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I feel as though I’ve been literally buried under a mound–or two–of papers and exams this past week, so it’s with great delight that I sit before my trusty computer and blog for you this recap. 🙂 Enjoy~!

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Episode 2 begins with Da Hyun leaving her school just as Jae In drives to meet her. Learning that Da Hyun has already left for the day, Jae In says to his absent grandfather that he tried to keep part of his bargain. As he drives off the school grounds, though, he spots Da Hyun, who returns to school after realizing that she’s left something behind…again. Heh. Her absentmindedness is so enduring.

He waves her an awkward hello and tells himself that this is just mere coincidence. It. Is. Not. Fate. Heh, keep telling yourself that, Jae In.

The next thing we see is the two of them at a café as he tries to convince her to negotiate with him. Of course, Da Hyun thinks that Jae In is a con artist and insists on having a discussion together with said “Grandfather.”

In an attempt to convince her, he calls his grandfather, who quickly rebuffs his request for help. He tells Jae In to deal with the situation himself, at which point Da Hyun tells Jae In that he should have planned everything out before he met with her if he wanted to succeed in scamming her.

Highly frustrated, Jae In coerces Da Hyun to continue their “discussion” while Da Hyun repeatedly asks why she should even converse with him. For all she knows, Jae In is of questionable character, and she should really call the police on him.

To establish his legitimacy, Jae In looks up his profile on his cell phone and shows her the Internet article. It’s only then that Da Hyun acknowledges that he’s not a “weirdo” and that she’s not in immediate danger. Ha! However, she remains firm in her insistence that she wants nothing to do with Jae In or his grandfather’s will. After all, it’s not as though she or her family are starving or homeless.

Despite his “powerful” skills of persuasion (Pfffft!), Jae In is unable to budge Da Hyun even one inch from her stance of non-involvement and instead suffers subtle insult after insult from our clever elementary teacher, who compliments the “unknown” grandfather for his wisdom in trying to get his horribly tempered grandson married with the lure of a small fortune. Heee~! Score 1 for Da Hyun! Or is that already 3 or 4 points in her favor? 😉

Fuming, Jae In visits his lawyer friend (Park Hyung Joon) to strategize and instead becomes further irritated when his friend turns Jae In’s insults about Da Hyun into compliments. Ha~! Love it! The friend is sensible. He soon becomes serious, though, when Jae In reports that Da Hyun is neither interested in marriage or money.

Jae In’s strategy? To keep pushing until he get the results that he wants!

As Da Hyun waits for her singer/student, she picks up a book about Jae In’s grandfather, asking “Do you know me?” When her student arrives, she smiles brightly at him, all distasteful thoughts of Jae In gone and gives her student advice on his upcoming exam and takes him out for a meal, all the while acting as the president of his fan club. Aw…

Meanwhile, Jae In broods at his office and then declares to Da Hyun’s picture that “I don’t engage in a game that I can’t win!” Oh, Jae In…you clueless man! LOL

The next day, Da Hyun concludes her class with a “Great job, everyone!” when she receives a text message from Jae In, requesting a meeting.


At the café, Jae In goes into automatic protective mode when someone almost bumps into Da Hyun. Aww…his body already knows what his heart and brain haven’t figured out yet. 😉

Seated across from him, Da Hyun asks why he keeps on bothering her. Jae In tells her that his grandfather has tied them together in a three-legged race with marriage as the final goal. BUT he’s been able to convince his grandfather to reconsider and agree to a 6-month dating period instead of to marriage. At that time, the grandfather will revise his will so that both she and Jae In will be free again.

Smart woman that she is, Da Hyun asks how that concerns her. Again, she neither wants his grandfather’s money, nor does she want to marry, especially to a man like him! She has no intentions of making her life complicated by marrying someone just so that she can acquire a fortune. With that parting shot, she makes a “dramatic” exit…only to return to the table because she left her cell phone behind. LOL. Her absentminded just doesn’t get old with me. 🙂

Back at home, she wistfully comments that the unexpected fortune would have been nice but that she certainly can’t trust what those people might be scheming. When she receives a phone call from her mother, she reassures her mother that she hasn’t forgotten about her blind date and that at this rate, she’ll end up meeting all the acupuncturists in Korea. Chuckling, she tells her mom that she’ll make sure to marry an acupuncturist; her mother has nothing to worry about. Heh. Who knew acupuncturists were such coveted husband material? 😉

Meanwhile, Jae In continues to brood over his conversation with Da Hyun and his grandfather, muttering that if she continues to resist, things will only get complicated.

And complicated they may get as Grandfather tells his right-hand spy (Kang Dong Seok) to call Attorney Park Hyung Joon. He plans to prod Jae In a bit. After all, he suspects that Da Hyun has already rejected Jae In and that his grandson may need a bit more incentive to make good on his promise.

