Walk down Memory Lane: Gu Family Book (2013)

GFB 13

Our second memory for this year’s “Walk down Memory Lane” comes to us from our Gu Family Book series back in 2013.

As much as we adored Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy, it was really Choi Jin Hyuk who stole the show–for at least the first two episodes–as he exploded onto our collective radars. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this series helped shower him with some serious stardust.

OK, I concede that the series sprinkled a good amount of stardust on some other rising stars like Sung Joon and Yoo Yeon Seok. We really shouldn’t forget about them either. 😉

It was also the first series that I tried the video recap format. You remember how this was my “real” foray into YouTube, recapping the episode on video and uploading just pictures on the blog posts? Hmmm…I have mixed feelings about those old videos. LOL. Seriously, I took a quick look at the one associated with this post and had myself a good chuckle. Heh. Ah well, it’s all part of our past romps together….

Anyhow, without further ado, let’s take a look at the post for Episode 1!  Continue reading Walk down Memory Lane: Gu Family Book (2013)

Movie Monday: Terra Formars (2016)

Starring: Ito Hideaki as Komachi Shoukichi, Takei Emias Akita Nanao, Yamashita Tomohisa as Mutou Jin, Yamada Takayuki as Hiruma Ichirou, Oguri Shun as Honda Kou, Kosugi Kein as God Lee, and Kikuchi Rinko as Moriki Asuka

Rating: PG-13/R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 108 mins.

Twinkies: 3 cockroach stars

You can read the rest of NewKDramaAddict‘s review here.

Happy Monday, Twinkles~!

Walk down Memory Lane: Musing for Today


To new and seasoned Twinkles alike, I bring to you our annual walk down “Memory Lane,” a nostalgic stroll down previous blog posts that is designed to help us relive our memories from those times or to introduce you to past posts if you missed them because you are new to Musings. And again, my apologies for the lateness of our walk this year. At least we still have seven days left of October for our strolling, right? 🙂  Continue reading Walk down Memory Lane: Musing for Today

Eye Candy of the Week: That Much Needed Extra Boost…!


Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! I trust that you’ve all been well and staying bright and cheery as our weather turns colder! 🙂


My apologies for the delay on oh-so-many blog posts, but I’ve been battling an unending war–yes! a war–with my health these past few weeks, and blogging has had to take a backseat to everything else that must be done before I can play in Kdramaland. *sigh* Yes, I’m referring to those dreaded Real Life duties that keep me preoccupied with deadlines and more deadlines. Phooey!

Hmmm…I suppose since I haven’t articulated my queue of blog posts, you really have no idea just how far behind I am, huh? LOL. I guess that’s a good thing. 😉

In any case, I hope our dear eye candies bring a smile to your face as you gear up for another work/study week! I’m going to try my best to catch up on my intended blog posts, but I can’t make any firm promises since…I’m a turtle at my very core.

*sigh* Seriously, I am such a little turtle sometimes. *inches ever so slowly through her list of deadlines*

May you all be faster turtles than I in your respective lives, my dear Twinkles~! Here’s to another glorious week! *hugs*

Movie Monday: Phantom Detective (2016)

Starring: Lee Je Hoon as Hong Gil Dong, Go Ah Ra as President Hwang, Park Geun Hyeong as Kim Byeong Duk, Roh Jeong-Eui as Dong Yi, Kim Ha-Na as Mal Soon, Kim Sung Kyun as Kang Sung Il

Rating: PG-13/R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 125 mins.

Twinkies: 4 stars

You can read the rest of NewKDramaAddict‘s review here.

Eye Candy of the Week: Eye Candies to the Rescue!

bjh-26psj-26Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! I don’t know about you all, but this week is promising to be another grueling work and study week for me, so what better way to start the week than with two pictures of our eye candies! 🙂 These two should help us venture forth into another week with smiles on our faces! 😉

As for our fun journey through the world of 1% of AnythingNewKDramaAddict and I are diligently working on our recaps of last week’s episodes, so stay tuned for those! Hopefully, we’ll be able to have them published before this week’s episodes (5 and 6) hit the airwaves. 😉

In the meanwhile, I encourage you to take a look through old posts and relive some of our past adventures together. 🙂 At some point this week, I’ll begin our “official” annual “Walk down Memory Lane” corner in commemoration of our 6th year together here on Musings of a Twinkie. 🙂

On that note, here’s to another victorious week, Twinkles~! We. Will. Triumph! *flashes broad cheesy grin*

Jealousy Incarnate: Case of Second Lead Syndrome Worsens…


How can a case of Second Lead Syndrome go from bad to worse, you ask?

Oh, let me count the ways…Wait! I’ll do better than that! I’ll show you video proof of just why my Second Lead Syndrome has gone from a mere “bad” case (blog post here) to a “worse” one. 😉 Continue reading Jealousy Incarnate: Case of Second Lead Syndrome Worsens…

Musings’ Birthday Giveaway!

B and Rollie
Our Musings mascot, Bentley, grooming himself next to my stuffed seal, Rollie. <3

As many of you know, I blundered in my calculations when I announced that Musings had turned 5 this October (blog post here) instead of 6. *hangs head*

Needless to say, I feel like an absent-minded mother who can’t even remember her own child’s birthday. >.<

Anyhow, we need to celebrate our dear little Musings turning 6–it would be starting elementary school if it were a little child–and what better way to celebrate than with a two-prize giveaway! 😉  Continue reading Musings’ Birthday Giveaway!

Postcard Challenge Giveaway Winner!


It’s finally time to announcement the winner to my “recent” giveaway challenge! My sincerest apologies for the late announcement.

Without further ado–after all, you’ve all waited long enough–let’s announce the winner!

