station in response to Colin’s call–as a minor, he had to call his guardian–Do Jin is stunned to witness one of the bullies’ father smack Dong Yup on the back of the head. Rushing to defend/avenge Dong Yup, Do Jin smacks the offensive father’s head and then points out that although he’d personally like to smack the son, an adult can’t hit a child, so he’s opted for the next best thing–smacking the adult who smacked Dong Yup. Ha! Go, Do Jin!

Duly impressed by Do Jin’s awesomeness, the two young boys look on in appreciation. Poor Dong Yup…he’s probably never had an adult male stand up for him at the police station. Come to think of it, it’s ironic that the two adults who’ve stood up for him have been Yi Soo and Do Jin.

After sternly telling the boys to stay out of trouble and for Dong Yup and his buddy to stop smoking–an indirect reference to their earlier tussle with the law when Do Jin “fought” with Dong Yup over a cigarette–Do Jin goes to meet Yi Soo at a cafe but ends up getting insanely jealous when Yi Soo mistakes a man for her old flame. Taking her back to her place, he insists on erasing her “sexy” nail polish and tells her that he’s enjoyed enough of her sexiness. LOL

As he erases the polish (such a cute image of him bent over her nails), Yi Soo receives a phone call from Min Sook, who has just learned from Jung Rok that Mae Ri is getting married. Heh…there’s a cute scene in which Jung Rok interrupts her business meeting to tell her he has an important matter to discuss with her: whether they are going to give Mae Ri a wedding gift together or separately. LOL. His assessment of the situation? Since Mae Ri got engaged before their divorce, they should give her a gift together. LOL. Gotta love the man for his faulty logic! 😉

In any case, Min Sook calls the women out for a girls’ night out/bachelorette party for Mae Ri. Exercising her power/clout, Min Sook takes the women, all decked out to impress, to an exclusive club.

Of course, one of Jung Rok’s spies fills him in on the development and the four men arrive at the club en masse, looking ready to kill. Heh…When the club bouncers bar their entry, Do Jin tells Tae San and Jung Rok to take a few steps back while he and Yoon handle the situation. How? By ditching the less fashionably dressed Jung Rok and Tae San and gaining entrance since he and Yoon are dressed well enough for the club. LOL. Tae San and Jung Rok eventually get into the club after some serious bribing. Heh…I guess when it comes to protecting their women, it’s every man for himself. LOL

Completely unaware of the impending storm of testosterone heading their way, the four women celebrate what promises to be a fun and exciting night.

And when the club usher tells them that he’s brought four eligible men to join their party…

...the women’s expectant faces freeze as their respective men march into the room.

And one by one, each man introduces himself menacingly to the women. LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: Ha! I love this episode! It starts with the men being overly protective of their women and ends with them crashing in on Mae Ri’s bachelorette party. LOL

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but the mix between the serious and the silly–supported firmly by sharp, witty dialogue–has me coming back each weekend for more. I’ll definitely be sad to see this one end…now that I’m finally on board. Better late than never, right ladies? 😉

I’ll keep tonight’s post-recap thoughts short and save my thoughts for episode 20’s recap and/or final thoughts. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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  1. Hi Twinkie

    I have actually been pondering whether or not to watch this drama and reading your post recaps means a big fat Yes!!

    Saw the trailers while watching Dummy Mommy and was discussing with my sis, we actually said probably will watch it just bcos of the Ajushis, lol

    I skipped your recap and just read the post recaps as I tend to not concentrate when I watch if I read recaps before starting a drama. Will read the recaps after I watch just to see if I missed anything.

    Thanks for this!

  2. I LOVE YOU SNOOPY’S TWINKIE! I feel whole again knowing this show is back on and I get to know what happens! Thank you so very much! And a special thank you to your inner drama fangirl that refused to nutshell! I love the nutshells and I know they’re best for you but with these final episodes I NEEDED to know the story =)

    1. LOL. Glad the recap was appreciated. Truth be told, I could have gone into more detail, but oh well…wanted to save my “strength” for episode 20. 🙂

  3. Ladies, anyone know much about Bridal Mask??

    Would love to know what you think for those who have watched it.

    Thanks so much:)

    1. Hi, Nayong,

      I’ve been reading the recaps of Bridal Mask on another website (somehow recaps work better for me than actually watching the drama) and I think the story is engaging. The plot is actually quite complicated because there are quite a few characters, and a lot goes on in every episode. I think it’s worth watching (or at lest reading about first).

  4. Glad to have you on board. This has been a wonderful drama. Not overly saturated with angst. Enough wittiness for us all! Loved the dynamics of the characters. We all had our favorites but overall, we all rooted for happiness in the end. This has been a great year for drama! And a lot of templates for good dramas have been created.

  5. Thanks for the nutshell-that-became-a-recap! I liked thr blend of elements in this episode, too, and I can’t wait to see how the series ends! It does look like happy endings for all, though!

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