Movie Monday- Drama Special ~~ Snail Study Dorms (2010)

Starring: Lee Kyoo-han as Bang Joon-seong, Seo Ji-hye as Mi-roo,

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 73 min

Twinkies: 3 stars
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Bulletin Board: Nov. 23 – 29


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope you’re all doing well this Sunday! As you read this post, I and a few of your fellow Twinkle buddies should be experiencing many of the fun and yummy things Seoul has to offer. :) If we’re lucky with the Internet over here in Seoul, we should have been able to upload a post or two by now…or not. I don’t know yet since I’m preparing this post before leaving. lol

Anyhow, we’re now down to six more weeks left of 2014. What memorable things are you going to be doing to finish out the year? We want to know~!

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Friday Fun: J Rabbit – “Good Luck…!”

FF 11-21-14

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

For today’s selection, I thought that I would revisit the music of J Rabbit and bring to you a bright little song that reminds us that despite some of life’s tough moments, good things will be heading our way. :)Continue reading

In Memory: Kim Ja Ok

Kim Ja Ok

Many of you have heard by now that the Korean entertainment industry recently lost one of its great actresses, Kim Ja Ok, on November 16, 2014. Born in 1951, she lived much of her life in front of the screen, entertaining the multitudes with her angelic smile, mischievous humor, and Pollyana-like personality. She’s been called “Angel,” “Goddess,” etc. by her colleagues and her hoobaes alike.

As we say goodbye to a woman whose star shined ever so brightly in the face of life’s many ups and downs, her life and her passing will be remembered by how she lived and faced death–courageously. Continue reading

Wednesday What?: Nov. 19

Wednesday What Orange

Happy Wednesday, Twinkles! Time sure flies by, huh? I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and time to 1) confirm last week’s picture and 2) present this week’s “mystery” picture. :)

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Giveaway: November 2014 Winner


Happy mid-November everyone! It’s time to announce the winner of our November giveaway (and the Goong DVD boxset)…

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Movie Monday- Drama Special ~~ Hurry Up And Tell Me (2010)

Starring: Bae Soo-bin as Jeong Gi-yeong, Kim Gyoo-ri as Choi Yeong-hee, Bang Joong-hyeon as Hong Goo-byeong, and Jeon Ik-ryeong as Ham Gye-sin

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 70 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars Continue reading

Bulletin Board: Nov. 16 – 22


Hi, Twinkles!

From all the reports of cold weather I keep hearing, I think it’s safe to say that winter is starting to make an appearance in various parts of the world. Here’s hoping that we all stay relatively warm and healthy. :)

We are now counting down to the end of 2014…seven more weeks left! As for the other countdown *wiggles eyebrows*, let’s just say that about this time next week, I will be experiencing some radically different temperature changes. ;)

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Friday Fun: Yoo Se Yoon and Hong Jin Young – “Itaewon Battery”

FF 11-14-14 Itaewon Battery

Recently, I’ve been really enjoying Hong Jin Young’s music as well as her appearance on We Got Married. Imagine my surprise this week when I stumbled upon this fun little duet she did with Yoo Se Yoon and thought that it would be a perfect song to welcome our weekend. If you love Hong Jin Young and Yoo Se Yoon, you’re in for a treat as these two ham it up on the small screen! Continue reading

The Return of Superman: Song Il Gook and His Three Boys…Torch Relay

Superman 38

We all know that Song Il Gook is quite athletic, but this clip of him and his boys–running in the torch relay before the Incheon Asian Games–gives his role in The Return of Superman whole new meaning. Anyone else thinks that this man can truly be a modern Superman? ;) Continue reading

Wednesday What?!: Nov. 12

Wednesday What Purple

Happy Wednesday, Twinkles! Last week’s “WW?!” picture was quickly solved…as I knew it would be. After all, you Twinkles are quite adept Kdrama viewers with some *cough cough* amazing *cough cough* powers of recollection. Thank goodness, we don’t view ourselves as “obsessed” fans, right? We just have very powerful memories. ;) Continue reading

Giveaway: November 2014


Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s November, the boring month, the nearly month, the month of almosts. It’s almost Winter, almost Christmas, almost the end of the year, almost… but not just yet.

So, to cheer you all up a bit, this month’s giveaway, in honour of my (not really all that boring) birthday month, will be for one of my favourite Kdrama boxsets:

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Movie Monday- Drama Special ~~ Duet (2011)

Starring: Jeon Seong-hwan as Han Soo-seol, Sim I-yeong as Choi Yeong-ae, Jeong In-seo as Han Joon-hee, Jo Jae-wan as Han Min-gyoo, and Choi Jong-ryeol as Oh Sil-jang

Rating: PG-13, subject matter

Running Time: 70 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars Continue reading

The Return of Superman: Double Dose

Superman 37
There comes a time–or several–in everyone’s life when she/he just wants to crawl into bed after a particularly bruising day…and today was one of those days for me. And so, I give to myself and to any other Twinkle who’s had a particularly trying day this double dose of childish goodness to ward off all the adultish badness! :D

Thank goodness for children and their joie de vivre! ;)

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Bulletin Board: Nov. 9 – 15


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope that you’re all enjoying the month of November…especially as we start to count down towards the end of the 2014.

Eeks~! Where has all the time gone?

In the meanwhile, we still have a good eight weeks left of 2014, and I don’t know about you, but I plan to make the most of those remaining weeks! :) With that said, shall we turn our attention to some announcements of upcoming events here at our Musings community? ;)

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Friday Fun: Hong Jin Young – “Cheer Up” (산다는 건)

FF 11-07-14

Happy Friday, Twinkles! Woohoo~! The work/study week has officially ended. :)

By now, you all know that I have a soft spot in my heart for heartwarming songs and music videos–especially those centering on family–and today’s selection is no exception. Continue reading

Wednesday What?!: Nov. 5


Happy Wednesday, Twinkles! :) Now that our birthday month is behind us, we resume “Wednesday What?!” with a slight twist.

In the first round of the corner, I had often tried to select “challenging” pictures, ones that weren’t easily recognizable. However, as the last picture before our annual “Walk down Memory Lane” interruption indicated, the second round will feature landmark “classic” pictures that should and will be forever immortalized in Kdramaland as scenes of import and not to be forgotten…ever. 

Everyone ready? This week’s game is afoot! ;)

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SJS: Happy Birthday!

SJS 32

November 4th is So Ji Sub‘s birthday, and in honor of this occasion, his company 51K has released a new song titled “So Love” as a token of its thanks to fans for all their support.

If you missed out on seeing So Ji Sub on his recent Asia Tour–many of us did–here’s a brief glimpse of all the fun that happened. It seems as though SJS’s good friend, Jung Joon Ha, MC’ed a portion of the show. :) Enjoy! Continue reading

The Return of Superman: Song Il Gook and His Three Boys…at the Vineyard!

Video: compliments of KBS World TV via YouTube
It’s Monday evening, and the Song triplets are at it again…to help us shoo away our Monday blues! Everyone ready for some smiles, chuckles, and warm fuzzies? ;) I hope you enjoy!

Movie Monday- Drama Special ~~ We All Cry Differently ( 2014)

Starring: Kim So-hyun as Ryu Ji-hye, Son Seung-won as Ryu Ji-han, Kim Hee-jeong as Kim Kyeong-hee (Mother), Eom Hyo-seob as Ryu Jeong-cheol (Father), and Jeong In-seo as Jin Seong-yeon

Rating: PG

Running Time: 63 min

Twinkies: 4 stars Continue reading