News: I’ll Be Back…

TM Bears (2014)

I really thought that I would be able to continue blogging during the last few weeks of my spring term, but alas…I took a look at my to-grade list today and finally accepted the fact that survival and sanity come way before any fun that can be had romping in Kdramaland.

So…I shall be back in mid-June once final term grades are posted for my students. *sigh* And I had such high hopes of keeping Monday warm while NewKDramaAddict was on break by reprising the “Marathon Drama” corner. Ah well…we shall just have to look forward to the summer months when I’ll have more time to romp with you all here in Kdramaland. The good news is that the summer will herald the return of some of my favorite corners on this blog. 🙂

Stay tuned, my dear Twinkles~! In the meanwhile, I shall miss romping with you for the next few weeks. *waves farewell*

Eye Candy of the Week: Power of a Smile

BJH 10PSJ 10My parents often tell me that a smile has a lot of power and that I should smile whenever possible.

Over the years, I’ve experienced its power and am inclined to agree with them–a smile, particularly a mega-watt smile, can do some amazing things. Shall I name a few general examples?

It can help someone have a brighter outlook on life.

It can give someone an air of confidence that he or she may not otherwise feel inside.

It can make anyone look beautiful.

But most importantly, it can be contagious, prompting smiles in reciprocation from others.

On this start of another glorious week, I wish you lots of mega-watt smiles as you begin another victorious week, my dear Twinkles~! Fighting! *flashes a huge mega-watt smile*

Friday Fun: Kim Tae Woo – “Love Rain” (사랑비) + Seo Hyun

FF 05-20-16 1

Happy Friday, Twinkles! I hope you’re ready for another weekend. 😉

From time to time, I encounter moments when I just want to hear an oldie but goodie, and today is that day for me. 🙂 Yes, as I begin to slowly immerse myself in the end-of-term craziness, I’ve been seeking the comforts of the familiar.

I hope you enjoy these two versions of one of my favorite songs by none other than one of my favorite male singers. Continue reading Friday Fun: Kim Tae Woo – “Love Rain” (사랑비) + Seo Hyun

Movie Monday: Way Back Home (2013)

Starring: Jeon Do-Yeon as Song Jung-Yeon, Ko Soo as Im Jong-Bae, Kang Ji-Woo as Hye-Rin, Choi Min-Chul as Seo Moon-Do, Bae Sung-Woo as Korean Embassy employee, and Lee Dong-Hwi as Gwang-Sik,

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 131 mins.

Twinkies: 4 1/2 stars

You can read the rest of the review here. Hope you’re having a productive and meaningful Monday! Fighting, my dear Twinkles!

Eye Candy of the Week: In a Bookish Sort of Mood

BJH 9PSJ 9B 05-15-16Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! I’ve been feeling a bit nerdy these days, so I thought that I’d bring you all two “bookish” sort of pictures. 🙂

Have a productive work/study week, everyone! I’m sure many of you have a full schedule ahead of you, especially you students as final exams and term projects/research papers draw near. Good luck! And for an additional boost of energy, I thought that you might enjoy seeing the familiar and friendly face of my furry little canine buddy again. 🙂

Yes, I am totally guilty of alliteration, but hey, what can I say? I like playing with words. 😉 On this note, I wish you all a fabulous week, Twinkles~!

Sunday Concert: AKMU

SC 05-15-16

From time to time, when I come across a performance that I want to share, I do so on Sundays, and today’s mini-concert features our darling AKMU siblings in their “Run to You” outdoor performance.

It’s only about 10 minutes, so I think you should all be able to take a break from your day and immerse yourself in the soulfun music of these two! You’re going to walk to check out the dancing during the “How People Move” performance. 😉 Enjoy!  Continue reading Sunday Concert: AKMU

Friday Fun: AKMU – “Re-Bye” and Detective Hong Gil Dong (aka Phantom Detective)

FF 05-13-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

If you read last week’s “Friday Fun” post and saw my AKMU‘s “How People Move” post, then you probably suspected this week’s selection. Heh…I am, if nothing else, quite predictable. 😉

Our quirky and dynamic sibling duo is back with their sophomore album, and “Re-Bye,” released simultaneously with “How People Move,” is another nod to previous works, this time alluding to the the classic whodunit mysteries of the 1940s.

