49 Days Episodes 19 and 20

Episode 19: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/36512/5
Episode 20: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/36538/12

@8:42pm: Ji-Hyun is scheduled to die?!! Any bets that she’s the person who rides the “elevator” with Yi Soo and Yi Kyung and Kang end up happily together?

Thoughts on Episode 20:
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama that had me choking with unshed tears. Although I only saw the last few episodes of this drama, I enjoyed how the writer paced everything. It makes sense that Ji-Hyun dies halfway through the episode so as to leave the other half for closure and such. Yi Kyung ending up at Ji-Hyun’s lost older sister was a nice (but too convenient?) twist that had me screaming Charles Dickens. LOL. It specifically made me think of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, a story in which everyone is somehow connected to each other in the end, tying all the loose ends neatly. 
And as cheesy as this may sound, I liked how In-Jung and Min-Ho are working towards returning to their old “nice” selves. There was definitely a part of me that was hoping In-Jung was the third tear; I refused to believe that she could have been friends with Ji-Hyun for that long and not have genuinely loved Ji-Hyun. All in all, the drama was satisfying to watch…and yes, despite my earlier suspicions that Yi-Kyung and Kang were going to end up together, I appreciated that the drama didn’t try to go down that route and simply left them as friends who are helping each other get through mourning of loved ones and life in general.  The end scene–two trees for Ji-Hyun and Yi-Soo–does a nice job of symbolically linking the two in death and the remaining two (Yi-Kyung and Kang) in life and how the four impacted each other.

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3 thoughts on “49 Days Episodes 19 and 20”

  1. Long time no see 🙂

    Glad to see you again. I have much hope with 49d and enjoyed watching from day 1.I am sorry coz i am a sucker for happy ending, so the ending suck 🙁
    Oh i know, life, death.. you cannot avoid it, but still to have JY suffer trying her best to stay alive and finally killing her just too cruel for me..

  2. @ wanzhaf: Good to hear from you, too! Yeah, I know…like you, I would have preferred a happy ending with Ji-Hyun and Kang, but the ending was acceptable to me, largely due to the fact that I didn't watch the show from episode 1 and therefore didn't witness all the heartache Ji-Hyun went through. If I had, I probably would have wanted to spit at the ending. LOL Are you watching any of the other shows I'm currently watching?

  3. Yeah, since i watched 49 from day 1, i am really really disappointed

    Right now i am watching Can You Hear My Heart, another emotional investment 🙂 I love the story line and of course all the cast. I have seen Kim Jae Won's drama before, and i fall in love with his smile, so i definitely wanted to see more of him. Its my favorite (x3) show at the moment.
    I have d/l LTM, read all the recap but havent really sit and watch yet. To tell you the truth, i didnt really favour the lead. 🙂 I watch him in CH and i hate his character (thus i stop half way, which is very rare for me), thus make me hesitate… but i like YEH, so i am…
    Havent an urge to watch Greatest Love but i start with Romance Town. Come what may, I'll be watching Ripley because of Yoochun! LOL I am totally vain

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