1% of Anything (2016): Teaser Awesomeness


How timely is it that in my Children’s Literature course last night, I lectured on the power of an effective retelling of a story and then came home to discover that teaser #2 had been released?

Add to that coincidental timing the fact that I love the second teaser–and I mean LOVEI’ve completely reversed my stance on the remake. 🙂 After my mini-marathon of the original series this past weekend–even with the over-the-top acting and all–I still wasn’t willing to concede that the remake could be a good thing…until now! 

Teaser #2 has converted me into a staunch supporter of this remake!

Whuh? *blinks eyes innocently* I can’t flipflop on you all after I view new “evidence” to inform me of the errors of my thinking? 😉

Granted, I wasn’t all that enthused last week about the remake of my beloved 1% of Something (for simplicity’s sake, I’ll refer to the original 2003 series as 1% of Something and call the 2016 remake 1% of Anything since it seems as though everyone’s calling it that). However, I’m now completely open to the notion of the remake, especially since this new teaser shows a bit more of the onscreen chemistry between our leads. Suffice it to say, I’m liking Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min in their respective roles. 🙂

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Video: Released September 22, 2016, and compliments of · 가딘미디어 via YouTube

Let the countdown to Episode 1 begin! *rubs hands in anticipation*

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