You ready to see Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun transform themselves into perspicacious gumshoes who match their wits against a heartless villain in time to prevent a murder? 😉  Continue reading Friday Fun: AKMU – “Re-Bye” and Detective Hong Gil Dong (aka Phantom Detective)

Movie Monday: Surviving in Africa (2013)

Starring: Yoo Sun as Kang Min Joo, Chae Bin as Seo Do Yoon, Yoon So Hee as Yoon Na Ra, Jung Yeon Joo as Kim Joo Kyeong, and Heo Jung Gyu as Seo Hyung Taek

Rating: PG-13, some school violence

Running Time: 66 mins.

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars

You can read the rest of the review here. And yes, in Kdramaland, it’s still “Monday,” so this post isn’t late. 😉 Have a wonderful week, Twinkles~! I’ll be back for some belated posts throughout the week.

Friday Fun: AKMU – “How People Move” (사람들이 움직이는 게)

FF 05-06-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles!


This dynamic sibling duo is back with their sophomore album that just hit the air waves this past week! And the first song I am featuring for “Friday Fun” is none other than “How People Move,” which has AKMU’s unique signature all over it. From the music to the zany music video, everything seems to scream out, “AKMU is BACK!!!!”

Don’t believe me? Take a look… 😉  Continue reading Friday Fun: AKMU – “How People Move” (사람들이 움직이는 게)

Happy (Belated) Children’s Day!!!

Children's Day - Prep

Okay, so I’m a day late. 🙁 However, I thought that the day was so special that it deserved a post…albeit a day later than I intended. >.<

If you didn’t know, you know now that the country of Korea celebrates children on a national level on May 5th. So in honor of that holiday, my little church minions and I held a mini-carnival for our children’s department at our church this past Sunday.

These two minions (pictured above)–along with a dozen others–helped make some unforgettable, special memories for the children at my church. Below are just a few pictures for you to see. Why? Because sharing of warm, fuzzy moments is caring… 🙂  Continue reading Happy (Belated) Children’s Day!!!

Movie Monday: Drama Special – The Mother’s Island (2013)

Starring: Yoo Oh-seong as Lee Tan, Hong Kyung In as Lee Chan, Nam Sung Jin as Lee Han, Jung Ji Ah as Lee Sook, Kim Yong Rim as Mom, and Kim Ji Young as Sa Rang

Rating: PG-13, for the horror moments

Running Time: 68 mins.

Twinkies: 3 stars

You can read the rest of the review here on NewKDramaAddict’s site. Happy Monday, Twinkles~!

Eye Candy of the Week: Strike a Pose

BJH 8PSJ 8My apologies for the late post, but thankfully, I haven’t completely missed the Sunday deadline that I’ve set for myself with these “Eye Candy” posts. 🙂

You’ll find out why I was late today on May 5th, but that’s material for another post. 😉

In the meanwhile, let me wish you all another fabulous week! And this week’s “theme”? Strike a pose! Life’s too short, and we only live once. I think we should remember to strike a dramatic pose this week…of course, I’m talking about a metaphorical pose, but hey, if you want to strike a literal pose, by all means…! 😉

Musing for Today: Sibling Love

So Eul Da Eul

Siblings, like so many things in our world, can be a source of great strife and pain, but they can also be a rich source of endless love and support. We’ve seen this demonstrated time and time again in our personal lives, in the lives of our beloved K-drama characters, and most recently in the lives of the newest little munchkins in The Return of Superman.

