2 Days and 1 Night: Endorphin Injection!


Whether you know this long-running variety show as 2 Days and 1 Night or 1 Night and 2 Days, the title matters little in comparison to the hilarious content that gets broadcast each weekend. And oh my is this featured game hilarious!

Seriously, I haven’t laughed this hard in quite some time, and as we hurdle through the mid-week hump today, I thought that this challenge that the men of 2D1N have to complete would be the perfect thing to give us that extra boost of endorphin (aka laughter) to get us through the rest of the week…and I don’t think you need to have English subtitles for this. After all, laughter and silliness are universal!

Video: Released July 10, 2016, compliments of 호홓 via Youtube (CAUTION: DO NOT WATCH THIS WHEN YOU HAVE TO BE DIGNIFIED AND QUIET)

The premise of this clip? The members (including our Flower Boy Next Door sweetie Yoon Shi Yoon) have to secretly eat their lunches while the teacher lectures…without getting caught. Otherwise, they have to suffer punishment. Heh. Are you liking the premise already?

What starts out as possible excitement over who has the best and tastiest lunch quickly turns into dismay as one particular member (Kim Joon Ho) realizes that his three-tray feast of a lunch is going to be his downfall! I mean, the man can’t even fit the three trays in his desk. Pfffffft. And the baseball that he makes with his rice…! Just the visual alone is priceless!

Once they finish, they are to raise their hands and “volunteer” by calling out “Teacher…me! I’m done!” This is the catch phrase that signals they’ve completed their lunch, and the winner gets his choice of “summer break homework.” But oh my goodness…the journey to do shi rak completion is going to leave some of you–if not all of you–guffawing out loud.

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6 thoughts on “2 Days and 1 Night: Endorphin Injection!”

  1. I certainly did enjoy it. I laughed til I cried and my throat hurt. The lunch box game with the teacher was the highlight though. And the scenery of Ulleungdo was gorgeous! Curious to see whose sweet potato sprouts the best…..any guesses? Thanks for sharing Grace.

  2. The games they played started with late-night Let’s Catch the Mice … squeak, squek, squeak, a game I’ve never seen before but was so cute to see grown men playing. The team split for the early morning challenge, a task which caused moments of breathlessness and fear for some. Summer time school grounds found our team competing with the prettiest girls in school to play the jump the rubber band game, they were imagining girls from their favorite girls group, little did they know . . . who appeared was a surprise all right! But, the lunch game at school was a gut buster. Please, you must watch it and let us know what you think, okay?

    I could write another paragraph just about the scenery of the island Ulleungdo (in this and the previous episode).

    1. I caught a clip of the Let’s Catch the Mice and found it adorable, especially since Kim Jong Min was able to keep track of all 28 (!!!) mice. LOL The variety show (Heroine 6) popularized that game. Sadly, that variety show is no longer around.

      Based on your glowing comment of the episode, it looks like I’ll be watching this episode this weekend while I workout. 😉

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