Unaware of all this, Jae In meets his mother for lunch at his hotel…just as Da Hyun meets her blind date—an acupuncturist—right across the room in clear view. He tries to ignore them as his mother comments that the couple over there seems well suited for each other and that he should think about getting married himself. Ha! The look on his face when his mother says Da Hyun looks good with the acupuncturist is classic! Subtle to avoid his mother’s radar but still disgruntled and visible to our eyes. LOL.


When he spies them laughing together, though, he gives up trying to ignore them and excuses himself, telling his mother that he has a “big situation” that he needs to deal with immediately. Heh.


Striding purposefully towards the table, Jae In surprises Da Hyun and then proceeds to insinuate to her date that she’s on the blind date with the acupuncturist because she’s mad at Jae In. Telling her that she’s cheating on him, he plops himself down, and before Da Hyun realizes it, she’s let slip in front of her blind date the fact that Jae In’s grandfather wants her and Jae In to “date,” giving the erroneously impression that Jae In is right. Heh.


At that disclosure, the acupuncturist politely excuses himself, and Jae In smiles smugly like the Cheshire Cat.


Of course, Da Hyun now realizes that he’s not one to take “no” easily and squares off to fight another round with Jae In.


Meanwhile, Attorney Park and Kang Dong Seok meet to discuss the new development: Grandfather wants Min Tae Ha, Jae In’s cousin, to be briefed on the details of the will as well. Uh oh…Jae In is going to be getting some unwanted competition soon! Can’t wait! 😉

Back at the hotel, Da Hyun reassures her mother over the phone that she’s not dating anyone—truly!—and that “the man” is not a dangerous one for her to be concerned over. I guess the mother’s already heard through the grapevines about Jae In’s interruption of the date.

She again reassures her mother and promises that she’ll go on another blind date with a man that her mother selects. Next weekend, she promises.

At this, Jae In shakes his head and then proceeds to convince her that a dating arrangement between the two of them will solve both of their problems: She needs a man, and he needs her because of his grandfather’s will.

Reluctantly, Da Hyun agrees…but on her terms as well! Smart little cookie! She sees right through Jae In’s tactics to plan things in his favor and asks why she should take the difficult path when there’s an easy one right before her! Heh. Loved the convoluted details of their negotiations!

So…her terms?  First, she wants him to start addressing her in a respectful way by calling her either “teacher” or “Miss Kim Da Hyun”…and to stop using profanity.


Jae In narrows his eyes at her requests before getting down to the business of negotiating the details of her terms. Tossing requests for a fully-stocked library at her school, a new indoor gymnasium and a large mirror for the dance room, Da Hyun is stunned when Jae In agrees to them all. She wonders at the extent of his money and power, and when she finally realizes how serious he is, she asks him to help her extricate her student from the bad contract with his abusive studio company. Used to people who are more self-interested, Jae In has a difficult time believing that she really only wants that from her negotiations with him.

With the preliminary terms agreed upon, Da Hyun and Jae In leave the hotel. Of course, Da Hyun has once again forgotten her cell phone, and Jae In hands it to her, asking her if she’s usually this absent-minded, perpetually leaving things behind.


As a car drives close to them, Jae In automatically pulls Da Hyun to him, once again in protective mode. Aw…


So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying this remake of one of my favorite Kdrama shows. Yes, despite the subtle changes which I suspect will become more obvious as the series progresses. After all, when did Jae In’s mother in the original concern herself with an “aunt” from Canada and her relationship with Jae In? Let’s not even mention the fact that this revised Jae In is a chaebol on both sides of the family, paternal and maternal. Interesting…I’ll certainly be keeping an open eye out for how this change in his family background influences the structure of the original story. 

As for the things that have remained the same, I need not mention them in all that much detail…yet. Da Hyun’s constant forgetfulness is as enduring as ever, and her ability to meet Jae In’s forceful personality tit for tat never fails to elicit a chuckle of appreciation from me.

Of all the changes that I notice in this remake, though, I must admit that I like the toned down version of Ha Seok Jin‘s Lee Jae In. As much as I love Kang Dong Won‘s Lee Jae In, the constant yelling is a bit much to handle sometimes and makes Da Hyun look bullied. With the remake, I don’t see that domineering yelling, which is nice. And even when he does yell, Jeon So Min‘s Da Hyun is quick to bring him to heel. 🙂

That’s all I’m going to say for now about the series. As you can tell from today’s musing, I’m liking the remake and plan to continue blogging, so stay tuned this weekend for NewKDramaAddict‘s recap of Episode 3 and my Episode 4! 🙂

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  1. I loved that they kept the interrupted blind date! It was funny in the original and especially funny in this! Yes, I do like the toned down version of Jae In! Even with it toned down, you still still the domineering tendencies of his character! So, the dramatic change will be fun to watch! Both actors are doing an EXCELLENT job! I’m very happy with this remake! Not going to say this very often! But so far, so good!! Now onto ep 3!!

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