Wednesday What?!: July 30th

Wednesday What Orange

Woohoo~! After a rough start to the week–the blog unexpectedly went MIA on Sunday and Monday–it’s nice to know that all is still well in Kdramaland, isn’t it? :D

The bright side to this recent scare is that I’m getting to know more of you Twinkles as some of you come out of what Aulia calls “silent lurker” mode; according to her, she’s a master at it, perpetually in silent lurker mode on this site. LOL. In any case, a big welcome back to old and new Twinkles alike as we once again celebrate all that is wonderful in Kdramaland! I’m glad to know that more of you are getting firmly connected here at our Musings community! :)

It’s finally Wednesday, and you know what this means! Let’s play “Wednesday What?!” The game’s afoot, Twinkles! ;)

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News: Sorry for the Disruption

GD 10.8

Since the wee hours of Sunday morning until earlier this evening (Monday), I shared Jae Woo’s feelings (picture above) as I witnessed the sudden “blackout” of the Musings website and had limited ways to notify you of the unexpected technical difficulties. Continue reading

Movie Monday – Fantasy Edition ~ Shadowless Sword (2005)

Starring: Lee Seo-Jin as Dae Jung-Hyun, Yoon So-Yi as Yeon So-Ha, Lee Ki-Yong as Mae Young-Ok, and Shin Hyun-Joon as Gun Hwa-Pyung

Rating: R for violence

Running Time: 104 min

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Glorious Day: Episode 28 Video Preview and English Translation

GD 28

The campaign to separate these two little turtle loves takes on a new intensity as Shin Ae crosses the point of no return and compromises whatever trust Jae Woo had in his mother. Poor Jae Woo…

As usual, here’s the video clip and dialogue translation for your viewing pleasure! :) Continue reading

Bulletin Board: July 27 – August 2


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope that you’ve all been well. :)

Unfortunately, it’s that time of the term again when I gear up for finals week. :P The good news is that the summer term is an intensive one, so the finals exam period is relatively short in contrast to the traditional fall and spring terms. The bad news is that I probably won’t be able to blog as regularly as I would like this upcoming week.


Ah well, life goes on, right? Anyhow, a big welcome to those of you who are new to our Musings community! May you enjoy frolicking with us Twinkles here in our little portion of Kdramaland! Let’s get started with this week’s announcements!

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Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 7 (BTS #16)

MnD bts 16

We’re at the halfway point of the series this weekend, and tvN just released its 16th BTS (behind the scenes) clip of our fun trio as Yeo Reum unexpectedly finds himself crashing at Gi Tae’s house. Despite the series’ hectic filming schedule and the demanding pressure of deadlines, it’s nice to know that the cast are still having fun as they bring to life the love story of Gong Gi Tae and Joo Jang Mi. :) Continue reading

You’re All Surrounded – Episode 17

Everyone has at least one secret to hide in this episode and we have the “Who’s the Daddy?” issue sponsored by … Wait, and we have to give out a couple “Father of the Year” awards too. But at least love is in the air and flourishing. Let’s get started…
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Eye Candy of the Week: July 26th

2014-04-12 00.04.18

What would one do without Fated to Love You? *squee*

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Friday Fun: Totally Chae – “Swagger Jagger”

Swagger jagger

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

For this week’s fun song to usher in the weekend, I thought that the sibling duo known as Total Chae would do the job nicely with their rendition of Cher Lloyd’s “Swagger Jagger.” It’s through them that I first learned of this song, and if I’m completely honest with you, I personally prefer the girls’ version to the original. Hopefully, their performance of this song energizes you after the long work week.

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It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 2

It's OK That's Love 2.5

The verdict is in: It’s OK, That’s Love is a keeper.

If Episode 1 hinted at a smooth blend of the comedic and the dramatic, Episode 2 firmly clarifies the series’ intent. From what I can gather from the second installment of this series, it’s more dramatic than comedic…and a highly stylized and sophisticated form of drama that’s oddly refreshing in its directness.