Week after week, Lee Da Eul unashamedly displays his love and affection for his older sister, Lee So Eul, by shadowing her every move. Talk about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery! If you haven’t seen these two in action, you absolutely must. They are sweetness and love all bottled up in pint-size munchkin bodies! *squees from cuteness overload*

Recently, I received an email from one of my silent Twinkles–we’ve long accepted the fact that many of you are silent readers; yes, I’m talking about most of you reading this right now LOL–and her email made me think a great deal about sibling love and just how beautiful a thing it is. Continue reading Musing for Today: Sibling Love

Friday Fun: Lee Hong Ki (이홍기 of F.T. Island) – “Jump”

FF 04-29-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

Woohoo~! *belts out in song* It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s Frrrrrrrriiiiiiiidddddddaaaaayyyyyyy! *finishes with a twirl*

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve looked forward to Friday like this in quite some time. Why, you ask? *sheepish grin* Because I don’t have to go to school today and can use the day to catch up on errands and grading.

Yeah, I know…It’s “boring,” mundane stuff. *chuckles* I did say that I take pleasure in simple things, did I not? 😉

Anyhow, today’s Friday, and we need to C-E-L-E-L-B-R-A-T-E. You ready to celebrate the end of another work/study week and the beginning of some much needed rest and relaxation? 😉

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from the movie, Passionate Goodbye (2013). Such a heartwarming music video! Enjoy~! Continue reading Friday Fun: Lee Hong Ki (이홍기 of F.T. Island) – “Jump”

Movie Monday: Tabloid Truth (2014)

Starring: Kim Kang Woo as Mgr Woo Gon, Jeong Jin Yeong as President Park, Park Sung Woong as Cha Sung Joo, Go Chang Seok as Baek Moon, Ahn Sung Ki as Nam Jung In

Rating: PG-13/R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 121 mins.

Twinkies: 4 stars

You can read the rest of the review here. Happy Monday, Twinkles~!

Eye Candy of the Week: I Am a Survivor!


Happy Sunday, Twinkles!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a race with Father Time these days…and losing every time! *boos at losing* So…this week’s pictures are to remind me–and those of you who need a similar reminder–that We. Are. Survivors! 🙂

Here’s wishing you another awesome week of work/study! Fighting, Twinkles! 🙂 Not only will we survive, but we shall thrive! 😉

Friday Fun: 2PM – “Please Call My Name” (내 이름을 불러줘)

FF 04-22-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

For this week, I thought that I’d take us all back to 2013 when the guys of 2PM brought into creation a beautiful song that reminds me of just why I adore the group as I do. 🙂 And to make the song even more meaningful, it seems as though our US-raised Ok Taec Yeon helped to write the song.

Cool. Very cool. 🙂

Shall we usher in another glorious weekend with this upbeat song then? 😉 Enjoy~! Continue reading Friday Fun: 2PM – “Please Call My Name” (내 이름을 불러줘)

Movie Monday: The Chronicles of Evil (2015)

Starring: Son Hyun Joo as Det. Choi Chang-sik, Park Seo Joon as Det. Cha Dong Jae, Ma Dong Seok as Det. Oh, Jung Won Joong as Police Chief, and Choi Daniel as Kim Jin Gyu

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 102 mins.

Twinkies: 5 stars

You can read the rest of the review here. Talk about an all-star cast! I’ve been hearing some great things about this movie and can’t wait to see it one of these days…I just need to watch it in broad daylight since I have an overactive imagination. LOL

Here’s to another awesome week, Twinkles! Happy Monday! 🙂

Friday Fun: CNBLUE (씨엔블루) – “You’re So Fine” (이렇게 예뻤나)

FF 04-15-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

The guys of CNBLUE are back, and they’ve got another toe-tapping, heart-bumping, feel-good song to help us usher in the weekend!

What a nice little reminder that although our world may foolishly measure beauty based on outward appearances, some think otherwise. As this music video showcases, what’s truly beautiful is the beauty that resonates from the inside.

Shall we say hello to the weekend and do some awesome good in our world? 😉 Enjoy~! Continue reading Friday Fun: CNBLUE (씨엔블루) – “You’re So Fine” (이렇게 예뻤나)