Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 (BTS #15)

MnD 5

For those of you who were anxiously awaiting the reappearance of Episode 5′s BTS that was unceremoniously deleted by tvN, it seems as though the studio wants to release the previous released video clip as now BTS #15…after Episode 6′s BTS. Hmm…doesn’t make sense to me, but at least we have the BTS clip once again, and that’s all that matters. :)

You can check out the original post here.

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First Impressions: It’s OK, That’s Love – Episode 1

It's OK That's Love 1.1

The much-anticipated first episode of It’s OK, That’s Love is an interesting blend of rapid-fire dialogue, simmering chemistry between the two principal characters as the two sharpen their wits against each other, mystery involving Jae Yeol and his brother, zany characters, possible psychological condition for Jae Yeol, heart-thumping car chase, etc.

In short, the series looks like it’s going to be a solid one…but one geared for a decidedly more mature audience. I would certainly not recommend this series to the younger Twinkles.

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It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 2 Video Preview

It's OK, That's Love 2

In the immortal words of Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin): O-M-G~!

It looks as though celebrated mystery writer Jang Jae Yeol is joining the house hospital. Hmmm…his admission into the house should make for a very “interesting” next 15 episodes. *wiggles eyebrows*

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Glorious Day: Episode 28 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

*breathes a sigh of relief*

Saturday is going to be awesome! All that was off kilter with the world will soon be righted by our correctly-seeing Grandfather. Yes!

And then on Sunday, progress will be made. :) Unfortunately, before the happily ever after can happen for our turtle loves, though, there must be some pain and difficulty, and it looks as though Jae Woo and Da Jung’s road to happiness isn’t quite a green light…yet.

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Glorious Day: Episode 27 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

It’s Wednesday! It’s Wednesday! *does the Snoopy Happy Dance*

If you’ve been just dying in anguish, wondering when someone was finally going to check Shin Ae in her incredibly infantile and cruel behavior, wait no longer. Twinkles, her day of reckoning has arrived!

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Wednesday What?!: July 23rd

Wednesday What Purple

It’s finally Wednesday! The mid-week day when we play my little game and anxiously await the release of SBS’s Glorious Day written previews. Hee~! :)

Let’s take a peek at this week’s picture…The game’s afoot, Twinkles! ;)
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It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 1 Video Preview

It's OK That's Love 1

It almost Wednesday!!! And aside from my “Glorious Wednesday” treats from SBS, the studio has decided to pamper us with more lovelies. Yup…Just. For. Us. ;)

Who’s excited?

*raises hand high in the air* Me. Me. Meeeeeeeeeeeeemememememe!

Anyone else excited? LOL I mean, it’s Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. Those two names together alone demand at least a “first impressions” viewing, don’t you agree? ;) Continue reading

Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 6


The plot starts to inch forward, little-by-little, as our OTP begin to discover each other’s painful secrets… and Jang Mi takes a decision that could just change everything.

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Three Musketeers: BTS

Three Musketeers

*in sing-song voice* It’s sttttttaaaaarrrrrrttttttiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg…!

Lee Jin Wook and Kim Sung Min, along with some of the other cast members, enter training for their upcoming roles in the much-anticipated fusion saeguk, The Three Musketeers. Yup, I’m looking forward to seeing how they modify and transform Dumas’ age-old classic tale of fidelity, honor, and patriotism from French style to Joseon style. ;) Continue reading

Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 6 (BTS #14)


The boys men of Marriage, Not Dating plume themselves for our viewing pleasure in this 14th behind-the-scenes clip…only they do so with flowers, instead of feathers. Heh.

It’s definitely great to see that the cast are having as much fun filming together as we are watching them onscreen. :)  Continue reading

Movie Monday – Fantasy Edition ~~ Dream of 400 Years (2011)

Starring: Han Eun Jeong as Kang Hee Sun/Soo Hee and Ryu Tae Joon as Jo Hyun Min/Moo Hyun

Rating: PG

Running Time: 2 ep, 65 min

Twinkies: 3 stars Continue reading

Glorious Day: Episode 26

GD 26

With Da Jung and Jae Woo still lobbying for their mothers’ permissions, Dr. Kang and Da Ae progress to the next phase of their relationship and remove one of the objections against Da Jung on Shin Ae’s list–they decide to marry and receive permission from Song Jung. From what I’m hearing, there were a lot of warm fuzzies. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all in the next few days! In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the clips and their accompanying summaries. :)

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Bulletin Board: July 20 – 26


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope that you’ve all been well. :) Sadly, I think that I’ve reached the physical limits of my summer schedule. :’( Yes, you may see fewer posts from me in the coming days and weeks until my schedule settles down to a more conducive blogging schedule.

*pauses as Snoopy’s Twinkie reflects on her blogging past*

Or…you may see no difference at all in the number of posts I blog if my irrational fangirl persona decides to commandeer my more “sane” self. Hmmm…I guess you’ll see in the coming weeks who wins, won’t you? ;)

Anyhow, a big welcome to those of you who are new to our Musings community! May you enjoy frolicking with us Twinkles here in our little portion of Kdramaland! I have  a number of announcements, so let’s get started!

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Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5

MnD 5.4

I started this post yesterday, and instead of letting it sit in my drafts box for an indefinite amount of time, I thought that it should at least see some light and love, don’t you think? ;)

Here’s a quick nutshell of sorts from yesterday’s episode…enjoy!

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Glorious Day: Episode 25

GD 25

Dear Twinkles,

It’s happened again…Real Life has become a demanding mistress, and I have no choice but to listen to her. :( However, since I know that a number of you are dying to watch the raw episode and rely on my site to do so, I thought that I should at least give you the link (here) even if I can’t blog about it. :) Enjoy! In the meantime, below are some clips from SBS with some brief summaries. Continue reading

Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 (BTS #13)

MnD 5.7

Awwww…our 2am maknae is shy about his onscreen kiss with Han Groo. Here’s the thirteenth BTS released by tvN. Enjoy!

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Friday Fun: Park Seo Joon – “Come into My Heart”

AWR 9.1

Woohoo~! Happy Friday, Twinkles!

It’s finally Friday! I cannot tell you how happy I am for today! :) It’s been a rough week for me, so this song is definitely a soothing balm to a wearied little twinkie. Hopefully, you find it just as soothing.

Let’s take a look at this week’s fun selection to usher in the weekend!

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It’s OK, That’s Love: Highlight Video Clip

It's OK, That's Love Highlight

In the immortal words of Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin): O-M-G!

The first episode hasn’t even started, and I’m already excited about July 23rd just based on the merits of this highlight video alone. *shakes head* The Kdramaland people are secretly plotting to do me in. I just know it! Why else would there be sooooooo many scintillating shows for this little twinkie to watch? Hmmm…? ;)

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Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 Video Preview #2 and English Translation

MnD 5.2

Ahhh…this longer preview is just that much…better. ;) *happy sigh*

With Yeo Reum advancing his suit, Gi Tae is starting to feel the pinch.

Just a tad bit. ;)

If the preview can be believed, it seems as though Gi Tae’s developing quite the soft spot for Jang Mi as he realizes just how much pain he can cause this young woman. From his pained expression, it’s clear that he’s not thrilled with himself for doing so. Poor guy….Continue reading