And the winner is…*cues drumroll* Continue reading Postcard Challenge Giveaway Winner!

1% of Anything: Episode 2


I feel as though I’ve been literally buried under a mound–or two–of papers and exams this past week, so it’s with great delight that I sit before my trusty computer and blog for you this recap. 🙂 Enjoy~!

You can see the English-subtitled episodes hereContinue reading 1% of Anything: Episode 2

1% of Anything: Relationship Chart


It’s been a rough work week, but I’m now able to make some time to blog about 1% of Anything. 🙂 Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to be able to do so!

While I put the finishing touches on the recap to Episode 2, I thought that you might enjoy this “Relationship Chart” to see how all of the various characters are connected to each other. Until then, enjoy~! 🙂

Movie Monday: Bounty Hunters (2016)

Starring: Lee Min Ho as Lee San, Chung Wallace as Ayo (Wong Bok Yo), Tang Tiffany as Wonder Woman Cat, Fan Louis as Bao Bao, Ng Karena as Swan, and Jeremy Tsui as Tommy

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 105 mins.

Twinkies: 3 rounded up stars

You can read the rest of NewKDramaAddict‘s review here. Happy Monday, Twinkles~!

Eye Candy of the Week: Fuzziness!!!

bjh-25psj-25Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! I hope you’re all staying warm and bundled up with a warm sweater–or two–as the weather begins to dip into the colder temperatures…at least in some parts of the world. 😉

Now before I wish you all another fabulous week…I have a completely sheepish confession to make.

BUT before I make it, I’d just like to say that I blame my unending battle with allergies and now my cold for what was obviously a serious lapse in memory. OK? Everyone clear on that? It’s my current state of health that is to blame for what I am about to confess and not my math abilities.

*sigh* So…here’s the announcement: Musings has actually turned 6, not 5 as I announced in my previous post (here). *hangs head*

I feel like a negligent mother who forgot her baby’s birthday because she was too preoccupied with “real life.” Ugh…good thing I belated remembered that I started the blog back in 2010…. *rolls eyes and then chuckles at the sheer silliness* Seriously, I’m quite good at math. Truly…even if this weekend’s evidence undermines this “fact.” 😉

I hope my little mishap gave you a chuckle as well. On this note, I wish you all another glorious week! Stay warm and healthy, Twinkles~! *waves goodbye between sneezes*

1% of Anything: Episode 1

Episode 1
Episode 1
So, your first question should be “Why are we recapping this drama?” It’s simple! Our fearless leader, Snoopy’s Twinkie and I are a HUGE, I mean HUGE fans of the original drama, 2003 1% of Anything which starred Kang Dong Won as Lee Jae In and Kim Jung Hwa as Kim Da Hyun. As a matter of record, it was Snoopy’s marathon suggestion that lead me to the original.
Okay, first of all, a lot of people didn’t care for it. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because there was no romance/ push-pull that I so hate. Maybe because it is an older drama. Maybe because it was one of Kang Dong Won’s first dramas and it did take his acting a bit to kick start. However, what I liked about it was the fact it was about the evolution of a romance between two people. Nothing else.
*You can read the rest of NewKDramaAddict‘s post here.  

1% of Anything: Announcement


It’s finally here, Twinkles~! *dances Happy Snoopy Dance*

Our much-anticipated remake of 1% of Anything has already begun, and I have to say that both NewKDramaAddict and I LOVE it!!!

Seriously. 🙂

So…the plan is that she and I will take turns blogging the episodes; she’ll take the odd-numbered episodes–blogging primarily from her website–while I take the even ones and blog from mine. Given both of our crazy schedules, we’re hoping to have something posted for you during the weekends for that much-deserved weekend of rest and relaxation. 😉

As for now, the first two episodes have already been subtitled in English. Woohoo~! If you’re looking for the episodes, you can check them out here. Enjoy~!

Movie Monday: The Accidental Detective (2015)

Starring: Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Dae Man, Sung Dong Il as Det. Noh Tae Soo, Seo Young Hee as Lee Mi Ok [Dae Man’s wife], Park Hae Joon as Det. Lee Joon Soo, Lee Seung Jun as Kim Yong Gyu and Yoon Gyeong Ho as Detective Ma

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 120 mins.

Twinkies: 4 stars

You can catch the rest of the review here. Happy Monday, Twinkles~!

Eye Candy of the Week: Feelin’ a Bit Quirky

psj-24bjh-24Happy Sunday, Twinkles~! Yes, I made my self-imposed Sunday deadline for this corner…just barely, though. 🙂

I must admit, I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts these days, oscillating between bright and cheery (Park Seo Joon style) and a bit quirky and in a “mood” (Baek Jin Hee style) due to what feels like an unending battle with my allergies and now a cold.

*sigh* Oh yes, the nasty little cold that’s been going around has managed to attack me, leaving me with moments of normalcy punctuated sharply with cold-induced irritation. >.< Yup, gotta love my Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde moments. LOL.

In any case, I hope these two pictures of our adorable eye candies help you “fall” into another week. LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. 😉

Seriously, though, I wish you another glorious weekend! And the best news for this week: NewKDramaAddict and I are going to attempt to blog 1% of Anything once it airs this week, so stay tuned! 🙂

1% of Anything: Long Highlights Teaser


The powers that be in Kdramaland must have really wanted to reward me for my hard work tonight at school…

Not only did I get to see Teaser #4 (here), but I also got to soak in this long highlights teaser, shown at the press conference. Yup, our long-awaited highlights teaser has become available for our viewing, Twinkles.

Did you read that, Twinkles?!!!! We get more than 5 minutes of highlights! *swoons* I’m seriously going to expire from all this excitement. LOL.  Continue reading 1% of Anything: Long Highlights Teaser