Let me be upfront with you. This is definitely not my usual cup of K-drama tea, but somehow, I’m intrigued…intrigued enough to keep tuning in for more. Shall we take a look at what I found so compelling? Continue reading

Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 5 (BTS #15)

MnD 5

For those of you who were anxiously awaiting the reappearance of Episode 5′s BTS that was unceremoniously deleted by tvN, it seems as though the studio wants to release the previous released video clip as now BTS #15…after Episode 6′s BTS. Hmm…doesn’t make sense to me, but at least we have the BTS clip once again, and that’s all that matters. :)

You can check out the original post here.

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First Impressions: It’s OK, That’s Love – Episode 1

It's OK That's Love 1.1

The much-anticipated first episode of It’s OK, That’s Love is an interesting blend of rapid-fire dialogue, simmering chemistry between the two principal characters as the two sharpen their wits against each other, mystery involving Jae Yeol and his brother, zany characters, possible psychological condition for Jae Yeol, heart-thumping car chase, etc.

In short, the series looks like it’s going to be a solid one…but one geared for a decidedly more mature audience. I would certainly not recommend this series to the younger Twinkles.

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It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 2 Video Preview

It's OK, That's Love 2

In the immortal words of Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin): O-M-G~!

It looks as though celebrated mystery writer Jang Jae Yeol is joining the house hospital. Hmmm…his admission into the house should make for a very “interesting” next 15 episodes. *wiggles eyebrows*

Below is the usual video preview. Enjoy! Continue reading

Glorious Day: Episode 28 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

*breathes a sigh of relief*

Saturday is going to be awesome! All that was off kilter with the world will soon be righted by our correctly-seeing Grandfather. Yes!

And then on Sunday, progress will be made. :) Unfortunately, before the happily ever after can happen for our turtle loves, though, there must be some pain and difficulty, and it looks as though Jae Woo and Da Jung’s road to happiness isn’t quite a green light…yet.

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Glorious Day: Episode 27 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

It’s Wednesday! It’s Wednesday! *does the Snoopy Happy Dance*

If you’ve been just dying in anguish, wondering when someone was finally going to check Shin Ae in her incredibly infantile and cruel behavior, wait no longer. Twinkles, her day of reckoning has arrived!

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Wednesday What?!: July 23rd

Wednesday What Purple

It’s finally Wednesday! The mid-week day when we play my little game and anxiously await the release of SBS’s Glorious Day written previews. Hee~! :)

Let’s take a peek at this week’s picture…The game’s afoot, Twinkles! ;)
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It’s OK, That’s Love: Episode 1 Video Preview

It's OK That's Love 1

It almost Wednesday!!! And aside from my “Glorious Wednesday” treats from SBS, the studio has decided to pamper us with more lovelies. Yup…Just. For. Us. ;)

Who’s excited?

*raises hand high in the air* Me. Me. Meeeeeeeeeeeeemememememe!

Anyone else excited? LOL I mean, it’s Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. Those two names together alone demand at least a “first impressions” viewing, don’t you agree? ;) Continue reading

Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 6


The plot starts to inch forward, little-by-little, as our OTP begin to discover each other’s painful secrets… and Jang Mi takes a decision that could just change everything.

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Three Musketeers: BTS

Three Musketeers

*in sing-song voice* It’s sttttttaaaaarrrrrrttttttiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg…!

Lee Jin Wook and Kim Sung Min, along with some of the other cast members, enter training for their upcoming roles in the much-anticipated fusion saeguk, The Three Musketeers. Yup, I’m looking forward to seeing how they modify and transform Dumas’ age-old classic tale of fidelity, honor, and patriotism from French style to Joseon style. ;) Continue reading

Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 6 (BTS #14)


The boys men of Marriage, Not Dating plume themselves for our viewing pleasure in this 14th behind-the-scenes clip…only they do so with flowers, instead of feathers. Heh.

It’s definitely great to see that the cast are having as much fun filming together as we are watching them onscreen. :)  Continue reading