1% of Anything: Teaser #4


Guess what was waiting for me tonight when I returned home from a late night at the office? Yup, you guessed it!

Teaser #4!!! *Dances the Happy Snoopy Dance*

What a wonderful reward for being a good teacher and staying late to catch up on some grading, huh? And you’re not going to believe just how wonderful this teaser is! Truly!

Video: Released September 26, 2016, and compliments of · 가딘미디어 via YouTube

Over the past two decades that I’ve been watching Kdramas, I’ve seen the quality of the shows improve–quite drastically in some cases–and this remake of one of my all-time favorites, 1% of Something, is no different.

What was a bit overdone and awkward in the original seems more nuanced and developed in the 2016 version, and oh my! With each successive teaser that I see, my expectations for this series keep soaring.

Heck~! At this rate, I’m going to do something really foolish and start to recap this 26-episode series or something equally unwise given my current schedule. LOL.

It’s that good, Twinkles. Truly.

And if you’re wondering just how improved the 2016 version is, you have only to count the number of smooches these two lovebirds share to get a small taste of the difference. 😉


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