Happy Thanksgiving!

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In the United States today, we celebrate a day of thanksgiving, a day on which we slow down from our usual hustle and bustle of life to take time to reflect on all the many things for which we are thankful.

Although I will be spending a portion of time today grading–it never ends! lol–I will also be observing this day of thanks by remembering my blessings and thanking my Lord for them.

Wherever you may be in this world, I wish you a blessed day of remembering all of your many blessings–big and small. Suffice it to say that this little hearty blogging community is one of the blessings in my life! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Twinkles! <3

Movie Monday: Silmido (2003)

Starring: Kyung‑gu Sol as Kang In‑chan, Ahn Sung‑ki as Commandant, Jung Jae‑young as Han Sang‑Pil, Heo Joon‑ho as Sergeant Jo, and Im Won‑hee as Won‑hui

Rating: PG-13, language and some violence

Running Time: 135 mins.

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars

You can read the rest of the review here.

Movie Monday: Into the Fire (2010)

Starring: Choi Seung-hyun (TOP) as Oh Jang-beom, Cha Seung-won as Major Park Moo-rang, Kwon Sang-woo as Koo Gap-jo, Kim Seung-woo as Captain Kang Seok-dae and Park Jin-hee as the nurse

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 120 min

Twinkies: 4 3/4 stars

You can read the rest of the review here.

Musing for Today: “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”

Paris 2

Despite my self-proclaimed hiatus from blogging, in light of Friday’s tragedy in Paris, I felt compelled to type a few words as inadequate as they may be in the wake of the devastation: “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.”

May these three words that symbolize the mentality of the country and its people continue to resonate strongly–now more than ever–as they, along with the rest of the world, rally from Friday night’s horror and continue to pursue liberty, equality, and fraternity…especially in the face of such tumult and grief.

The country of France and its people have proved themselves valiant, resilient, and united throughout history. The Arc de Triomphe stands as just one concrete evidence of such a legacy. The present time will be no different as the French once again triumph.

For those Twinkles who are in France, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope that you are safe and look forward to hearing that you are well. *Fighting!*

Movie Monday: The Front Line (2011)

Starring: Ko Soo as Kim Soo-Hyuk, Shin Ha-Kyun as Kang Eun-Pyo, Kim Ok-Vin as Cha Tae-Kyung, Ryoo Seung-Ryong as Hyun Jung-Yoon, Lee Je-Hoon as Shin Il-Young, Ko Chang-Seok as Yang Hyo-Sam, Ryu Seung-Soo as Oh Ki-Young, and David Lee as Nam Sung-Sik

Rating: PG, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 133 mins.

You can see the full review here.

Answer Me 1988: BTS Clips and Review from Answer Me 1994 Members

AM 1988 T

Before I head off to school, I thought that some of you might like to see two little video clips that were recently released by tvN in anticipation of today’s broadcast. Enjoy! I’ll have this be today’s fun little post to help us usher in the weekend. :) “Friday Fun” will return next week.   Continue reading Answer Me 1988: BTS Clips and Review from Answer Me 1994 Members

Answer Me 1988: First Impressions – Episode 1

AM 1988.1

It’s finally here~! The long-anticipated third installment of the Answer Me (aka Reply) series. The first episode aired today, and I took a much-needed break from the work week to tune in and assess whether this last portion of the Answer Me trilogy would be worth my time and energy.

It is.

If you’re looking for a place to watch the raw episode, you can view it here. The English-subbed episodes can be found here as they become available. Now…shall we move to my first impressions?  Continue reading Answer Me 1988: First Impressions – Episode 1

She Was Pretty: Episode 14

She Was Pretty 14

For all you Twinkles who abhor spoilers, this post is not for you; avoid reading any more of this post as you would an unexpected midterm exam!

For those of you–like me!–who relish spoilers and highlights, keep reading! 😉  Continue reading She Was Pretty: Episode 14

Wednesday What?!: November 4, 2015


Happy Wednesday, Twinkles! Woohoo~! I hope you’re all thriving this week and enjoying the cool, crisp fall weather. :)

Last week, my suspicions about a fellow Twinkle was confirmed: Jules has a freakish memory. Heh. Who knew that she could remember the picture with such accuracy. Anyone else guess the three components but chose to remain silent as is the usual nature of our Twinkles? LOL. In any case, she is this week’s true K-drama fan! :) You can check out her comment here.

Now, since today is So Ji Sub‘s birthday, how could I not honor him with a WW challenge, right? 😉 It’s Wednesday, Twinkles! *blows noisemaker* And you know what this means. *wiggles eyebrows* The game’s afoot! Continue reading Wednesday What?!: November 4, 2015

She Was Pretty: Episode 14 Preview

SWP 14

A lot of solid plot developments in this week’s upcoming Episode 14! If you’re one for spoilers, keep on reading and watching! 😉

I hope this post brightens your Monday a bit more! Continue reading She Was Pretty: Episode 14 Preview

Movie Monday: Heaven’s Soldiers (2005)

Starring: Gong Hyo Jin as Dr. Kim Su Yeon, Hwang Jeong Min as Park Jeong U, Kim Seung Woo as Gang Min Gil, and Park Joong Hoon as Admiral Yi Sun Shin.

Rating: PG-13, some violence

Running Time: 110 minutes

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars

You can read the rest of the post here.

Bulletin Board: November 1, 2015


Happy Sunday, Twinkles! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday or at least what is left of it since I’m posting this later than usual! 😀 For those of you in the U.S.–or any other part of the world that shifted into daylight savings time today–I hope you enjoyed an extra hour of sleep as we “fell” back an hour in anticipation of the shorter daylight time. :)

With only two months left of 2015–seriously?!?–I’m changing up the contents of the bulletin board. Hopefully, you won’t mind the changes. 😉

Shall we get started on the announcements? 😉
Continue reading Bulletin Board: November 1, 2015