Movie Monday: Running Man (2013)

Starring: Shin Ha Kyun as Cha Jong Woo, Lee Min Ho-I (1993) as Cha Gi Hyuk, Jo Eun Ji as Park Sun Young, and Kim Sang Ho as An Sang Ki

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 127 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars Continue Reading…

Bulletin Board: April 20 – 26


Hi, Twinkles!

Let me wish you a very Happy Easter! :) May you be surrounded by blessings and love!

There aren’t that many announcements today. I’m in the process of retooling a number of things for the site, but those changes won’t become apparent until probably the summer…unfortuantely. :P

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Musing for Today: Real Life in Context

Korean Vacation Nam San Tower

Good Friday.

As a kid, I never understood this labeling. It always seemed a misnomer, for how can a day be called “good” if it commemorates the death of someone so dear to me…despite the hope and blessings that I receive because of that?

This year, I have yet another reason why this Good Friday is marked with a profound solemnity for me. As hope of rescuing the missing passengers on  the Jeju ferry dims and the efforts now turn to what looks like a recovery mission, I offer these thoughts to you for contemplation… Continue Reading…

Musing for Today: What Would I Do in My Last Week…?


This week is what is traditionally called Passion Week in the Christian faith, and during this week leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I become much more contemplative than usual…yes, even for me. ;)

I find myself wondering, if I had one week left to live, how would I spend it?   Continue Reading…

K-Pop Star 3: Top 2 Live (Final)

K-pop star 2.1

The votes are in and the public, along with the judges, has scored who gets the boot and who gets to stay. I, for one, am quite surprised by the results.

In this week’s final showdown between the remaining two contenders, the two singers compete in two rounds, and we see the judges become ever so critical as they attempt to further fine tune who will make the best K-Pop Star.  Continue Reading…

Movie Monday: Blue Salt (2011)

Starring: Song Kang Ho as Du Heon, Shin Se Kyung as Se-Bin, Chun Jung Myung as Ae-Gu, Yoon Yeo Jeong as Madame Kang, Kim Min Joon as K, and Lee Jong Hyuk as Kyung Min

Rating: PG-13/R, violence

Running Time: 125 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars Continue Reading…

Bulletin Board: April 13 – 19


Hi, Twinkles!

Today is Palm Sunday, so for those of you who observe this Lent Season with me, happy Palm Sunday! :) If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, you can read about Palm Sunday here. :)

Now, I have a few announcements to make, so I hope you’ll be as happy about them as I am! ;)  Continue Reading…

Eye Candy of the Week: April 12th

2014-04-12 00.04.18

Or should I say “eye candies“? ;)

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Friday Fun: CNBLUE – “Can’t Stop”


Happy Friday, Twinkles~

Today, I bring you a song that hit the airwaves a little over a month ago by one of the well-known bands that has garnered some serious musical respect among fans and musicians alike.

To usher in the weekend, I selected CNBLUE’s most recent hit which is an interesting blend of ballad and pop. Take a listen, and you’ll see what I mean. ;)  Continue Reading…

Giveaway: April/Easter Winner


I finally tabulated all the entries and sifted them through You ready for the results?

*cues drumroll*  This month’s giveaway winner is…  Continue Reading…

Movie Monday: Hwayi – A Monster Boy (2013)

Starring: Kim Yoon Suk as Seok-tae, Yeo Jin Goo as Hwa-yi, Jang Hyeon Seong as Jin-seong, Jo Jin Woong as Ki-tae, Park Hae Joon as Beom-soo and Kim Sung Kyun as Dong-beom

Rating: R, subject matter and violence

Running Time: 125 min

Twinkies: 4 stars Continue Reading…

K-Pop Star 3: Top 3 Live

K-Pop Star 3

We’ve got the top 3 contenders in this week’s episode: Bernard Park, Jin Ah Kwon, and Sam Kim. With mounting expectations and stiff competition from such strong performers, today’s episode was an interesting blend of disappointment from two of the judges and consistent praise and encouragement from one judge. I think by now, we know who the “nice” judge is. ;)

Here’s the performance breakdown and predictions. I hope you’re as excited for next week’s broadcast as I am!  Continue Reading…

Bulletin Board: April 6 – 12


Hi, Twinkles!

It’s odd that I don’t have much to report today when just a few days ago, I felt as though I had so many things to share with you. Hmmm…Go figure. *shrugs*

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Eye Candy of the Week: April 5th

2014-01-18 01.11.37

Hello, Twinkles!

Last week-end, I did a marathon of Bride of the Century (apparently it’s been nicknamed Crack Bride) to catch up with the rest of you in the drama world. One of my predominant thoughts – apart from “did they throw the whole Drama Clichés 101 guide book in the script?” – was that Lee Hong Ki sure did grow up.

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Friday Fun: Super Junior M – “Swing”

SuJuM - Swing 2014

Happy Friday, Twinkles~

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I’m not into the music scene much, but I’ve been trying to remedy that with this Friday Fun corner…if you haven’t noticed. ;)

To usher in the weekend, this week’s selection was inspired by a woman who has fast become a good friend to me–Nelly! You can check out her blog (here) and tell her that “Grace” or  ”Snoopy’s Twinkie” sent you. ;) My suspicion is, though, many of you are already her blog readers, too. LOL

Shall we take a look at this comeback number from the ever-popular Super Junior-M?   Continue Reading…

News: Happy 10th Birthday, Bentley!


It’s that time of year again when we Twinkles celebrate the birthday of our “unofficial” mascot, Bentley (also affectionately dubbed His Royal Fluffiness). ;)

I hope you’ll join me in wishing my petite yet fiercely loyal and temperamental canine a very happy birthday. He’s turning the big 1-0 today!

Woohoo~! *blows noisemaker*

If you’re new to this site and wonder about this random appearance of a dog, you can see his earlier birthday celebrations  from 2012 (here) and 2013 (here). Let’s hope that he continues to provide us with many adorable moments for years to come! ;) Happy birthday, B!

K-Pop Star 3: Top 4 Live

Kpop 3

With the competition winding down to the top 4, it seems as though the judges are cracking smiles and heaping praises on these aspiring musicians. Truly, the musicianship is sheer ear candy–as well as eye candy–as the last four vie for the top honor of Season 3′s K-Pop Star title.

This week, the contestants spent some time under JYP’s tutelage as well as received much needed visits from their beloved family members and friends. I love the fact that the show tried to relieve some of the competitors’ mounting stress with such precious and loneliness-soothing moments…with even a makeshift graduation! Yes, I teared up a bit. :P  Let’s take a look at the top 4 and their performances…  Continue Reading…

Giveaway: April – Special Easter Edition


Hi, Twinkles!

It is that time of month again when we celebrate Twinkle love with a giveaway, and this month’s prize is the special holiday edition. For those of you who are new to the site, you may not know that I celebrate two holidays with particular gusto because of my faith: Christmas and Easter. So on these two holiday months, I try to throw in a few extra goodies to really make the event a special one…at least for me.  ;) Continue Reading…

Movie Monday: Drama Special Pianist (2010)

Starring: Han Ji Hye as Yoon In Sa and Choi Min Ho as Oh Je Ro

Rating: PG

Running Time: 84 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars Continue Reading…

Bulletin Board: March 30 – April 5


Hi, Twinkles!

It’s been a crazy first full week of Spring for some of us…as you can probably tell by the conspicuous absence of certain posts that were supposed to make their way onto this site this past week, huh? Continue Reading…

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